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these boots were made….

I have an obsession with boots. Don’t ask me why. Perhaps it’s because I’m from Guam and for the first thirteen years of my life, anything that was not in the slipper family had no place in my life. When I moved to California, my cousin sold me my first pair of boots (they were too big for her and were past the return date). They were knee high, black suede boots from Sears or JC Penney. I wore those babies to the bone. Not only were they sleek looking, they helped define my eventual love of boots. Over the years, I have had only a handful of boots. Another memorable pair were my very first (and only) Doc Martins. It was the 90s:)

I consider Fluevogs to be the golden standard in boots. There’s a boot for everyone and every occasion. Heck, I even own a pair of knee-high boots that fit by muscular calves. Every season, I look forward to seeing what new boots are part of the collection. They just make me weak in the knees. Here are some of this season’s boots….

Note: In Fluevogs, I’m a women’s size 9. Depending on the fit and family, I size up or down from there. For example, in most Minis, I’m a size 8.5. In the Fellowships, I’m typically a size 9.5. However, I do have wide, flat feet and Morton’s Toe, which makes sizing a little strange for me.


Radios | PLR. Size 9 in Floral. These were the pair I had my eye on. I have the BBCs in brown and I really love them. However, they can be a little tricky. The women’s sizes run more narrow and  long because of my wide stubby feet. I’m curious about the men’s size 7 in the PLR and will likely try them on when I’m in the neighborhood. Otherwise, they’re comfy and with some wear, really settle in nicely. I like this print, but I also have my eye on the turquoise.


Baroque | Murillo. Size 9 in Grey Paisley. (cue in the angelic music) OMG. These are pure perfection. I previously stated that these were my pick for the season. Yes. I still feel that way. I couldn’t stop looking at my feet in these. They’re just like the Devere, but with the hexagonal heel. I love the chunky heel and for me, they felt like a flat with ample toe room. Sigh. Drool. Filling out my Wish List.


Living | Malcolm. Size 9 in brown. Confession: in the photo, I have on the size 10 which are way too big. Since they fit true to size (but if you’re in-between sizes, go down), I’m going to need a 9 in these. They fit like the Radios but have that awesome weathering and slouching in the leather. This is the other one on my wish list… as soon as it comes in a color I want.

For the love of Vogs,



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more awesome stuff….

Here is yet another round of FlueReviews. Again and again, I have to apologize. I tried on these gorgeous Vogs during my spring break in March. However, when life took over, the FlueReviews went to the back burner. Still, I do hope these notes help. Enjoy!

Note: In Fluevogs, I’m a women’s size 9. Depending on the fit and family, I size up or down from there. For example, in most Minis, I’m a size 8.5. In the Fellowships, I’m typically a size 9.5. However, I do have wide, flat feet and Morton’s Toe, which makes sizing a little strange for me.


NYC | Rockafellah. Size 9 in black. These are definitely not for the faint of heart. While they’re not me, they’re definitely a rockin’ woman’s Vog. I imagine that Donna Grantis, Prince’s guitarist is going to sport these! (Note: I don’t know this for sure. I’m just speculating.) For those of you who like the Swordfish shoes, but don’t like the pointiness, then THIS is your Vog. It’s also great for those with wide feet and who like to play with laces and hosiery options.


Bellvues | Molly Johnson. Size 9. Just like the Laura Evans, the Molly Johnson is true to size and fit like a glove. The turquoise with black make this a great spring/summer pick:)


KKBB | Joy. Size 9.5 in Black. Sigh. For those of you who have been pining for the Mini | Dollface and are kicking yourself for letting those lovelies go, I think Joy is the answer for you. It’s no secret that I’m a huge KKBB fan. I have the Viv and when the Liz comes in the right color (I’m keeping fingers crossed for the Air Canada grey/burgundy to make its way to the stores. Come on, Mr. Fluevog! Make my wishes come true!), she’ll be part of my collection too. Naturally, these just pulled at my heartstrings. I love the contrast piping on these and the turquoise sole is so cute! Of course, the fit is on point:) Going up a 1/2 size was perfect! My spider senses tell me this is only the beginning of Joy. If I’m right, then I’m waiting for the perfect color combo before adding her to my collection. Also, did I mention that my nickname is Joy?!

