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it’s never too late

Sigh. Hello everyone! I know it seems like we have fallen off the face of the earth. I’m SOOOOOOO sorry for that! Like you, the ladies of FTLOV have been extremely busy with work, life, family, and all sorts of life transitions. Please don’t worry. We all have been handling life in fabulous Fluevog stride.

I have a few posts waiting in the wings, and this is the first of the bunch. I recently visited our awesome dealers on Haight Street. (Oh my, it’s been ages since the Manpanion and I have seen Denny!) For this first post, I wanted to show some things that have been released for some time now, and are still currently on clearance. Here you go!


Truths | Jessica. Size 10 in black. For those of you who follow this blog, you know that I’m not into pointy shoes. I have super wide, flat feet and pointy shoes just make my feet look gargantuan. However, I had a change of heart when I met Bekkie. As of late,Bekkie has been my go-to Vog. Therefore, I just HAD to try on her sister Jessica. I gotta say that she rocks it just as hard! Because I’m wide, I did have to go up a full size to a 10 (from my normal 9). Yes, these babies are on SALE and available in two colors: black (as shown) and brown.


Power | Wind. Size 9.5 in blue. Confession: I’ve been MIA because the Manpanion and I are getting married soon. We’ve been saving up and trying to figure out the logistics of celebrating the nuptials. With that, I’ve been on the market for a great flat to get my dance floor groove on. While Wind didn’t work for me (it’s too narrow and going up a size is just too long for my foot), I can see why one would go ga-ga over these. The color is perfect for a wedding (yay something blue + something new… or old). For the right foot, these are super comfy. Plus, you can wear them with or without the band.


Power | Water. Size 9.5 in blue. This was another wedding dance possibility. With these, I was concerned about the width (my toes were a little pinchy). Again, a great casual shoe, but I was on a mission!


Modvog | Anna Maria. Size 9.5 in blue. I LOVED these! I wish I bought them at that other site when they were a really good price. However, I hesitated when I saw the look on the Manpanion’s face. He wasn’t as big a fan as I was. Yes, I agree that these aren’t as formal as one would like a wedding dance shoe to be. So the search continues….


Twin Turbines | 1265 Wisconsin Ave. Size 10 in navy/white. I had no idea that the Manpanion had been eyeing these for a while. Luckily, they were available in his preferred size and color. I must say, they look spiffy! He has also been mindful of what Fluevog needs he has for our upcoming nuptials. The Manpanion opted for this pair for our engagement photos (which we just took this past weekend).

By the way, if you’re looking for an AMAZING photographer, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check out Nerinna Valera. She’s INCREDIBLE! Our pictures will be ready in the next few weeks. The Manpanion and I can’t wait to show you some of the awesome Fluevog shots she took. For now, you’ll have to settle for our iphone sneak peek:


Again, apologies for the lag in posting. Like I said, I have a few waiting in the wings, including some from the current fall collection. Of course, we’ll share some scenes from our engagement pictures! Until then….

For the love of Vogs,



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Desert FlueReview: Fall 2013 Men’s Collection

Note on men’s sizing: My husband is a pretty solid US men’s size 10 with average-width feet. He has both the Value | Wisdom and Radio | CBC in size 10.

Once again, it’s time for the men’s edition of the FlueReview. I know it’s been a while; we skipped the Spring 2013 completely, but I confess I wasn’t too impressed with the Spring men’s collection. This time is a different story. Like me, my husband John really loves the blue hues in the Fall 2013 collection. I also love the contrast soles that Fluevog has been producing lately, and I think the multi-toned styles in the men’s collection are just fantastic. So I dragged accompanied my husband to the Melrose store over the weekend to try on some of the new Fall styles as well as some classics. Maybe you can guess who was more excited? Nevertheless, he tried on seven gorgeous styles and enjoyed wearing several of them, and YES! he ended up with his third pair of Fluevogs. 🙂

I’m afraid I’m a little iffy with the sizing since I didn’t try on the shoes myself. Dealer Anthony helped us this time and he was wonderful as usual. If you have any questions about sizes, don’t hesitate to call any of the dealers. Here at FTLOV, we of course love our Melrose and Haight Street dealers, but call the store you feel comfortable with.

DeanFeatures | Dean in black. Size 10. One thing I’ve noticed is that the stock photos online don’t show the contrast soles true-to-life. These caught John’s eye because of the blue soles. He found the shoes to be very comfortable, probably because of the rubber soles and soft suede leather. He kept his eye on these even while he was trying on other shoes.

