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Fluevog thinks you’re awesome sale: summer 2013


ATTENTION! Starting TODAY, Fluevog will be having its semi-annual sale. That’s right. Fall is around the corner and your local Fluevog store is cleaning house. This means excellent savings for you! Yesterday, I had the fortunate luck of checking out the preview sale at Haight Street. Let me tell you… there are some excellent finds! Before I get to my personal picks, there are some tips I’d like to share….

1) With sale items, sizes go fast. Don’t hesitate to get that Vog you’ve been eyeing all season long because your size may not be there when you want it. Trust me. You don’t want to miss out. (Madame Shirley just missed the Stunners in zebra when we were at Haight Street.)

2) Colors are limited. While the Vog you’ve been drooling over may be on sale, the color you want may not be marked down. Please don’t take your disappointment out on your local dealers. Unnecessary whining won’t get those Vogs marked down. Besides, bad Flue-karma is just… bad.

3) If your local Fluevog store is out of your size, tell you dealer stat! They can check if other stores have what you’re looking for. If they find it, they can help you arrange to have them shipped.

3) For those of you who don’t have the luxury of having a Fluevog store nearby, do check-check-and double check on sizing. Fluevog dealers have excellent knowledge about sizing, so make sure you call. Of course, I’m going to recommend that you call Haight Street at (415) 436-9784. They are my personal go-to people about sizing and their advice is always on par!

4) This last piece of advice comes from my sense of practicality. If you’re scouting the sale and just don’t find something you like or your Vog of choice is out of stock, don’t fret. Save your dollars because fall is coming and I’m sure there will be something with your name written on it! On to my picks (click on the photo to be directed to the Fluevog site)….

Oh my. There are some great finds at this sale. Admittedly, I always try to predict what I think will go on sale. As usual, I’m wrong and am surprised by some of the amazing things that are marked down. Here are some things you need to get your hands on…

Minis Galore!


Minis | Bee’s Knees


Minis | Bunny

I’ve ranted and raved about the Minis a million times over. They’re my favorite family and a definite staple for Fluevog. The Minis rarely go on sale. However, this time around, several members of the Minis family have been marked down including the much-loved Bunny (Madame Shirley and I own these; they’re a tribute to UC Berkeley, our alma mater), the new Bee’s Knees, and the Elif in berry/pink/aqua. Act fast because these Minis are going to go bye-bye soon! (Note: The Bunny will be available in two new colors in the fall. Swoon.)

Stunning Stunners!


Daily Miracles | Stunner

Lo and behold. One day I’m ranting and raving about the greatness of the Daily Miracles | Stunner, and the next day, the Stunners go on sale. How awesome is that?!

Summer Fun


Integrity | Amie. A total Gladys pick!


Prepare | Guide


Espadrille | Martin. As of this posting, the Martin is not available online. Please call your local Fluevog store directly for sizing and ordering information.


Gateways | Brandenburg Light. Available for men and women.

Summer has just begun and some of the season’s hottest Vogs are now on sale. Take advantage of some great colors and styles. In particular, if you’ve been drooling over the Guides, the yellow ones have just been marked down. They’re gorgeous and so easy to wear. Also in the family (but not photographed) are the Portage. Can someone please buy the lilac in size 9.5 in my honor? I’d really appreciate it! For the gentlemen, the Gateways | Brandenburg Light in select colors have been marked down. While I didn’t take pics of the men’s collection, please note that there are some wonderful savings there too!

Happy shopping! Please share what you added to your collection in comments:)

For the love of Fluegasms,



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stunning Stunners

I read somewhere that Donna Grantis, Prince’s guitarist wore the Daily Miracles | Stunner at a recent performance. Not that I’m a celebrity fashion whore, but that a guitarist, for one of the greatest artists ever, would sport zebra print boots made me think twice about how I feel about animal print.


I couldn’t find photos of Donna Grantis wearing the Stunners. However, I did find these on her website and FB page. On the left, she’s sporting the Vibes. On the right, she’s performing in the Angelou.

Previously, I declared that I’m not big on animal print. In the name of diversifying, I invested in animal print tights, which I like quite a bit. Animal print Vogs? The jury is still out on that one.


I tried these on during IFD. They made me feel like a rockstar!

On IFD, I tried on the Daily Miracles | Stunner because I got swept up in the excitement over Grantis’s signature Vog. At least three women walked out with the Stunner while I was there. As someone who is not into animal print, all I gotta say is: va-va-voom! These are stunning!

My heart melted when I put these on. They reminded me of the Summertime | Digs. I felt like a Rockstar and if I had any musical talent, I’d be booking a major tour just so people could see me in these Vogs!


Admittedly, because my feet are wide and flat, they don’t lay as nicely as they did on other people. There’s some puckering going on that can’t be fixed with an arch support. As with most Vogs, the Stunners are comfy given its 3.5″ heel. However, I prefer a platform because of my wide flat feet. In the end, the Stunners are stunning, but they’re not for my feet. However….


Madame Shirley also tried on the Stunners and they look fantastic on her. In fact, I’m sure they’ll make their way into her collection at some point. She didn’t have the puckering issue I had. Plus, she felt fantastic in them!

Whether you’re an animal print person or not, I say give the Stunners a chance. Besides, how could Prince’s guitarist be wrong?!

For the love of Fluegasms,



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More Fluevog Love in Seattle and Los Angeles


In front of Fluevog Seattle on a rainy day

Adding to the Seattle love on this blog (J-Ro already visited just this past April), I went there on a family vacation earlier this month and of course I had to visit the Fluevog store there. It was a slightly-rainy Wednesday morning, and I was helped by dealer Brenda during my brief visit. During our chat I found out that she is good friends with dealer Lenae at the Los Angeles store. It’s a small world! She also told me that it was when Mr. John Fluevog opened the Seattle store that he really started to design shoes under his own brand (rather than with his former partner Peter Fox) and built the company to what it is today. And you know how amazing the collections look like now, right? Thank you, Seattle!

Begin: Cha Cha in black. Brief as my visit was, I managed to try on a couple pairs. This first was inspired by Brenda herself, who was wearing a gorgeous square-shaped top and skinny black pants with her black Cha Chas. Her outfit was so cute that I had to try on the same shoes as well. Tassels! I didn’t realize I was a tassels girl, but after buying the Nzame and the Beezies, I can’t deny it any longer. 🙂 Too bad the Cha Chas run between true-to-size and slightly large, so the size 6 (smallest size) is too big for me even with these rugby socks.

Prepare Hi: Rappel in pink was the other pair I tried on. I was asked about the fit of these shoes by a friend, and I remembered that J-Ro liked them. While I’d slipped them on my feet once while visiting the Melrose store, I never managed to take a photo of me wearing them. These shoes are so, so pretty. Here I am with socks, for those of you who want to know what that looks like. I think they look great, as J-Ro predicted. She also said the zipper might be an issue, but since they were too big for me even with the socks (size 6 is the smallest size), I didn’t notice if the zipper was particularly uncomfortable. I believe they run a little bigger than true to size.

* * *

My Fluevog run this month wasn’t over with Seattle, oh no. A mere two days after we got back, I was off to Melrose Avenue to visit my fave dealers at Fluevog Los Angeles. Why? Well, they had a special pair of shoes waiting just for me.


Thanks to dealer Kate for taking this photo

Baroque: Rubens in burgundy. These are the last size 5 in the burgundy Baroque: Rubens that came all the way from Minneapolis. (I’m thinking they’ll replenish the sizes at some point since these seem to be staples in Fluevogdom.) I’d never managed to try any Baroque styles properly because they run quite large, a bit more than a half size large. This past season they started making them in sizes 5 and 5.5, but the Melrose store never got any sizes smaller than 6 and my feet were just swimming in the size 6. When I mentioned it to dealers Anthony and Kate during IFD, they said they could ask if the Minneapolis store was willing to send their size 5 pair to L.A. so that I could try them on. Of course I said yes! And can you blame me? Look at them — a feast for the eyes! With their special hexagonal heel and stamped suede, they look quite regal, don’t they? I really like how the heel isn’t very high; it has a very vintage feel, all the way back to 17th-century royal European courts. And the shoes seem very easy to incorporate into goth or more vampy outfits as well. 😉 Shirl swears by them. I’m inclined to believe her.

I’d been looking for a pair of red maryjanes to add to my collection for a while. I thought about getting the red Malibrans (Operetta family), but since I already have those in black I hesitated. The only other red maryjanes made by Fluevog are the Rubens and the Benatars (Together Hi family and no longer available in red — they might be phasing out the style completely *sad face*). I’ve been drooling over the Rubens for quite some time now, and I’m really glad I’ll be able to add these to my collection. (Speaking of which, I need to post on my latest acquisitions and layaways. This season has been bananas. And yeah, my wallet hates me.)

* * *

So you guys know that the summer sale is coming up in just a few days, right? I’ve heard from a little  bird that there may be some preview parties going on at the stores. 😉 What are you interested in adding to your closets? What’s your top three? I have my list. If you’re going to be at the Melrose store this evening (*wink, wink*), say hi and let’s chat!

xo, Gladys


Faraday worship!

A few weeks ago, I met up with Miss Gladys, Cheryl D., and Mae C. at the Melrose store. I’m rarely in LA and to spend time with these gals was a total treat. In fact, Miss Gladys wrote about that visit here and here. Since you may have seen Gladys’s posts, you likely know that the four of us fell in love with the Big Presence | Faraday. Sigh.

A while back, I wrote this post about the importance of actually trying on a Vog before determining whether they are you or not. For those of you who wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the Big Presence | Faraday, I urge you to just take the plunge and try it on. It will change your life, I promise you!

I’m not one for pointy toes, small heels, sling backs, or laces on dress shoes. Given that, Big Presence | Faraday was not on my watch list – at all. However, the thing that really sold me are the steel toes. Oh my! When I put these babies on, I felt like I could take on the world. (Seriously. These felt like the kind of shoe I should be wearing when distributing grades. These Vogs scream: “I’m not taking anyone’s sh-t today!”) Not only were they easy to wear and comfy to walk in, they looked way better on my feet than sitting on the shelf. Big Presence | Faraday made me feel powerful. I love that in a Vog!


I eventually tried on both colors and am still debating on whether to add them to my collection. One reason why I hesitate is because I’m anxious for fall. It’s my favorite time of the year! Alas, Big Presence | Faraday is definitely high on my wish list. While both colors are beautiful, I’m partial to the white/nude pair.


I tried these on in 9.5, but I’m thinking that the 10 may suit me better. There’s not a lot of give on these things and my foot hits right at the edge. Also, there’s a hint of toe cleavage, which to me, indicates that the shoe may be a little snug. Another concern I have (and this is specific to my feet) is that I have a weird muscle thing going on with my right foot. When I wiggle my toes, that muscle looks like a heart is beating. It’s weird… almost as weird as Gladys’s “muffin side” thing. Alas, we all have our personal quirks, right?

Anyhoo… Mr. Fluevog, if you’re reading this, I’d like to kindly request more Vogs with steel pointy toes. In the meantime, I say check out the Big Presence | Faraday when you’re in Fluevogland. They’ll make you feel like a superhero!

For the love of Flugasms,



reviving Margie

Every now and again when I peruse the Fluevog Facebook page, it never fails that someone will put up a post declaring that while Fluevogs are absolutely gorgeous, they’re not quite budget-friendly. As a former struggling graduate student and a totally underpaid lecturer, I can definitely relate to the hole that burns in my wallet from buying a pair of Vogs. However, there are ways one can build a Fluevog collection on a limited budget. Today, I bring you the power of refurbishing.

Recently, I scored a great deal on the Choice | Margie on ebay. As you can see from the photos below, they were scuffed pretty badly. Margie has been on my vintage wish list for ages and given the low price, I knew that with some TLC, I could revive these babies! I could tell that the base of the shoe was in great condition (made with leather) and that the refurbishing was primarily cosmetic. Also, the seller was very honest with the condition of the shoes.

Tip: If the vintage Vog has a foam sole, beware. Foam, over time, can weaken and crack, making the Vog unwearable. I’ve seen cracked foam soles because my brother is an avid collector of athletic shoes. Also, fellow MotelyFlue member Gladys has a story to share soon:)


These photos were provided by the seller. I added the black arrows to illustrate the extreme scuffing. Margie really needed some TLC.

When the shoes arrived, I was glad to see that after adding an arch support, they fit perfectly! (Margie fits just like the Fellowship | Sandra. Because my feet are so flat, I need an arch support for a secure fit.) Yes, they were as scuffed as the photos indicated. I could swear that the previous owner ran them through a sandpaper funhouse!


These photos were taken after two coats of leather lotion. (Note: Your eyes aren’t fooling you. The color became much richer and I didn’t use any fancy photo tricks to enhance the image. I’m actually not a fan of altering photos.) What a difference!

I wanted to see if I could refurbish these on my own. The first thing I did was revive it with some leather lotion. As you can see from the photo above, the leather lotion gave Margie a much richer color and made it look less dried out. If you’re a Vog user and you don’t own a bottle of leather lotion, you need to get yourself a supply, stat! I’m obsessed with leather lotion. Once a Vog comes home with me, it doesn’t see the light of day without a coat or two of the stuff! It helps preserve the shoe, soften the leather, and keep the color nice and rich. You’d cry if you ever saw my Vog collection. They all look pristine because of my leather lotion obsession!

Once the leather lotion settled in, the scuffing was still noticeable. The backs of the heels still looked chewed up. Plus, the black marks on the toe just wouldn’t budge. With that, I knew I needed to take it to a cobbler. Our friends at Haight Street recommended Pioneer Renewer, a cobbler located in the Castro. When I went to Pioneer Renewer, the process was simple. I just asked them if they could refurbish Margie. I pointed out all the scuffing and the guys were really friendly. One week and $15 later (cash only!), I picked my newly revived Margie. Here’s the final product:


Taken after bringing them to Pioneer Renewer to have Margie refurbished. A good cobbler does wonders!

As you can see, the color is much richer and the scuffing is virtually gone. In person, you can see the wear and some of the texture issues. Otherwise, they’re perfect. They look like a comfortably worn pair of Vogs. I can’t believe how amazing they look now!

The final cost of these Vogs (shoes, shipping, and refurbishing) was $70. In Fluevog land, that is an excellent steal! For those of you who are looking for Vogs on a budget, check the FlueMarket and eBay. You never know what you’ll find! (If you’re curious about sizing, you can always talk to a dealer!)

Another advantage of refurbishing Fluevogs is that it’s a great way to re-cycle fashion. Though Margie was someone else’s trash, I definitely transformed her into my new treasure!

For the love of Fluegasms,


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shop for a cause



Don’t live near  Haight Street Fluevog? Don’t worry. Simply call our friends at (415) 436-9784 on June 15th between 3-7pm and place an order. Your purchase will go toward Visual Aid. By stocking up on those much-loved Vogs, you will be helping out a wonderful charity. Please spread the word!


can you pick just one?!


Original photo found on the Fluevog Facebook page.

I just saw these on the Fluevog Facebook page. The KKBB:Liz is the hot Vog that has yet to covet my collection. With its popularity, my spider senses tell me that they are going to come out in some amazing colors and that I should just wait. Hel-lo! Look at this new color that’s coming out for the fall! Sigh.

So… What color(s) would you like to see KKBB:Liz in? Please post to comments.

For the love of Fluegasms,