Ana Rita

AJ | Ana Rita. Size 9 in White. As you can see from the pic, the size 9 is a bit too snug. Since they only come in whole sizes, I’d have to opt for a size 10 in these. I was eyeing these as a potential wedding Vog. For those of you in the same boat, I suggest you check these out. Remember a few seasons ago Fluevog came out with the Arc? Well, me + the Arc = a recipe for disaster. I immediately tripped and didn’t like how heavy the Arcs were. It looks like the folks on the Fluevog design team took note because these have a similar sensibility. They are a platform that gives us shorties some major height. However, they’re very stable and light (cue in the angelic music). The weave pattern is a gorgeous detail and the buckle is similar to the ones on the Prepares.


AJ | Catrina. Size 10 in Black & White. These are simply a lace-up loafer. Please see my notes above about the Ana Rita. These are super cute, comfy, and light. Again, everything I wanted the Arc to be – but even better! Plus, there is a matching purse. Absolutely adorable!


Immortal Perfection | Audrey. Size 9.5 in Tan. FlueDaddy Denny picked these out for me to try on. They are a suede low-heeled lace-up with cut-outs. As I have mentioned before, I love Vogs with cut-outs because you can play with accent colors and such. The heel was low, making this a nice, comfy shoe that can be worn dressed up or down. Because of the narrow cut, I went up a 1/2 size. For those of you who are interested in these, the leather will stretch to accommodate any pinching. Also, I can see folks playing with laces of different colors/textures just for fun:) Note: When this post was initially published, the above photo had the wrong shoe name. It has been fixed. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Thank you for understanding.

For the love of Vogs,


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orange pop

Yay! Papers are graded and while the spring semester is officially over, I do have a TON of work to catch up on – including posting here on a regular basis. I’m glad to be back in the San Francisco bay area, where my friends at Haight Street are a mere twenty minutes away. Wa-hoo! (me doing the happy dance) Anyway… here is the first of my reviews. Hope you find them helpful!

Note: In Fluevogs, I’m a women’s size 9. Depending on the fit and family, I size up or down from there. For example, in most Minis, I’m a size 8.5. In the Fellowships, I’m typically a size 9.5. However, I do have wide, flat feet and Morton’s Toe, which makes sizing a little strange for me.


Sopranos | Carey. Size 9.5 in tomato. These were a definite surprise for me. In the past, I have tried on other members of the Soprano family. While I like the look, I definitely did not like the fit of the older versions of the Sopranos – they felt very high and there was a lot of pressure on the ball of the foot. However… Mr. Fluevog must have done something different with Carey because these feel just like you’re wearing the Malibran. The fit and feel of these really made me re-think adding these to my collection. This season’s tomato color is simply adorable. They contrast with blues so nicely! With the Minis going bye-bye, I wonder if this is one of the families that will fill in that gap. Hmmm…


Bellvue | Laura Evans. Size 9 in tomato & navy. They fit true to size and are sheer perfection. My college BFF Mae loves this family. Personally, I’ve been trying to avoid trying them on because I just don’t want to fall in love. However, FlueDaddy Denny just had to bring these out. Lara Evans has been around for a while, but this color combo is just stunning! You gotta love the tomato with navy blue accented with the white buckle. Typically, I gravitate toward larger more chunky heels, which is why this family is not part of my collection. However, despite the smaller heel, it’s low and totally wearable. I’m in love.


Immortal Perfection | Milla. Size 9.5 in rust. Milla was another FlueDaddy Denny pick. I’m not typically big on suede. However, I really love this rust / burnt orange color. Like the tomato color, I think this burnt orange really accents blues well. Also, it’s a color that can take you well into the fall. Just like the Audrey, I like how flexible the sole is. These did fit a little snug, so to accommodate my wide feet, I’d probably opt for a size 10 in these (unless you know something about the way suede stretches that I don’t). By the way… who doesn’t love that sole?!


Passage | Torii. Size 9 in brown. Again, I’m really loving this burnt orange color. Because of the leather, I found these a little pinchy and a little long. If I were to add this to my collection, I would need to try on a 9.5 or 10 just to be sure. The fit reminds me of the Adriana | Luna, which I always wished I sized up. Otherwise, these are more comfy than the Luna. Again, I love this orange because it can transition into the fall/winter nicely.

So what’s your favorite color this season? Please post to comments.

For the love of Vogs,


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Happy International Fluevog Day!