AndrewGuardian Angel | Andrew in blue/burgundy/brown. Link to burgundy/orange/brown. Size 10. Just like the hero they were named after, these shoes are awesome. They are one of the handsomest shoes I’ve ever seen. John liked the look of these, but he didn’t find them to be as comfortable as the Deans. Also, I can’t figure out why this particular colorway isn’t available online. Perhaps they’re only available at the Melrose store, and perhaps just a few others? This colorway is my favorite out of what’s available, though.

SalBeats | Sal in cognac. Size 10. Another incredibly-handsome shoe. That color is delicious. I wanted to lick these shoes when I first saw them!! TMI? Anyway, John has been looking for non-black shoes (after two black Fluevogs, he needs to diversify IMO), and he liked the look of these. However, he found the placement of the toe-cap edging too awkward for his toes. When he walked, the edging hit his toes/foot at an uncomfortable place. Alas.

FarmerArch Angel | Farmer in brown. Another instance of the contrast sole being brighter in real life than in the stock photo. These are gorgeous. John liked the sturdiness, but he said they felt a little too stiff, like they were squeezing his feet. Anthony assured him that the leather on these would soften with use.

Brandenburg1Gateway | Brandenburg in navy/brown. Size 10.5. John almost didn’t try these on. Why? Well, they’re super fancy. If you didn’t know from the fact that he keeps buying black Fluevogs, my dear husband is not a flashy person (even though he’s very artistic and creative). I’m so glad we had Anthony grab these in the second batch of requests we made. John wasn’t expecting these to be comfortable, and in fact Anthony said that the leather on these was a little exacting — if it wasn’t comfortable from the get-go, the leather wasn’t going to stretch now or ever. That’s probably why he brought John the 10.5 in these. Surprisingly, John loved how the shoes fit. And the first thing he thought about was wearing them to the 1940s-themed holiday party for his company that we’re attending next month. He thought they’d be perfect because of the navy, which is the same color dress and shoes (the TARDIS Rubens!) that I’ll be wearing. 🙂

1611Twin Turbines | 1611 First Avenue brown/tan. Size 11.5. John finally wanted to try a boot, just to see what they feel like. He’s never had boots (aside from hiking boots and motorcycle boots that he’s never worn because he doesn’t have a motorcycle), let alone beautiful spats-inspired Victorian-style boots like these. This style must be popular in L.A., because they didn’t have any in or around John’s size. He tried on the 11.5 — too long — but he said that the width was fine. He definitely liked the look of these as well.

205Twin Turbines | 205 Pine St in brown/red. Size 10.5. Another Twin Turbine style that’s vintage-y and very spiffy looking. It’s definitely a good-looking family. John liked these but wished they came in a blue/brown combo (the navy suede were too much). I think this is a very nice colorway, myself.

TiptonFuture | Tipton in tan. Size 10. John was drawn to these even though I thought they were a little boring. But of course he liked the contrast sole. He immediately loved the feel of these when he tried them on. He said they felt like house slippers or loafers. Anthony said they’re like sneakers given the rubber soles and very soft uppers. This is a case where the shoes look so much better on someone’s feet rather than sitting on the shelf. Compared to other Fluevog shapes, these do seem a little like a dowdy cousin. But the quality and comfort are fantastic. These were definitely in John’s top 3 that day. If they end up going on sale in January, I’ll be getting them for John. 🙂

But did you guess? He ended up getting the navy/brown Brandenburgs. Yay!!! I was so excited. He really liked them but one of his reasons against buying them was that they’d only get worn once a year, if that. Given my large collection, I pooh-poohed that reason. He can wear them on the weekend instead of his usual CBCs, right? And if he wants to go shopping to build an outfit around his new shoes, I’m happy to help. Haha! I suppose you can understand why he said that it felt like I was getting the shoes for myself.

Brandenburg2Spectacular, no?

CatarinaAJ | Catarina in black/white. Size 6. Of course I couldn’t leave without trying on a pair myself. These had just come in a few days earlier. These high platforms definitely have wow factor. (And they have a matching purse!) I’d say these run a half size small because they fit me quite well. There’s barely any pitch, either, so it was like wearing very small heels. They’re quite stable, but of course you need to learn how to walk on what are basically stilts. They’re perfect if you want extra height in something eye-catching!

IMG_2537I totally forgot to do a “flower” wheel (Fluewheel?) the last few times I’ve been at the store, so I’m very glad I remembered this time. Here I’m wearing the burgundy Qtees at the 9 o’clock position, and going clockwise: Anthony with the laceless navy/brown Brandenburgs (which look fantastic with his polka-dotted socks), Kate with her red CBCs, John with his black CBCs, and Miranda with her black vintage Vogs (I forgot the name). Btw, Miranda was last month’s creative masked Vogunteer!

