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Happy International Fluevog Day!

Hello All,

I’m so sorry for being MIA. Life has taken its toll and this semester was insane. I know I’m behind in posting my spring review. Many thanks to Miss Gladys for posting hers in time for today. In truth, I’m headed back to the San Francisco bay area today and I’m currently cleaning my house and packing so I can be home in time for Miss Dorothy’s graduation on Saturday! Anyhoo…

In honor of IFD, I just wanted to share my personal picks for spring. Here they are:


I LOVE the Baroque: Murillo. Size 9. They run true to size and the heel is nice and chunky, just how I like it! When I tried these on a few months ago, I felt like a total queen! I’m sure they look amazing with bright colored tights or socks peeking through the diamond-shaped peep holes:)


Another pair I’m eyeing and hoping the Fluevog Gods send my way are the i Believe High: Simon in ¬†Floral. Previously, I tried these on in size 9 and they are a nice, roomy fit. There is something about this floral pattern that really speaks to me. I’ll have to try them on later this week when I finally have time to visit the Haight Street dealers.

Speaking of which…. The Haight Street Fluevog Store just experienced a recent makeover. Check it out!


Oh my fellow Flueddicts! It pains me to be away from today’s festivities. However, I wish you all luck when you hit the stores or order online today. A handful of you will be lucky enough to win FREE Fluevogs! I know this because two years ago, I was one of those lucky winners. It still remains one of my favorite life moments. Good luck and please share what you’ve added to your arsenal of fabulousness!

For the love of Vogs,


p.s. Rumor has it Madame Shirley will be at the Haight Street store handing out stickers. Tell her I sent you and she’ll give you a free MotleyFlue hug!! (Get ready, Shirley!)