Hello All,

I’m so sorry for being MIA. Life has taken its toll and this semester was insane. I know I’m behind in posting my spring review. Many thanks to Miss Gladys for posting hers in time for today. In truth, I’m headed back to the San Francisco bay area today and I’m currently cleaning my house and packing so I can be home in time for Miss Dorothy’s graduation on Saturday! Anyhoo…

In honor of IFD, I just wanted to share my personal picks for spring. Here they are:


I LOVE the Baroque: Murillo. Size 9. They run true to size and the heel is nice and chunky, just how I like it! When I tried these on a few months ago, I felt like a total queen! I’m sure they look amazing with bright colored tights or socks peeking through the diamond-shaped peep holes:)


Another pair I’m eyeing and hoping the Fluevog Gods send my way are the i Believe High: Simon in  Floral. Previously, I tried these on in size 9 and they are a nice, roomy fit. There is something about this floral pattern that really speaks to me. I’ll have to try them on later this week when I finally have time to visit the Haight Street dealers.

Speaking of which…. The Haight Street Fluevog Store just experienced a recent makeover. Check it out!


Oh my fellow Flueddicts! It pains me to be away from today’s festivities. However, I wish you all luck when you hit the stores or order online today. A handful of you will be lucky enough to win FREE Fluevogs! I know this because two years ago, I was one of those lucky winners. It still remains one of my favorite life moments. Good luck and please share what you’ve added to your arsenal of fabulousness!

For the love of Vogs,


p.s. Rumor has it Madame Shirley will be at the Haight Street store handing out stickers. Tell her I sent you and she’ll give you a free MotleyFlue hug!! (Get ready, Shirley!)


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Desert FlueReview: Spring 2014 Part 2

Less than a week until International Fluevog Day! This review post is super late, but I hope it’s in enough time for you to plan how you want to take advantage of the 15% discount next Thursday. My husband joined me on my last trip to the Fluevog Los Angeles store, and together we tried on close to 25 pairs with dealer Alison’s wonderful help. Hopefully you’ll find something you like the look of. This Spring line has been really lovely — and it looks like a few more pairs are still trickling in.

But first, just wanted to show you what I finally took home on that visit, my blue Miracle | Sights in blue embroidery (took me a while to pick them up after paying the last layaway installment). So lovely! And great with my TARDIS socks. 🙂

OK, now for the rest of the Spring shoes. I note size issues as well as we could remember them. They didn’t carry some of the sizes we needed, so the fit was off for a few pairs. I’ll be starting with the women’s styles, categorizing by family, and then I’ll do the men’s and unisex styles. Here are the usual shoe-size caveats:

I am a true size US 5.5. I have relatively-flat arches, wide toes, and narrowish ankles. I regularly wear 5 in the Operetta, Mini, Attention, and Baroque families; 5 or 5.5 in the Bellevue and Fellowship families; and 6 in the Radio family. However, the sizing of certain styles within the same family can differ, and even the same style can differ in sizing from season to season. My husband is a pretty solid US men’s size 10 with average-width feet.


Women’s Styles

7thHeavenDerbySwirl7th Heaven | Derby Swirl in aqua lace. Size 6. These are true to size and fit about the same as previous seasons. Love the colors on this!

ExpectationMotiveExpectation | Motive in floral. Size 6. True to size, which means the 6 were loose. Cute loafers; I really like this floral print on smooth leather. The pink accent clashes with the reds but it works for me. Just I wish I could have tried on my size.

ExpectationTrustExpectation | Trust in tomato. Size 5.5. True to size. Loved how these fit, and they were comfy. I’m particularly crushing on all of the oxford styles this season. With the cutouts and the color, these will make a great spring/summer shoe!

ImmortalPerfectionAudreyBlackImmortal Perfection | Audrey in black suede. Size 6. Fit slightly small, about 1/2. The 6 fit me quite well. Love this style. The profile is quite fetching (IMHO) and the fit is very comfortable. Hardly felt like a heel. At least try these on.

ImmortalPerfectionAudreyGreyImmortal Perfection | Audrey in grey. Size 6. Fit 1/2 size small. I personally like these better than the black suede for the warmer seasons. These would make an excellent neutral shoe under skirts and dresses.

ImmortalPerfectionMillaImmortal Perfection | Milla in rust suede. Size 6. These fit like the Audrey, and it is a very chic boot. Dealer Alison suggested these. I wouldn’t have tried them on otherwise, but the more I think about them, the more I like them.