Next time, I’ll continue my Part III review of the women’s collection. Until then!

xo, Gladys


Desert FlueReview: Fall 2013 Part III

Nota bene: what you should know about my sizing as you read my reviews. I am a true size US 5.5. I have relatively-flat arches, wide toes, and narrowish ankles. I regularly wear 5 in the Operetta, Mini, Attention, and Baroque families; 5 or 5.5 in the Bellevue and Fellowship families; and 6 in the Radio family. However, the sizing of certain styles within the same family can differ, and even the same style can differ in sizing from season to season.

Less than a month since my last post and it’s already time for Part III? Yes, indeed! You can thank the upcoming holidays and my love of Fluegasms. 🙂 (Here are Part I and Part II.) I made yet another trip to the Melrose store last weekend with my dear friends Emily and Melanie, and we found a couple of exciting new styles. The point of the trip was for Melanie this time, and she ended up with her second pair of Vogs, which happened to be her wardrobe’s sole mate!

But you’ll get that story next time. I’ve decided to break up this post in two because the previous one was just so looooong and a little too hard to navigate. For today I’ll share a couple of Fluegasmic shoes, particularly the spectacular shoes that made me break my promise to myself that I wouldn’t get another pair until the January sale. Here, without further ado:

Miracle: Sight3

Miracle: Sight1

Miracle: Sight2

Miracle: Sight6

Miracle | Sight in blue. Size 6.5. Miracle oxfords with gorgeous embroidery in TARDIS blue. Uh, you knew I’d be all over that, right?? Like with most Miracles, I have to go up a full size in these from my baseline 5.5 because they’re narrow and they run short. The Melrose dealers call this one “Only in L.A.” because yes, it’s only available at the Melrose store. AND THERE’S ONLY ONE PAIR EACH SIZE. These aren’t available on the Fluevog website or in any other color, either, except on Amazon in black as far as I know (which are actually on sale for 20% off for Veteran’s Day, through Nov. 11, as are almost ALL other Fluevogs!! The Viv! The Rubens! The Liz! The Leader! The Elizabeth! Just sayin). And the asterisk * is for the fact that I’m not sure what these are called; they’re called Sight on Amazon, so that’s what I wrote here. (I should have asked the dealers. Sorry.) Here’s what dealer Anthony told me might have happened: one and half years ago, when Fluevog was selling its Fall 2013 collection to other retailers, this amazing blue oxford was one of the choices. One retailer ordered them but then decided not to carry them any longer. So the whole set got kicked back to Fluevog, and in its infinite wisdom, Fluevog HQ decided to send the shoes to the L.A. store. AND THANK THE GODS ABOVE. I apologize in advance to those who are my size because I now have the 6.5 on layaway. Call the Los Angeles dealers if you want these beautiful babies!

Zion: Trinity2

Zion: Trinity1

Zion | Trinity in grey. Size 6. These are striking and very high heels! Emily called them architectural, and she was absolutely right (just read the description on the Fluevog website). Size wise, I think they run true to size, although the zippered vamp kept me in pretty well. They’re quite stable but you seriously need to know how to walk in high heels. The leather here is nice and soft, and I really love the colorway. The black-and-blue colorway is also very striking (in more of a dystopic, sci-fi way), but the leather on those is very stiff. I found it hard to walk in the black because it hit my ankle bones in an uncomfortable way with that stiff leather. I had a similar issue with the gray — it’s probably because I have such flat feet — but it wasn’t as problematic given the softer gray leather. Anyway, this style isn’t for me, but you can see how gorgeous it is.

Well, that’s it for today, but I’ll post again very soon. We tried on so many styles from the Fall AND took another look at some worthy shoes on sale from last season. Some are repeats but it’s always great to see how the shoes look on different feet.

Let us know how you like these new styles!

xo, Gladys


Presale Party at Fluevog LA/Melrose


Posing with awesome FTLOV reader Alice K. It’s hard to tell, but she’s wearing her Mini | Gorgeous maryjanes here.
Photo taken by Francine

I am one lucky Voger. You know the Fluevog summer sale is going on now, right? Well, I got an invite from the Los Angeles store to attend their sale preview event which took place last Thursday evening, June 27. I’m so glad I was able to go. One of our lovely readers, Alice K. (see photo above), came over to say hello! It was so fun meeting her and chatting about our love for Fluevogs, and I’m so glad that our FlueReviews and features have been so helpful for people who don’t get a chance to try on the shoes before buying. It’s one thing to see the stock photos of drool-worthy shoes and another to actually see the shoes in action on real people’s feet!

The event itself turned out to be a party with sweet giveaways. The deal? The first 30+ people who purchased something (on sale or not) were eligible to pick out a pair of unworn vintage Fluevogs that were languishing in the back of the store for one reason or another. Yes, free vintage Vogs! Most of them were former floor/demo shoes that now showed a mismatch in color between the left and right shoe, which meant that they couldn’t be sold.

Dealer Anthony put together the tiki-themed party, building the bar (!) and making the masks. He even threw a large, bright-blue rug in the middle of the courtyard to simulate a pool. What creativity! Here’s how fun their courtyard looked:


Last pairs on sale


More last pairs


Candy shish kabobs!

You know what’s so cool? I squeed a little bit when I checked out the official FlueBlog and saw not only a post on the L.A./Melrose party but also a photo with me in it! Well, you can only see my back — that’s me in the teal and black circle-neck dress, with my friends standing next to me — but that moment of recognition when I realized it was me was pretty awesome! I know, I’m a dork. :-p

I got to the store a little late (it started at 5pm) because of traffic hazards on the freeways (grr, L.A. freeways). Luckily for me, however, my friends Jih-Fei and Francine had my back. Both had never tried on Fluevogs before, but they were game to join me at the party. Jih-Fei got there the earliest and stood in line*, so he was the 24th person in. I was number 37. When it came time, he traded numbers with me so that I could be one of the first 30 people. He said he didn’t have a specific shoe in mind anyway and wanted me to get the vintage shoes. What a dear!

Here are the shoes I took home with me:


I bought the patent green-turquoise Amie flats on sale (reviewed here and here); I couldn’t get them out of my mind after trying them on, plus I am a fan of Amies already … and for the giveaway, I walked away with the gorgeous and totally vintage Coffee | Arabica heels! (Several of the “vintage” Vogs were unsellable last pairs at the store but still available for purchase online. So not technically vintage.) We had a chance to check out the vintage selection before entering the store, and once I laid eyes on the Arabicas, I knew they were IT. They were my size (size 6, they ran about 1/2 size small) and when I quickly tried them on, they worked! The sling-back straps were a little loose, but I only need to punch an extra hole in the straps so that they’ll buckle on tighter. You can imagine how antsy I was before they let me into the store; I hoped that no one else my size was going before me. Given that I only learned about Fluevog in mid-2010 (and didn’t start buying until late 2010), I had no idea what I was doing and missed out on the Arabicas which came out in 2009. The family they belong to, Coffee, is no longer being made because the family business that produced them went out of business (sad). I do have two later styles from the Coffee family (Macchiato and Kopi Tiam) and cherish them both, so I knew I’d have no problems with fit once the Arabicas were broken in. Also, I remember drooling over this Vogunteer pic when it first came out.


Photo courtesy of Jih-Fei


Amazing: no muffin side!! Lol
Photo courtesy of Jih-Fei

You might have noticed, though, that my Arabicas are two-toned while the pair in the Vogunteer photo are teal blue all over. Apparently, mine are even more special because they’re custom with the black toes. I think they look fabulous, and they actually matched my dress that evening wonderfully. I put them on once they were officially mine. Here’s a photo of my whole outfit.


I wore my now-vintage Operetta | Fiorenza slingbacks to the party. Love these shoes too since they’re so adorable and super comfy (driving shoes!). I love the dress, too! A couple years old from Kohl’s but still flattering.

* * *

My friend Francine tried on a few pairs of shoes that she was interested in buying. When she saw dealer Lenae wearing the Miracle | Marvel in yellow, she definitely wanted to try them on. So she did, both colorways. … I just realized none of us at FTLOV tried these on. They seem to fit as most Miracles do, very narrow and at least 1/2 size small.



They looked AMAZING on her. She fell for them and actually did purchase her first pair of Fluevogs, the green ones. Excellent choice! Congratulations are in order! I’m a little jealous because the Miracles are too narrow for me to be comfortable, but they fit her perfectly as you can see.


And yes! She got her free vintage pair, too, the Lancianos in olive suede (also Miracle family). She and I both lucked out since most of the vintage shoes were size 6. Actually, Francine is a true size 6, so she had her pick of seven or so pairs, as most of them ran true. Sweet! And I do believe Francine is a Miracle girl. Her first choice to buy had been the Medugorje pumps, but she decided on the more dressy Marvels with their flattering ankle straps. I like the Medugorje but the Marvels really are marvelous!



Meanwhile, Jih-Fei gravitated towards the Brandenburgs (Gateway family), especially the Brandenburg Light in the orange color. He didn’t want to try them on because there were too many people at the store at the time (a few of whom were quite aggressive —sooo off-putting). And since he had to leave before 7 for another appointment, he missed the store clearing out. But he said he wanted to return to try on shoes soon. 🙂

* * *


Some of the Melrose dealers, including Keith who used to manage the store and now works for l.a. Eyeworks. Snazzy glasses! From top left: Keith, Anthony, and Lenae, and Kate in front. Not pictured are Jen, Kimberley, Austyn, and Alice (who wasn’t able to go at all).

Finally, I just wanted to end with another shout-out to the L.A. staff. I had so much fun, and even though the store was CRAZY for a while, they still managed to be welcoming and kind. I met and talked to Jen, who used to work at the Vancouver store and is now a grad student in L.A. We commiserated over grad school. Lenae and I talked for quite a while about her projects as an artist, after I asked. Dealer Brenda of Seattle had told me all about Lenae’s work, so I knew I had to ask for more info. (Check out her website. Beautiful stuff. Vintage lovers will drool.) Keith, who, granted, no longer works there, made me laugh. Even Anthony, super busy and running around as he was, found time to chat and gave the go-ahead for another special treat for me…. Lovely, awesome Kate totally took care of me, as usual. As I was preparing to leave, she looked at all of the size 6 vintage women’s shoes that were left, looked at me, and then said that I should go grab another pair. Um, seriously??? Yeah, she said, otherwise what would they do with them? Most would be returned to the back of the store. So she okayed it with Anthony, and I did choose another pair!

I felt seriously fortunate, and even blessed. Maybe it was the sparkling wine I’d drunk, but I just felt really happy after meeting and talking over gorgeous shoes — works of wearable art, really — with my old friends, with Alice K., and with the fabulous bunch that is the Fluevog L.A. staff. Plus I was wearing an amazing pair of shoes and holding on to a bag stuffed with new Fluevogs. It was an embarrassment of riches. I was definitely Fluephoric!

You should know, however, that I didn’t keep that second pair. I had chosen a pair that were slightly big for me, and I paid them forward to my mom (who made my fun night — and many other fun days and nights — possible by babysitting). 🙂 And hopefully I’ll get photos of her wearing them soon. [ETA: Check out my mom’s new kicks here!]

xo, Gladys

* I had no idea that there would be a line to get into the store for the preview sale, but duh, of course there would be because of the giveaway. Jih-Fei was the one who wondered about it when I first invited him, but I just assumed there wouldn’t be. My bad. Again, special thanks to him, for having the foresight to get there early!


Fluevog thinks you’re awesome sale: summer 2013


ATTENTION! Starting TODAY, Fluevog will be having its semi-annual sale. That’s right. Fall is around the corner and your local Fluevog store is cleaning house. This means excellent savings for you! Yesterday, I had the fortunate luck of checking out the preview sale at Haight Street. Let me tell you… there are some excellent finds! Before I get to my personal picks, there are some tips I’d like to share….

1) With sale items, sizes go fast. Don’t hesitate to get that Vog you’ve been eyeing all season long because your size may not be there when you want it. Trust me. You don’t want to miss out. (Madame Shirley just missed the Stunners in zebra when we were at Haight Street.)

2) Colors are limited. While the Vog you’ve been drooling over may be on sale, the color you want may not be marked down. Please don’t take your disappointment out on your local dealers. Unnecessary whining won’t get those Vogs marked down. Besides, bad Flue-karma is just… bad.

3) If your local Fluevog store is out of your size, tell you dealer stat! They can check if other stores have what you’re looking for. If they find it, they can help you arrange to have them shipped.

3) For those of you who don’t have the luxury of having a Fluevog store nearby, do check-check-and double check on sizing. Fluevog dealers have excellent knowledge about sizing, so make sure you call. Of course, I’m going to recommend that you call Haight Street at (415) 436-9784. They are my personal go-to people about sizing and their advice is always on par!

4) This last piece of advice comes from my sense of practicality. If you’re scouting the sale and just don’t find something you like or your Vog of choice is out of stock, don’t fret. Save your dollars because fall is coming and I’m sure there will be something with your name written on it! On to my picks (click on the photo to be directed to the Fluevog site)….

Oh my. There are some great finds at this sale. Admittedly, I always try to predict what I think will go on sale. As usual, I’m wrong and am surprised by some of the amazing things that are marked down. Here are some things you need to get your hands on…

Minis Galore!


Minis | Bee’s Knees


Minis | Bunny

I’ve ranted and raved about the Minis a million times over. They’re my favorite family and a definite staple for Fluevog. The Minis rarely go on sale. However, this time around, several members of the Minis family have been marked down including the much-loved Bunny (Madame Shirley and I own these; they’re a tribute to UC Berkeley, our alma mater), the new Bee’s Knees, and the Elif in berry/pink/aqua. Act fast because these Minis are going to go bye-bye soon! (Note: The Bunny will be available in two new colors in the fall. Swoon.)

Stunning Stunners!


Daily Miracles | Stunner

Lo and behold. One day I’m ranting and raving about the greatness of the Daily Miracles | Stunner, and the next day, the Stunners go on sale. How awesome is that?!

Summer Fun


Integrity | Amie. A total Gladys pick!


Prepare | Guide


Espadrille | Martin. As of this posting, the Martin is not available online. Please call your local Fluevog store directly for sizing and ordering information.


Gateways | Brandenburg Light. Available for men and women.

Summer has just begun and some of the season’s hottest Vogs are now on sale. Take advantage of some great colors and styles. In particular, if you’ve been drooling over the Guides, the yellow ones have just been marked down. They’re gorgeous and so easy to wear. Also in the family (but not photographed) are the Portage. Can someone please buy the lilac in size 9.5 in my honor? I’d really appreciate it! For the gentlemen, the Gateways | Brandenburg Light in select colors have been marked down. While I didn’t take pics of the men’s collection, please note that there are some wonderful savings there too!

Happy shopping! Please share what you added to your collection in comments:)

For the love of Fluegasms,



can you pick just one?!


Original photo found on the Fluevog Facebook page.

I just saw these on the Fluevog Facebook page. The KKBB:Liz is the hot Vog that has yet to covet my collection. With its popularity, my spider senses tell me that they are going to come out in some amazing colors and that I should just wait. Hel-lo! Look at this new color that’s coming out for the fall! Sigh.

So… What color(s) would you like to see KKBB:Liz in? Please post to comments.

For the love of Fluegasms,



Air Canada: uniforms done right!

Our dear friends at Haight Street just sent us this link. It looks like Air Canada is going to roll out some new uniforms for their employees on July 1st. Their new threads will be sourced in Canada and will feature the country’s best shoe designer: John Fluevog! Check out the shoes!  I’d love to own Liz in that color combo.  Also,  Grant looks totally sharp! Does this mean I’m going to have to apply for a job at Air Canada?! Sigh. Oh Air Canada. You just became the coolest place to work at!




For the love of Fluegasms,



IFD at Melrose!

IFD 2013-03

Fluevog Los Angeles “Class Photo” 2013

It was a close call, but last Wednesday, May 15, I made it to the Melrose store in time for the class photo at 5:15 pm! They had an awesome professional photographer on site to take the class photo, and he also shot individual/group photos for those who wanted them. Then his assistant immediately printed the photos out for us. (He was a friend of dealer Alice, and once I get his name and website, I’ll edit this post!)

I love how the photos turned out. It’s amazing what great lighting and a wonderful photographer’s eye can do. (These first three photos are scans of the printouts, by the way. The rest of the photos were taken with my iPhone.)

IFD 2013-01

Me in my vintage Natalia maryjanes. Funny story: people kept having mishaps with this table since it was quite unstable. I almost fell off TWICE even though I was told multiple times to be careful, and I would have completely eaten it if it weren’t for a wonderful fellow Voger I’d just met, Maggie. Thanks, Maggie, for saving me!

IFD 2013-02

Dealer Kate and me. Sitting down, we managed to minimize the height difference between us. I’m so envious of how tall she is!

Here were some of the treats available, and I confess that I partook of the teal-tinted wine and mini-cupcake! Yum. It was a lovely sweet wine that wasn’t very strong at all (good thing since I was driving), but I’m sure it and the little cupcake contributed to the happy vibes I was feeling the whole time. 😉


The spread


Teal champagne/sparkling wine with cherries


Mini-cupcake with target

I loved seeing the dealers all together (except I didn’t see Austyn), who all looked AMAZING, and even Keith who used to work there visited so he could be in the class pic! It was such a great bunch of fun, friendly, interesting Vogers there. We talked about our love for the shoes, commented and gave advice on the shoes we owned or had tried on, and asked what pairs we’d be going home with that day. There was Maggie who was wearing her black/beige Mini | Qtee heels, a gorgeous shoe that I also have in a different colorway. She wasn’t sure yet what to get but had the Liz in black/pink as her first choice! There was Shannon, who had rainbow-colored long hair and wore her cheetah Arc | Rainbow boots with a pink, purple, and green outfit. She bought the fantastic purple-and-polka dot 7th Heaven | Derby Swirl boots that I took home last week. Then there was the couple who now have matching Radio | CBC oxfords (different colors), just like my husband and I do!

