for the love of vogs

where the MotleyFlue gather

stuff we love

Here are a few of our favorite things….

Fluevogs (of course!)

Cheating on The Dealers

(a.k.a. other places you can find Fluevogs)

Amazon: Can’t make it to a store and wanna put your prime membership to use? Go here:)

Ebay: If you’re looking for some vintage Vogs or are hoping some poor soul is clearing out her/his Flue-closet, this is the place to be!

FlueMarket: A lot like ebay, but exclusively for Fluevogs. You can even post what you “want” at the price you “want.”

Gravity Pope: Where Canadians can Vog on!

Sole Devotion: Where the Aussies get their Vog fix.

SoleSpace: ShoeStore + ArtsLab + EventVenue. 1714 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California 94612. A unique San Francisco bay area business that carries a small selection of Fluevogs.

Fellow Fluevog Fans

Purls Just Wanna Have Fun: The place where the lovely Marisol shows off her Fluevog style adventures and shares her love of knitting.

Winnipeg Style: Not only are we envious of Rebecca’s incredible Fluevog collection, we adore her sense of style. No hating, just appreciating:)

The MotleyFlue’s New Clothing

(places we shop for clothes)

eShakti: This is a great place where you can some awesome basic and statement pieces. The best thing? You can enter your measurements for a custom fit. You can also choose the length, sleeve, and neck style of most pieces.

JC Penney: “I love the dresses here. My body is a little hard to fit, but certain brands such as R&K Originals fit great. Also, to get a well-fitting dress for under $40 is always a fantastic find!” -joanne

ModCloth: “Sometimes I just browse through the site to find inspiration for my sewing … I especially love the vintage-style shapes of the dresses. And I confess that I love taking advantage of their semi-annual sales.” -Gladys

Target: “I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m a total Target shopper. Have you seen their selection of online dresses lately? I love the color selection and in-store returns are really easy.” -joanne

Accessorizing with Pretty Things

(where we accessorize)

Goorin Brothers: “Hats are my latest obsession. Goorin and Fluevog have a longstanding relationship. With that, you can bet that these hats are the best around. I have a HUGE noggin, so being able to buy hats in specific sizes (L-XL for me) definitely helps! You’d be amazed at what a great hat can do to a bleh outfit.” -joanne

Kix’ies: “Tired of tights and wanna go the thigh-high route? Sick of thigh highs that don’t stay up? Then Kix’ies is the thing for you. I love these things! They fit my generous legs and they don’t budge (on the condition you don’t do lotion where the band hits). Where have these been all my life?!” -joanne

Silkies: “This is my go-to place for tights. I always look out for their sales and such. Awesome prices, great quality, and a great range of colors, textures, and sizes!” -joanne

Sock Dreams: The mecca of socks and all foot/leg accessories!

SockShop on Haight: Located across the street from the Haight Street Fluevog store, this is the place to go if you want new socks, tights, or leggings to go with your new Vogs. They have every pattern and color you can imagine. Plus, the folks are super nice:)


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