MiracleRevelationMiracle | Revelation in black and beige. Size 6. Fit about 1/2 size large. Surprised by the sizing on these. Most Miracles fit me 1 full size small (my Miracle | Sights above are 6.5), but these 6 were incredibly loose. Super cute if you can fit in them.

ModvogJenModvog | Jen in black snake. Size 5.5. True to size. Beautiful new leather/colorway. I think the Jens are just a great-looking style. The leather on these is also a little more pliable than previous seasons of Jens, so try these on even if you were turned off by the stiff leather from previous iterations of the shoe.

ModvogMariellaModvog | Mariella in black snake. Size 6. These fit me really well, so I’d say they may run a tad small. However, it’s probably because of the oxford style that the 6 encase my feet pretty well. Extremely good-looking shoes. Again, loving the polished snake leather, and softer like this season’s Jens.

PassageToriiPassage | Torii in brown. Size 6. Fit true to size, slightly narrow. I think these are more forgiving than the previous season’s Passage family ankle boot, the Cairo. The inside zipper makes them easier to take on and off. I like the accent color at the bottom of the heel.

PrepareWedgeLiuPrepare Wedge | Liu in aqua. Size 6. Fit 1/2 size small. As you can see, my foot just barely fits the 6 in length. These are supremely comfortable sandals, and I do like that floral sole that just peeks out and the matching teal soles on this colorway. This would be a nice way to get some height without the stressful feeling of wearing heels.

PurposeAmbitionPurpose | Ambition in pink. Size 6. These run large, at least 1/2 size. You can see the huge clearance at the back of my Achilles. Even dealer Alison, who herself is a true 6, said the 6 were loose on her. They make 5 and 5.5 but sadly the L.A. store didn’t have them for me to try on. Otherwise, these are super cute. Love the color.

PurposeDeterminationPurpose | Determination in black. Size 6. Given how loose the Ambition pumps were on me, I was surprised that this bootie in size 6 wasn’t too loose. These might run true to size for me, but again the store didn’t carry any size smaller than 6. I really dig the stamped leather that looks like eyelet! Flattering buckle detail.

PurposeObjectivePurpose | Objective in black. Size 6. Again these fit surprisingly well, perhaps because of the straps at the ankle. The 5.5 may have fit better, however. Cute pointy-toed sandals.

RiverUrubambaRiver | Urubamba in blue and tan. Size 6. This size fit really well, so maybe 1/2 size small? If you get a chance I suggest you try them on if you’re looking for a comfortable flat summer sandal. I really like the look of these. There’s something about the anklet look that I find flattering. And this colorway really floats my boat.

RiverZambeziRiver | Zambezi in black and metallic. Size 6. These didn’t seem to fit me as well as the Urubamba, perhaps too many straps? Great colorway, though.

RuleLowJoniRule Low | Joni in teal. Size 5.5. True to size. Super comfy sandal. I really like this new colorway this season.


Men’s and Unisex Styles


DowntoEarthHadfieldDown to Earth | Hadfield in floral. Size 6. I want to say they fit almost 1/2 size small because the 6 didn’t feel loose on me, but maybe they would break loose because the leather feels quite supple. These were comfy and lovely, and I believe more comfy than the classic Radio | CBC.

FeatureGrantFeature | Grant in blue. Size 10. True to size. Of course we had to have my husband try on all the blue men’s shoes in the store. These are GORGEOUS. The smoky blue is perfect. I do believe he found these quite comfy too.

FutureRoundToeBoddenFuture Round Toe | Bodden in grey. Size 10. True to size. These were my husband’s favorite shoes in terms of comfort. They don’t quite look grey here, but that teal sole looks about right. Very cool shoes. They’re the same family as the Tipton from last season, which he thought felt like sneakers. I think this might be his go-to comfort family.

GatewayBrandenburgLtGateway | Brandenburg Light in floral fabric. Size 4.5 men? I had to try these on after I saw them on Shannon L. in a photo. Very fun shoe, no doubt, but they felt quite narrow to me. Sorry about the sizing confusion. I think the 4.5 was the men’s sizing; I tried on the smallest size first (equivalent to women’s 6) but had to size up for more comfort. So I think they may run 1 full size small. Definitely try them on or call your dealer.

IdolFreddieIdol | Freddie in burgundy. