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Goodbye to the Melrose Store

The news should be out there now, that Fluevog is closing its store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. This Black Friday weekend is probably the last time you’ll be able to try on and buy shoes there. If you want some great recommendations, read Joanne’s previous post. By an unlucky twist, I won’t be able to make it to the store this weekend, but I did get a chance to say goodbye earlier.

Operetta GiuliasThis is very sad for me as the Melrose store is my store. It’s where I first learned that shoes could be both beautiful and comfortable for my feet; it’s where I bought my first amazing pair of Vogs (red Giulia boots); and it’s where I’ve had so many wonderful experiences thanks to fellow Voggers and Fluevogologists (a.k.a. the amazing store staff) over the years. And we never forget our first, do we? Thankfully, I had one last wonderful experience last week, when Mr. John Fluevog himself visited Los Angeles to have dinner with some of the Melrose faithfuls. It was bittersweet for me and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to contain my sadness, but, again, the lovely community made up by Voggers and Fluevogologists made it a fun, lovely experience. And it was an honor to meet John and hear his fascinating journey from his own lips. The delicious wine and tapas didn’t hurt, either. 🙂 Here are some of my photos from the goodbye celebration.

Me and John Fluevog

Thanks to fellow Vogger Alice for taking this photo of me and Mr. Fluevog. It’s one of my favorite photos of the night.


Natasha looked amazing with those famous boots, and to top it off she had a fun dachshund purse!


First Fluevog flower wheel of the night (I’m at the 6:30 position)


Some of the wonderful folks who made it a great night: Rusty, Natasha, Alice, Lisa, and Rob


Our table was lucky enough to get John first as well as Fluevogologist Lesley (they moved around through the night).


Next to hang out with us was Fluevogologist Kate — here she is with Alice. Great photo! (I didn’t get a photo of the other Fluevogologists, sorry!)


Mr. Fluevog giving a little speech


My final flower wheel of the night, with John Fluevog in the 7 o’clock position

xo, Gladys


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Apologies for being MIA. I’m currently in a packing and cleaning frenzy so that I can get over to San Francisco over the weekend. I just put some much-anticipated Vogs on layaway and am sending you good vibes that you get to be one of the lucky winners today.

FluevogFor the love of Vogs,



spring 2015: a first look


As always, many thanks to our Haight Street friends for sharing this photo. Spring is in the air and team Fluevog has designed some AMAZING new Vogs. In the past, I have declared that I’m not a spring person. I LOVE fall for all its rich colors. However, this initial peek of what’s already in store and of what’s to come tell me two things: (a) spring 2015 is challenging my previous lack of love for the season and (b) if spring, is this good, fall is going to be AMAZING.

The Manpanion and I are tying the knot this year. This puts a major strain my Fluevog budget. It makes me sad. Maybe…. Do you think a Fluevog wedding registry is unreasonable? Hahaha.

So what are you fall faves? Please post to comments.

For the love of Vogs,

p.s. Call your local Fluevog store if you’re interested in ordering any of the gorgeous Vogs you see here. Again, we want to thank Queen Monika of Haight Street for sharing the photo!


the art of selfies: part I

BC7Currently, I am enrolled in Virgie Tovar’s excellent Lose Hate Not Weight Babecamp. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the fabulosity that is Miss Virgie Tovar, you really should check out her site and her book!

To clarify, I’m not trying to give a dear friend a shameless plug. Instead, I’d like to discuss the art of the selfie (in relation to body love). Recently, in Fluevog Fridays (the Facebook group dedicated to bringing Flueddicts together), many members have talked about how the group functions as a body positive space. It’s true. Of the many things I love about Fluevogs is that there is a Vog for everybody. Literally. EVERY. BODY. Naturally, areas where Flueddicts gather tend to be loving spaces (like this blog).  Recently, there have been requests from various members of Fluevog Fridays to post photos of entire outfits (as opposed to the endless sea of from-the-knee-down-selfies). Confession: I’m a from-the-knee-down-selfie kind-of-gal. From there, other members expressed how hard it is to get a full body shot of one’s outfit without a) a friend to take the pic and/or b) a full-length mirror. Today’s post is about taking the full-body selfie (using some simple tools).

