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engagement Fluevogs


Recently, the Manpanion and I took engagement photos in San Francisco. Nerinna Valera, the genius behind these photos, totally understood our love of Vogs. Therefore, she didn’t hesitate to let us incorporate some Vog shots. Here they are. Enjoy! (Also, if you’re looking for a kick-ass photographer, you need to go to Nerinna!)




For the love of Vogs,



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for the love

IMG_0584Happy Valentine’s Day, Fellow Flueddicts!

I’m not gonna lie. Valentine’s Day is a sham of a holiday! I hated it when I was single, and being in love does not make me despise this holiday any less. It’s a sham, I tell you. A SHAM!

The only thing I value about this holiday is having a simple reminder to honor those you love – family, friends, SOs, etc. While the candy and flowers are nice, 50% markdowns on candy the day after Valentine’s day is even better!

Anyway… though the holiday is a total sham, I do want to pay tribute to our loved ones for making our lives fantastic. For me, I’m happy to have an amazing Manpanion who puts up with all my craziness. My dear Manpanion: Thank you for making me the lucky gal who gets to walk through this life with you (while wearing our fantastic Fluevogs).

For the love of those who put up with our special brand of crazy,


(you may barf now)



the MotleyFlue turns (the terrible) 2!


Is there any truth to the terrible twos? I hope not! As stated in the title, the MotleyFlue and this lovely blog turns TWO years old today and we only have YOU to thank!

This past year was very different from the previous year. I’m the first to admit that we have not been posting as consistently as before. The four of us have been going through some major life changes and transitions that have made consistent posting a bit challenging. Please know that while we’re not here as often, our love of Fluevogs remains the same.

There is a lot to say about this past year. Miss Gladys finished and filed her dissertation. She is now an esteemed recipient of a Ph.D. in English from UC Berkeley. You can now call her Dr. Desert Vog Addict:) I’m so proud of her. When she’s not writing her infamous FlueReviews, you can find her here.

Dorothy, the Artful Voger has been the most quiet of the bunch. Like Gladys, Dorothy also finished and filed her MFA (Master of Fine Art… I used to think MFA stood for Mighty Fine A$$… but I’m dirty like that!). She also transitioned out of her corporate job into a completely different career in the arts. With that, I’m sure that once things settle down, we’ll hear from the Artful Voger again. For now, she can be spotted at the best art events in San Francisco. You can also read her work here.

Like Dorothy, Madam Shirley has also transitioned out of the corporate(esque) grind and is working on her next career, which includes a steady stream of improv performances. She too, can be found at San Francisco’s finest improv spaces! If you ever run into her at the Haight Street store, you might be able to meet two new Flueddicts: Shirley’s mom and godmother! (They are the CUTEST Flueddicts you’ll ever meet!)

For me (Generalissima Joanne), I still have my nose to the grind: teaching, writing, and traveling between Phoenix and San Francisco, with hopes of moving back to the bay area. Of the big things that happened this past year is that the Manpanion has finally started wearing Fluevogs. We also picked a wedding date:) This means that though I expect my collection to grow, it will happen very s-l-o-w-l-y in the next year or so.

As you can see, we have a lot to celebrate. Like last year, our readership is growing and we have met many amazing people who share our love of Fluevogs. Plus, we have so many new friends through the Facebook group: Fluevog Fridays. During our store visits, we continue to be blessed to meet you and maintain our friendships with our amazing, hardworking dealers.  Heaven bless our dealers for allowing members of the MotleyFlue to take over and try everything under the sun, just so we can write these reviews for you. Our Facebook page has over 120 likes and we have over 170 wordpress followers. Our community is small, but strong. For that, we are grateful.

It’s your turn! For this upcoming year, we would love to feature you, our fellow Flueddicts. Whether you own one pair or 1000 pairs, we want to hear from you! Please email us at: so we can get that started again.

Maraming salamat (many thanks) for all of your support.
The MotleyFlue send you love and light on our second birthday! xoxo


June Fluevog love


Sorry for the semi-blurry photo. Darn phones!

Hello June! As I have mentioned before, the Manpanion has recently caught the Fluevog bug. I gotta say, Fluevogs have definitely changed his entire wardrobe. When we first met almost four years ago, he always dressed nice – jeans and button-down shirts for more formal occasions, jeans and t-shirts on the daily. However, he often wore jeans that were way too baggy. Plus, he was totally married to his sneakers.