But aside from their obvious excellent taste in shoes, it was a blast to learn that a few of them were hardcore Doctor Who fans. Dealer Kate made sure I met these awesome ladies. They noticed my TARDIS-encased iPhone, and after a few minutes of conversation we were exchanging emails and cards. Haha! One woman, Maggie, had created a gorgeous, DW-character costume by hand for a DW-themed ball a few weeks ago, and another, Natasha, is actually friends with the current executive producer of the show, Steven Moffat. SAY WHAT?? She says she met him while he was just a writer for the 2005- reboot and was still going to the DW conventions in the U.S. (This is one super-talented writer. He’s co-creator of another fantastic show, Sherlock, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.)

Maggie and I were drooling over Natasha’s sample-sale loot, the striking Memories Hi | Keepsake heels in dark-blue suede (or is it velvet?). Her skin isn’t that bright white, by the way; the lighting was the only way I could photograph the suede, which unfortunately washed out her skin completely. Anyway, the blue shoes matched her blue floral dress perfectly … then I realized she was wearing TARDIS-blue all over, including her eyeshadow and nails. I should have guessed she was a Whovian as well as a Voger!

Anyway, enough Doctor Who. This is about Fluevog shoes after all! I ended up re-trying some shoes to figure out which ones I’d take home. First up are better photos of the patent lilac and teal Integrity | Amie flats than I took last time. They’re so gorgeous. I know the other MotleyFlue gals aren’t big fans of ballet flats, but like I said, I’ve been converted … and the patent leather in these beeyootiful colors just grabs me.

And then here are the Big Presence | Faraday slingback oxford heels in the black/gold colorway. Reader Dany asked about these after I posted on the ivory/taupe colorway that amazed all of us a couple of posts ago:

I definitely think the other colorway fits my skin tone better. And yes, after some nudges from the MotleyFlue, I did decide to buy the ivory/taupe Faradays for IFD! Natasha, who looks great in darker colors, chose the black/gold colorway instead.

In case you were interested, here’s a pic of my whole outfit that day. I went for comfort and quirk with my vintage maryjanes and funny illustrated shirt.


My whole outfit, iPhone photo courtesy of my mom

To think, I almost didn’t make it to the party …! I’d had a rough start to the day, but I’m so glad I was able to go. I missed Mae and Cheryl, both of whom at the last minute couldn’t go for different reasons. But I’m glad I could represent the MotleyFlue down here in So Cal. I do love my Melrose peeps. And special shout-out to fantastic Fluevog guru Anthony for hooking me up with my layaways and getting a pair of long-wished-for shoes transferred to L.A. from Minneapolis. I’m crossing my fingers that it works out! I’ll post here if/when it happens, so I don’t jinx it. 🙂

xo, Gladys


Vintage Vog: Mary


You may or may not remember, but last month I promised I’d share when I picked up something special from the cobbler. I forgot to post it here when it happened, but j-ro reminded me, and as in most things, better late than never! (Except, as I found out recently, in contra dance. If you’re late with a move, just go on to the next move or risk messing up the whole line of dancing. OK, sorry! No more tangentially-related geeky stuff!)

Anyway, in mid-March, I bought a pair of vintage Fluevogs — Moonie: Mary — through the FlueMarket, the awesome (and FREE) online webpage that Fluevog has set up for those looking to sell or buy some well-loved vintage Fluevogs. I’d never seen anything from the Moonie family before, but I really liked the wedge heel and maryjane style, as well as the dark gray/orange colorway. (No one at the Fluevog Melrose store could recall seeing them before, either.) As it happens, however, the Fluevog blog just recently posted a catalog pic of three Moonie styles, including the Mary, for their Way Back Wednesday feature. So below is what the Mary looked like when it was new in 2000. You can see that mine differs a bit with the side grommets being orange.


When I received the shoes in the mail, however, I realized there were some problems that the seller hadn’t disclosed:


I decided to take them to the Melrose store so they could help me figure out what to do. The scuffs were fine and understandable considering these were vintage — and a nice polish would do the trick — but the straps seemed to be in a more-delicate condition than I expected from the photo (no mention of their state in the seller’s note). And it was dealer Anthony at Melrose who figured out that the upper on the right shoe had separated from the wedge heel at the toe; I didn’t even realize it when I first tried it on! Anyway, I had them take the shoes to their cobbler to see what could be done. Polishing the leather and re-gluing the upper were straightforward, but we were concerned that the straps would need major repair work.