In the photo above, all you really need are the tripod and the cellphone mount. (I recommend this particular one because it can grip various structures to keep it steady. Plus, it comes with the cellphone mount. Though I have no experience with it, this package also looks promising, since it has the tripod, mount, and stick. Please note that you need to make sure the tripod and cellphone mount you chose is appropriate for your device.) With these things (that are totally portable), coupled with your camera’s self-timer, you’re good to go.

Since I purchased the selfie stick first, I will say that the remote control on the selfie stick is quite handy – especially if you’re not a timer kind-of-person. Also, selfie sticks are simply convenient if you don’t want to bother other people, or if you want to be able to fit more background shots in your selfies. (The Manpanion and I plan on exploring the possibility of the selfie stick during this holiday season. We will give you a full report later.)

I get that selfies are seen as vain. In many cases, it’s true. However, as I’m going through Babecamp, I’m having a change of heart about selfies. The selfie, for someone like me (ya know… brown, thick, with dark features that will never ever be seen on TV, film, etc.) can become a tool of empowerment and re-claiming the body. (There’s more to this, but I’ll leave that for another post.) I cannot begin to tell you how inspired I was by No Pants 2011. Seeing the outfits really helped push me to wear my Fluevogs on a daily basis. Fast forward to 2014 and Fluevog Fridays, I’m constantly inspired by the loving community of EVERY BODY fashion. I think if people had some simple tools, we’d see more full-body selfies.

The Manpanion and I tested these tools out and came up with the pic below. We hope you like it! (Note: To make the collage, I used the iPhone app called “Collage.” It was free, with options to buy add-ons. I haven’t ventured in the add-on world yet.)


For the love of selfies,



Fluevogs on Stage

I am an Improviser

And an everyday improviser means any day is a Fluevog day – improv practices,  jams, performances, and shows, and philosophically, life is all improvised.

Improvising in the SF Bay Area. I am an improviser in the San Francisco Bay Area.*  In 2011, I started out with Made Up Theatre (MUT) in the East Bay and have been part of MUT’s student performance troupes throughout the years. In 2012, I also began taking classes with EndGames Improv in San Francisco. As part of their curriculum, I became part of Sin Kitty (on Facebook), a Harold team, which had our last show together in Oct 2012 and has since gone feral, however, we still improvise with each other elsewhere. I am part of a newly formed Harold team called Scene Chicken (on Facebook). And finally, I have been with The Letters (on Facebook) since January 2014; we are actually co-creating a new form, which is pretty exciting. VERY EXCITING!

What does this have to do with Fluevogs? Improv makes me happy. Fluevogs make me happy. For me, improv and Fluevogs naturally go together.

I Spy Fluevogs at Improv

Here are a few photos of Fluevogs in action at improv shows, improv jams, and warm-up exercises.

With the Letters. Below is from a July 3 performance with The Letters. Fellow improvisers and friends Megan (in the green sweater) and Matt (not pictured) were moving to Chicago the following week, so we had a chance to perform before their leaving. Yes, the Luthers captured the attention of audience members.


At improv jams. Both pictures below are from improv jams. The Sandras were part of a group exercise where folks were mirroring each other. If you look closely, you can see the duos and trios doing so. And for the Arabellas, can you guess what kind of improv jam this was? An amazing all Lady Jam! All welcomed to attend, however, ladies-only performing. It was amazing! Not only was there improvising, there was dancing! The Arabellas did quite well that evening. (They – or other Fluevogs from my collection – will be at the next San Francisco Lady Jams –  August 25 and September 29. Great way to end a Monday!)

Combined_Arabella - Sandra

With The Letters (again). From this past Friday, August 1, we were part of an anniversary show hosted by a local duo, Flakey Jake (on Facebook). In addition to celebrating an anniversary of a fun improv duo, this was a special night for my  Gateway | Brandenburg Light red-stitched, cap-toe shoes. We performed with a special guest, Jim. (Thanks, Jim, for playing with The Letters.) That evening, the Brandenburg Lights were part of being a helicopter, a nun, and Miss Saigon, all while supporting my fellow improvisers.