Since he has acquired his first pairs of Fluevogs in November 2013, I have seen some major changes in his wardrobe. For example, he has since tossed the too-baggy jeans and now sports more structured, dark jeans. He hasn’t let go of his desire to coordinate, so he often wears a belt and watch that matches his shoes. Heck, he even has a color matching app on his phone, just to make sure he’s color coordinated. It melts my heart watching him get ready for work, as he decides his daily outfit:)

For a long time, he resisted even trying on a pair of Fluevogs. However, things have changed and he’s developed a love of Fluevogs. I often find him peeking at the site and when we visit the store, he tries things on too! Recently, he and I attended Dorothy’s M.A. graduation ceremony. The pic above shows us sporting some awesome Vogs. I’m wearing the Minis | Babycake in black (which I had altered to fit my calves). The Manpanion is sporting his newly acquired Executors | Rigas in brown. Gotta say… those babies are lookin’ sharp! Big hugs to our friends at Haight Street! FlueDaddy Denny gave the Rigas a gorgeous shoe shine before we took them home.

For those who love to Vog together,



Nice to Meet John Fluevog

JFluevog_0223Sunday @Fluevog Treat

Simply stated, yesterday on Sunday afternoon, I met John Fluevog at the Haight Street store. Yes, this was my virgin moment meeting him  – SQUEE! And this was completely unexpected. SQUEE!

Thanks for the chat Mr. Fluevog … Thank you to Rachel for introducing me to John Fluevog. And thank you – on behalf of the MotleyFlue – for mentioning our blog. So very sweet of Rachel.

Our chat? Learning about his recent travels that included dropping by New Orleans, sharing how our blog came about, thanking him for his continued wonderful shoes that have lovingly affected my soul, hearing him share a bit about his current pursuits, and reminiscing about my joyful 50 by 50 endeavor.

Our head to toe pic? His vintage ’80s sunglasses and my Fellowship | Sandra.

Word of the Day … Magical

On a completely separate and personal note about my out and about with my Fellowship | Sandra shoes, this past Sunday was a little different than other Sundays. I auditioned (first-time experience) during the noon-time hour for a new Harold improv house team that is forming as part of EndGames. (Yes, I am an improviser.) We all learn the audition outcome on Tuesday or Wednesday. MAGICAL.

After the audition, I had about 2-3 hours to bop around San Francisco until catching up with a friend. Wanting to be somewhere relaxing, I dropped by the Haight Street store to say “Hello!” to the crew and to get my Fluegasm before Tuesday’s Shoe Care Event. Sunday afternoon’s Fluevogologists included Rachel, Alan, and Dee. (Glad to meet you for the first time, Dee.) And apparently – also meeting John Fluevog. MAGICAL.

Parking? If you know the Haight Street location, then you know the Goddess Asphalta, aka goddess of parking, must have been with me – parking found across the street with only one drive around the block. Magical.

More improv. Headed off to the Mission (magical parking again!) for practice with a newly formed experimental improv team, Letters. As usual, a fun and inspiring evening. MAGICAL.



Confessions of a Fluevog pusher

When the ladies of the MötleyFlue call me Generalissima, they’re not lying. It’s true. I texted Gladys at 4am (her time zone) urging her to invest in the Inge boots that were posted on eBay. When I saw those gorgeous olive one-of-a-kind boots on the FlueMarket in Shirley’s size, I immediately sent her the link and demanded she contact the seller, STAT! Of course, when the Malibus received its latest markdown, I totally put Dorothy on blast in this post, begging her to visit the dealers that day.

I know I can be aggressive sometimes. However, I like to think I’m doing the gals a favor by making their days shine brighter in the greatness of Fluevogs!

Admittedly, I worked in retail for over twelve years. Therefore, I know a thing or two about sales tactics. I mention this, not because I know how to sucker someone into a sale, but because I can tell when someone is trying to sucker punch me (and my friends). You haven’t experienced buying cosmetics until you’ve watched me tell the uber-aggressive person behind the counter to back off, because I’m the ruler of my debit card!  This is why I’m known as the Generalissima. I shop with a definite plan and I don’t hesitate giving the hardline when it comes to helping others make Vog decisions.

Yes, get the Malibus.

I say hold off on investing in the (insert Vog here), and pay rent this month.

Of course I’ll help you develop a good Flue-nancial plan.

Don’t make me put you on FlueLent!

If you forego your daily latte, I’m sure you can pay off the Liz in no time!

Um, do you really need another pair of black boots?!

You didn’t just ask me if those Vogs make you look fat, did you?! (slap!)

“I told you. No wire hangers, EVER!” 

When it comes to Flue-tail therapy, my policy is this: I’ll tell you what you need to hear. Be prepared because I’m not a fan of false compliments or lies for the sake of making you happy. If I don’t like something, I’ll tell you. If it doesn’t work, I’ll tell you. If the Vog does nothing for you or your collection, I’ll tell you! I am too old and don’t have time for for anything less than what my gut is telling me. (Maybe this is why I’m the Generalissima.)