Well, fast forward a few weeks later. I was finally able to pick them up after they were done, and they looked like they got a facelift. YEARS YOUNGER! The straps were deemed okay, so the cobbler just matched the orange and recolored them, and I think he did an amazing job with that. The scuffs are gone, and the upper is definitely back on properly. I think the only other thing I would have liked them to have done was recolor the pinstriping on the wedge heels. (I looked at the work order and that detail wasn’t on it. Bummer.)


The shoes look fantastic under both pants and skirts/dresses. And because the wedge heel is the same color as the upper, the shoes look like flats but add height, which is a plus in my shortie book. 🙂 The casual style and color of these shoes fill a gap in my Fluevog collection, and if I take care not to be too hard on them, I can probably wear them on a regular basis the way I do my cream Amie flats and red Nzame loafers. Big thanks and hearts to Fluevog Melrose (especially Anthony and Kate) and their cobbler!


hello Seattle!


Of course it was cold and rainy when I stopped by the Fluevog store in Seattle:) Located just a stone’s throw away from the famous Public Market on Pike Street, the surrounding area is so awesome for shopping, eating, and hanging out.

Recently, I was in Seattle for an academic conference. When I pulled up my trusty yelp app, I was so excited to find out I was staying three blocks away from the Fluevog store. Wa-hoo! (Me doing the happy dance.) Fun fact: Did you know that the Fluevog store made a cameo appearance in Sleepless in Seattle? Yup! Watch it and leave a comment to let me know if you found it! Anywhoo….

I want to say THANK YOU to Amanda W. who is now the proud owner of the red Todas that I posted on the FlueMarket. May they bring you lots of joy:) She and I arranged an in-person meeting at the Seattle Fluevog store for the transaction. Must love fellow Voggers – especially if you are the same size. I also want to say HELLO to the lovely Brenda B., who leads the Seattle team. She helped me try on some of the new offerings at the store. Speaking of which…. I couldn’t help but notice that the Amie came in new spring colors! Hello lilac and aqua (accompanied by the neon orange). Though I didn’t try them on, I still think they’re so cute!

Prepare | Portage: I’m a fan of the Prepare family and I was glad to see these. Purple is my favorite color, so I had to try these on! I had to go up half a size to 9.5. They fit pretty good, but I may need to try them on again to make sure my toe doesn’t hit the shoe funny. I own the Guide in blue. While I love them, sometimes I have toe issues (damn that Morton’s toe). True to the Prepare family, these are really stable and the buckled straps makes this a really secure Vog. If you already own something in this family, you know that it’s super comfy and easily a go-to, daily Vog. I’m not sure how I feel about the style, but I really love how the lilac looks against my skin tone. (Note to self: I need some sun!)



Garden of Enjoyment | Rita*: According to the Seattle folks, these are a limited edition Vog that is available in the following stores: San Francisco (Union Square), Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York. They’re now available online. If you’re drooling over these babies, ya best contact one of these Fluevog stores stat! Despite the fact that they  possess everything I try to avoid (pointy toes, thin heels, and they  look uncomfortable), I couldn’t resist trying these on. They’re so cool and sexy, and kept calling my name!

In terms of sizing, they seem to run true to size. I’m sporting a size 9, and they were a perfect fit. I was surprised at how stable they were. In moving forward and back, these were really steady. If you have a nervous tick that prompts you to wiggle side to side, then you may experience some instability. I’m not into the smaller heels, but this one was secure, even for my heavier frame. In fact, they felt a lot like the Summertime | Dig (which I happened to be sporting during the conference). I can’t imagine wearing these all day long, but they will definitely allow you to stand around for around 4 hours (I think), which is a pretty good time frame. Because my foot is wide, I did feel that the pinky toe area was a little pinchy (this could be remedied by some stretching). Also, I’m sure that I was experiencing what Gladys calls “muffin side,”  but  just didn’t notice or mind.

This blue color is brilliant (and makes my red nail polish totally stand out)! I love the grommet detail (okay, I’m not sure what they’re called, but grommet was the closest thing I could think of), as well as the double buckle. Though I’m not into pointed toes, the tapered shape at the top is  alluring! At the end of the day, they’re not me. However, if these are you,  they’re an incredible find!

For the love of Fluegasms,


* This section was edited to update the information.