0801_FlakeyJake show_Brandenburg Light

Let us know –
Where do you take your Fluevogs?

* I am still figuring out my gainful employment/business endeavors
after having resigned from my job on April 4, but that story is for another day.
Hmmm … I wonder where my Fluevogs will take me then?









fall 2014 findings

Hello All!

I finally made my way to Haight Street to visit Le Dealers. It was a very quick visit because the Manpanion had to pick up his newly stretched Values | Gratitude boots (which he is in love with). We had a full evening ahead which included watching Journey at the Shoreline Amphitheater. Therefore, time was ticking and I didn’t get to try on everything I wanted to try on. However, I know there’s been a lot of FB buzz about the new fall collection, so here’s what I managed to see/try on. Please note that the new fall offerings are not online yet. This is why these aren’t labeled with names. Apologies. Again, it was a quick visit and I just wanted to take pix to share. I’ll do a more in-depth post when I have a longer and more proper visit. For now, if you call your favorite Fluevog store, they should be able to help you out with the new line.

On with the new stuff….


I’m not sure what these beauties are called, but they’re a low bootie in the KKBB family. Someone posted this a few weeks ago on FB and I nearly died. SO CUTE!!



These are the Hopeful | Vow. Again, I didn’t get to try them on, but I love the rich fall colors. They remind me of something out of the Hope family, but with a larger heel. This is it for the new stuff. As I was walking out, I did notice a tall black boot in the Soprano family. However, I didn’t get to take a pic and I was rushing out the door. (Sorry, Journey was waiting!) Again, I’ll try to make it back to try on stuff and share a full report!

There were a few existing Vogs in new colors that I thought folks would find exciting. Here it goes:


KKBB Viv has a new color this fall. She’s absolutely gorgeous! Purple is my favorite color, so I was happy to see this. Sadly, I already have these in brown. My no doubles policy states that these will not be coming home with me. Sigh. That’s okay. I’ve made peace with that rule….



I have never tried on the Fellowships | Erika, so this was exciting. I love the color combo and for those of you who are Fellowships fans, definitely give this a look! They’re comfy like most members of the Fellowships family. I love that they have added a new color to a classic favorite. I tried these on in size 9.5 and true to this family, sizing up half a size (from my regular 9) worked fine. My only issue is that the leather felt super stiff. For me, these babies will require a break-in period. No big deal, as they’re a lovely addition. (Note: Please don’t mind the weird sample nylon sock. They look horrible against my tan feet/legs. Gah!)


The Fellowships | Sandra also have a new color combo this season. Is it me or are all of you as happy as I am to see Sandra available in so many lovely colors. Like the Viv, I also own a pair of these (in black). Therefore, these aren’t coming home with me (sniff sniff). Yes, I sized up to 9.5 in these too. The leather also felt quite stiff and I’m still getting that puckering issue. Oh well…. I’m sure someone will find these a great home!

Finally, I wanted to check out some sale stuff. The budget has been extra tight, and I’m really trying to streamline my collection. Therefore, I didn’t get anything at the sale when it started. I did, however, want to try some of the markdowns. Here they are:


Miss Gladys is a HUGE fan of the Integrity | Amie and when I saw the berry color marked down, I HAD to try it on! I don’t own a ballet flat, so I was hoping this would be a first for me. Unfortunately, the back elastic hits my ankle funny and I could barely stand to wear these. The Manpanion noticed I was walking funny and I told him it’s because I felt like something was slicing the back of my ankle. While I know these are super popular, they just didn’t work for me. (sad face, happy wallet)


The last pair I wanted to share with you is something that is not online and I’m told not all stores received these. Pictured here is the Queen Transcendent | Elizabeth in white. They’re marked down to an unbeatable $99! Though the wedding isn’t for a long while, I have been in the market for potential wedding shoes. At that price, I couldn’t say no. Also, my mom LOVES this family, so I know she’ll be happy to see me sporting these at my nuptials. I wore the Escarpin to my cousin’s wedding and she couldn’t stop looking at my shoes! I opted for a size 10 in these because my feet are so wide. The Haight Street dealers are stretching them as we speak. Though I haven’t bought my dress, I’m looking forward to the potential these Vogs have. Depending on the dress, I could have these babies dyed or embellished. Sky’s the limit!

So there. I did break down and bring something home from the sale:) Is there something you’re looking forward to this fall? Please post to comments. I’d love to hear what’s on your wish list!

For the love of Vogs,



sale sale sale!

As many of you already know, the Fluevog Thinks You’re Awesome sale has been going on for the last few weeks. It looks like we’re in the final markdown phase. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take advantage of the amazing savings that are up. Oh boy… am I tempted! How about you? Have any of you taken advantage of the sale? If so, what did you buy?! Please post to comments. This Flueddict needs to live vicariously through you (tapping arm)!


For the love of a damn good Fluevog sale,


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Peace, Love, Knits & Fluevogs!

Hello All! Our awesome friends at Haight Street  are having another incredible event. Here are the details. Hope to see you there!


Peace, Love, Knits, and Fluevogs!

Where: John Fluevog Shoes, Haight Street

1697 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA

When: Wednesday, July 2nd from 5-9pm

Two of knitting hottest rock stars, together for the first time! Stephen West and Steven Be are embarking on a 12 stop tour in July and we are thrilled to be one of their stops. On Wed July 2nd from 5-9pm, this magical team of knitting and design inspiration will host an amazing evening of fun, fashion & Fluevogs at our Haight St location. If you have a love for both knitting and Fluevogs this is an event you won’t want to miss!

StevenBe from Be Inspired
Stephen West from West Knits
Nadine Curtis from Be Sweet
Gina Wilde from Alchemy Yarns

To RSVP, email: or call (415) 436-9784.

knit 5


knit 3


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Desert FlueReview: Spring 2014 Part 2

Less than a week until International Fluevog Day! This review post is super late, but I hope it’s in enough time for you to plan how you want to take advantage of the 15% discount next Thursday. My husband joined me on my last trip to the Fluevog Los Angeles store, and together we tried on close to 25 pairs with dealer Alison’s wonderful help. Hopefully you’ll find something you like the look of. This Spring line has been really lovely — and it looks like a few more pairs are still trickling in.

But first, just wanted to show you what I finally took home on that visit, my blue Miracle | Sights in blue embroidery (took me a while to pick them up after paying the last layaway installment). So lovely! And great with my TARDIS socks. 🙂

OK, now for the rest of the Spring shoes. I note size issues as well as we could remember them. They didn’t carry some of the sizes we needed, so the fit was off for a few pairs. I’ll be starting with the women’s styles, categorizing by family, and then I’ll do the men’s and unisex styles. Here are the usual shoe-size caveats:

I am a true size US 5.5. I have relatively-flat arches, wide toes, and narrowish ankles. I regularly wear 5 in the Operetta, Mini, Attention, and Baroque families; 5 or 5.5 in the Bellevue and Fellowship families; and 6 in the Radio family. However, the sizing of certain styles within the same family can differ, and even the same style can differ in sizing from season to season. My husband is a pretty solid US men’s size 10 with average-width feet.


Women’s Styles

7thHeavenDerbySwirl7th Heaven | Derby Swirl in aqua lace. Size 6. These are true to size and fit about the same as previous seasons. Love the colors on this!

ExpectationMotiveExpectation | Motive in floral. Size 6. True to size, which means the 6 were loose. Cute loafers; I really like this floral print on smooth leather. The pink accent clashes with the reds but it works for me. Just I wish I could have tried on my size.

ExpectationTrustExpectation | Trust in tomato. Size 5.5. True to size. Loved how these fit, and they were comfy. I’m particularly crushing on all of the oxford styles this season. With the cutouts and the color, these will make a great spring/summer shoe!

ImmortalPerfectionAudreyBlackImmortal Perfection | Audrey in black suede. Size 6. Fit slightly small, about 1/2. The 6 fit me quite well. Love this style. The profile is quite fetching (IMHO) and the fit is very comfortable. Hardly felt like a heel. At least try these on.

ImmortalPerfectionAudreyGreyImmortal Perfection | Audrey in grey. Size 6. Fit 1/2 size small. I personally like these better than the black suede for the warmer seasons. These would make an excellent neutral shoe under skirts and dresses.

ImmortalPerfectionMillaImmortal Perfection | Milla in rust suede. Size 6. These fit like the Audrey, and it is a very chic boot. Dealer Alison suggested these. I wouldn’t have tried them on otherwise, but the more I think about them, the more I like them.

MiracleRevelationMiracle | Revelation in black and beige. Size 6. Fit about 1/2 size large. Surprised by the sizing on these. Most Miracles fit me 1 full size small (my Miracle | Sights above are 6.5), but these 6 were incredibly loose. Super cute if you can fit in them.

ModvogJenModvog | Jen in black snake. Size 5.5. True to size. Beautiful new leather/colorway. I think the Jens are just a great-looking style. The leather on these is also a little more pliable than previous seasons of Jens, so try these on even if you were turned off by the stiff leather from previous iterations of the shoe.

ModvogMariellaModvog | Mariella in black snake. Size 6. These fit me really well, so I’d say they may run a tad small. However, it’s probably because of the oxford style that the 6 encase my feet pretty well. Extremely good-looking shoes. Again, loving the polished snake leather, and softer like this season’s Jens.

PassageToriiPassage | Torii in brown. Size 6. Fit true to size, slightly narrow. I think these are more forgiving than the previous season’s Passage family ankle boot, the Cairo. The inside zipper makes them easier to take on and off. I like the accent color at the bottom of the heel.

PrepareWedgeLiuPrepare Wedge | Liu in aqua. Size 6. Fit 1/2 size small. As you can see, my foot just barely fits the 6 in length. These are supremely comfortable sandals, and I do like that floral sole that just peeks out and the matching teal soles on this colorway. This would be a nice way to get some height without the stressful feeling of wearing heels.

PurposeAmbitionPurpose | Ambition in pink. Size 6. These run large, at least 1/2 size. You can see the huge clearance at the back of my Achilles. Even dealer Alison, who herself is a true 6, said the 6 were loose on her. They make 5 and 5.5 but sadly the L.A. store didn’t have them for me to try on. Otherwise, these are super cute. Love the color.

PurposeDeterminationPurpose | Determination in black. Size 6. Given how loose the Ambition pumps were on me, I was surprised that this bootie in size 6 wasn’t too loose. These might run true to size for me, but again the store didn’t carry any size smaller than 6. I really dig the stamped leather that looks like eyelet! Flattering buckle detail.

PurposeObjectivePurpose | Objective in black. Size 6. Again these fit surprisingly well, perhaps because of the straps at the ankle. The 5.5 may have fit better, however. Cute pointy-toed sandals.

RiverUrubambaRiver | Urubamba in blue and tan. Size 6. This size fit really well, so maybe 1/2 size small? If you get a chance I suggest you try them on if you’re looking for a comfortable flat summer sandal. I really like the look of these. There’s something about the anklet look that I find flattering. And this colorway really floats my boat.

RiverZambeziRiver | Zambezi in black and metallic. Size 6. These didn’t seem to fit me as well as the Urubamba, perhaps too many straps? Great colorway, though.

RuleLowJoniRule Low | Joni in teal. Size 5.5. True to size. Super comfy sandal. I really like this new colorway this season.


Men’s and Unisex Styles


DowntoEarthHadfieldDown to Earth | Hadfield in floral. Size 6. I want to say they fit almost 1/2 size small because the 6 didn’t feel loose on me, but maybe they would break loose because the leather feels quite supple. These were comfy and lovely, and I believe more comfy than the classic Radio | CBC.

FeatureGrantFeature | Grant in blue. Size 10. True to size. Of course we had to have my husband try on all the blue men’s shoes in the store. These are GORGEOUS. The smoky blue is perfect. I do believe he found these quite comfy too.