Admittedly, I live vicariously through the MotleyFlue and friends. I can’t afford everything, and if I did, I wouldn’t want to own every Vog that I fell in love with. Watching others shop gives me pleasure. It’s like I’m Santa Clause, but without having to fork over a single dollar:)

With that, I proudly remain the Generalissima, pusher extraordinaire of the MotleyFlue. Need Vog advice? Feel free to contact me. I have no problem giving an objective, honest (sometimes harsh) opinion:)

For the love of Fluegasms,



a love story


This post is inspired by a recent conversation with Miss Stacey K. (The woman so fabulous that a Fluevog was named after her.) When she and I first met, the subject of significant others and Fluevogs came up: What happens if you’re dating someone who doesn’t understand your love of Vogs? 

In truth, I never really considered my Flueddiction as a factor in romantic relationships. Then again, I’m not a relationship expert. However, as someone who is very much in love with the Manpanion, I definitely treasure and understand the importance of a solid relationship… that includes a mutual understanding that to love me is to love my love of Vogs:)

Admittedly, I’m a lucky gal. Though the Manpanion does not wear Vogs (gasp! the horror!), he does appreciate an awesome shoe. Confession: The Manpanion is the type of person who checks out people’s shoes. It’s a miracle he agreed to go out on a second date with me, as I was wearing the ugliest clown striped rainbow rain boots on our first date. Not knowing this, I wore those same ugly rain boots on our second date. I’m still thankful for his forgiving nature:)

These days, the Manpanion supports my Flueddiction in terms of moral support. During our regular trips to visit the dealers, the Manpanion gives me advice and suggestions on what to try on and what to invest in. No. He doesn’t pay for my shoes. Unless it’s a gift, the Manpanion is not my Fluevog sugar daddy. It’s a personal policy of mine: my Flueddiction, my money.  Visits to the Haight Street store consist of me trying on shoes while he chit-chats with the dealers (he and FlueDaddy Denny share a love of documentaries) and/or gets comfy in the corner king’s chair, located near the front window, sometimes sipping on hot coca from the place a few doors down. A partner who is friendly with the dealers and accompanies me to Fluevog store visits is definitely a keeper!

On Sunday mornings, the Manpanion often wakes up to me browsing the ‘net gazing at Fluevogs online. On cue, he jokes about catching me looking at shoe porn. He supported the MotleyFlue by allowing us to use his photographic skills (he took the current banner photo).  When out and about on various adventures, he takes Vogunteer-esque photos of me, just because. Another thing I love about the Manpanion’s support is that while he lets me know what he likes and doesn’t like, he does not have the final say of what I take home. He respects my decisions – even if he may disagree with me. (Note: This applies with everything in our relationship, not just Fluevog decisions.) In the silliest, frilliest, cavity-inducing ways, with my heart and soul, I truly adore the Manpanion.

Meet the Little Js. They are the best stand-ins a couple could ask for!

Meet the Little Js. They are the best stand-ins a couple could ask for!

For this Valentine’s Day, I just wanted to take a moment share my love for the Manpanion. He may not wear Vogs (yet), but he does respect and support my strange quirks. Even better, the important people in my life adore him, and my life is better with him in it. Happy Valentine’s Day, my fellow Fluevogers! Don’t forget to give big hugs and kisses to the incredible people who love you and your love of Vogs:)

for the love of the Manpanion (and loving companions everywhere),





FlueLent: A time of Fluevog fasting, where one prepares for future investments in the greatest shoes around. A period of reflection and enjoyment of one’s current collection, without the distraction of new additions. A short break from Fluevog buying, where one takes the necessary time needed to construct a solid Flue-nancial plan for future purchases. A moment of rest, rejuvenation, and an opportunity for one to give her/his wallet/bank account/credit card a break.

Confession: I’ve been a bad girl lately – but for good reason. Recently, I purchased what I believe to be the mecca of all vintage Vog finds: the Borden in red! They’re my dream Wonder Woman shoes. I scored a fantastic deal. They’re red. They have the heart heels. What more could the Generalissima want? (Um, more cash to purchase more Vogs!) With this recent purchase, I have decided that I need to maintain some control with respect to my collection. It’s growing a little faster than I’d like. I’d like to sell a few pairs, and I really want to enjoy the Vogs I have now. This is why I’m currently declaring myself on FlueLent (see definition above).

Yup. You read that right. No new Fluevogs for me until May 15th, International Fluevog Day. With the new spring line coming out in the upcoming weeks, it’s safe to say that this fast will be tough. However, I’m going to leave my Fluevog future up to the heavens above. If I’m meant to have a particular Vog, it will be there when my FlueLent is over.

Other than a temporary fast on purchases, it’s business as usual for me. I shall continue my role as “Pusher” and  of course, will contribute to this blog regularly. Besides, I’m actually looking forward to this FlueLent. I have what I believe is a gorgeous collection and I intend to love and wear the ones I’m with:)

For the love of Fluegasms,



oh Ralphie!

Hello Hotcakes! Warning: If you don’t like attention, please don’t bother wearing these beauties.

Here’s the story of when j-ro met the Hotcakes…. I saw these online and immediately fell in love. I have hearty calves and unfortunately, Mr. Fluevog  doesn’t make boots that fit a thicker leg. Confession: my wallet is thankful. It means less Vogs to consider. Anyway… when I saw these, I couldn’t wait ’til they finally hit the stores!

The Manpanion and I headed over to Haight Street and Allan ended up helping me. I explained my large calf issue. He asked if I had tried the Sugars. I told him that I did, during a trip to L.A. and it was a complete failure. My calves are so big that there isn’t enough lacing to reach all the way to the top.  Since Allan’s special Boo has the same calf issue, he says that he’s the go-to guy if you need advice on knee-high boots for large calves. (Btw, I met Allan’s special Boo this weekend. She is, indeed, lovely!)

During that trip, I tried on the Hotcakes in a size 9. They fit PERFECTLY! I loved that they really defined by calves and they were comfy too! I had only tried them on one leg because I didn’t want to trouble the dealer any more than I already had (I knew I wasn’t going to buy them yet. That visit was a “try it on” trip.) I wobbled around to look at the Hotcakes in the mirror. Out of nowhere, the Manpanion rose from his “king’s” chair and grabbed my shoulder. I turned and he asked me to stop wobbling. He then reached over to caress my leg. I thought it was weird. Then, Allan turned to him and they both shared a “guy” moment. Allen then told the Manpanion, “I know what you mean. I like nice calves too.” The scenario made me laugh and it reminded me of A Christmas Story. Do you remember when the father wins the leg lamp and Ralphie starts groping the leg? In case you forgot, look at the video below, specifically at 1:39 and 3:48. You’ll get the picture:)

Recently, I explained what a Fluegasm is. I forgot to mention that the people around you can have a Fluegasmic moment too – at least that’s what I’d say the Manpanion had when he pulled the Ralphie on me. I should ammend my original post by stating that. Admittedly, the Manpanion’s reaction totally sealed the deal for me. I invested in the Hotcakes for his Fluegasm, not mine;P

Since the Hotcakes cost a pretty penny, I needed to figure out a good Flue-nancial plan. Within a month, I was back and I put those babies on layaway! It took a while to pay off, but they have and continue to be well worth the investment. I’ve been stared at and stopped randomly on the street because of these Vogs. For those of you who are contemplating the Hotcakes, I say DO IT! (Yeah Marisol, I’m talking to YOU!) You’ll be happy you did:)

Living life feet first.



My first pair of Fluevogs

Ummm, that’s alotta skin vibin’ with a mini skirt

I, the Artful Voger (aka The Agent), CLAIM to be the pickiest of the MotleyFlue. BUT I wanted my inaugural post to be about my first pair of Fluevogs. In any case, my first pair of Vogs was, well, FAR from a practical purchase. The first and last time I wore these gems was in this picture. Now, my mother would hate these saucy booties because, let’s face it, people don’t imagine me wearing the Vibes and talking about post-structuralist theory and researching scopic regimes at the library. They picture other things like grocery shopping, you know?

So, dear reader, Generalissima really (really) wants me to wear these shoes. Naturally, whatever Generalissima suggests (voluntells me) to do, it’s for my own fabulous good. Quitey honestly, I love them. But only wear them around the house when I feel like shit (just being honest). The Vibes are like jewelry (you never feel bloated when you throw on your favorite earrings or necklace). Yet, I have not found an occasion to fiercely wear them. I know, I know…total shame, right? In any case, here’s a task for you…come up with an outfit for me. Make some suggestions and I’ll pick my favorite ones and go vintage shopping (or dig through my closet).

You’re probably thinking, “Out of your collection, which Fluvogs do you wear constantly?” Easy answer. My Wickeds from the Thanks family. Mini testimonial: 12 hours of walking around Manhattan and Brooklyn for a week (everyday) in my Wickeds pretty much sums up my love affair with them.

Okay, back to work and studying and work (and more studying). I’ll leave you with a couple tid bits…

  • If I had the money to burn, my next pair…would be the Silverlakes from The LA family (oh hell, since this is imaginary money, I would cop the Malibu knee highs as well) and prance around in short black dress with pewter accessories)!
  • The likely pair(s) for purchasePortsides from the On Course family because that’s some hardcore Mondrian goin’ on! I’ve wanted these for quite some time (and, they are Generalissima approved). Oh, and perhaps, a holiday present to myself – Rosyfrom the Hopeful family (my favorite color is blue for future reference)

Until next time, go vote, enjoy life, read a book (or two), be nice, and smile (a lot)!! 🙂


The Artful Voger (aka The Agent aka Dorothy)

Wickeds = Best.Boots.Ever