FutureRoundToeBoddenFuture Round Toe | Bodden in grey. Size 10. True to size. These were my husband’s favorite shoes in terms of comfort. They don’t quite look grey here, but that teal sole looks about right. Very cool shoes. They’re the same family as the Tipton from last season, which he thought felt like sneakers. I think this might be his go-to comfort family.

GatewayBrandenburgLtGateway | Brandenburg Light in floral fabric. Size 4.5 men? I had to try these on after I saw them on Shannon L. in a photo. Very fun shoe, no doubt, but they felt quite narrow to me. Sorry about the sizing confusion. I think the 4.5 was the men’s sizing; I tried on the smallest size first (equivalent to women’s 6) but had to size up for more comfort. So I think they may run 1 full size small. Definitely try them on or call your dealer.

IdolFreddieIdol | Freddie in burgundy. Size ?. Again, confused about the sizing and fit. Please call your dealer first if you can’t try them on. My husband had to try on a couple of different sizes, and they didn’t seem to have his size. These are really beautiful and VERY striking, but he thought they made his legs look shorter. He has very curvy muscular calves (mm-hmm) and he thought the bulk of the shoes made his legs look bulkier. Not for him, but definitely try them on for the pleasure of it.

RadioCBXRadio | CBX in teal. Size 10. Fit is true, just like the CBC. Love love love this colorway and the cutouts. Sad they don’t have them in MY size.


Last but not least is the flower wheel photo. Our usual dealers Kate and Anthony weren’t there, but Alison was totally great along with Lesley. Here are our Vogs of the day. I’m in my Fellowship | Erikas at the 6 o’clock; Alison in her black Toriis at the 10 o’clock; and Lesley in her white LoPro | Leons at the 2 o’clock.


Wishing you all a Happy Fluevog Day next Thursday! Let us know what’s on your wishlist this season!

xo, Gladys

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Fluevog shots!

Don’t walk. RUN to your nearest Fluevog store this weekend. When you purchase a brand spankin’ new pair of Fluevogs, you’ll score yourself an awesome Fluevog gift with purchase. Check it out:


You know you want one of these! (I know I do. Unfortunately, I’m nowhere near a Fluevog store this weekend. Tears….) Below are details from the site:

This weekend, March 29th-30th, our 18 Fluevog stores will be giving away the first of our “Limited Edition Collection” gift with purchase! Which means you need to reconsider your out-of-town plans and stop by your local Fluevog Store instead. We can promise hugs, your new Spring ’14 shoes, and your very own Fluevog espresso mug!

The mugs are a gift with the purchase of shoes or a bag, in-store only, and while supplies last. Contact a Fluevog Store for more details.

For those of you who do end up picking yourself an awesome mug, feel free to email us at with photos of yourself wearing your latest purchases or enjoying your new Fluevog mug:)

In case you needed some purchasing inspiration, here are a few photos from my last trip to the store….


As you all know, I’m super happy that the Manpanion has begun to build himself a nice little Fluevog collection. Above, he’s sporting the Guardian Angel | Nathan in brown. When we visited our friends at Haight Street, FlueDaddy Denny was wearing these gorgeous things. The Manpanion had to try them on. Though he didn’t take these home, they’re definitely high on his “want” list. (Apologies for the lack of sizing info. The Manpanion is still trying to figure this out.)


First off, can I point out my knee-high stockings?! I’m in love with them. If you’re looking for a sexy thigh-high stocking that stays up, then look no further than Kix’ies. Enough said. For the die-hard Flue-natics, you know that the Malibran is a classic. I’m sure most of you already have a pair (yes, I do too). It’s been a while since I’ve seen a bold, bright turquoise like this. On the Malibran, it’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect for spring. I tried these on in my usual 9.5 and they fit great. The leather was a little stiff, but that will change in no time. Btw. Do you love the white stitching as much as I do?!

That was a little taste from my last visit. As soon as I catch up on work, I’ll do more posts because I tried on some delicious beauties when I was in San Francisco. Until then….

For the love of Vogs,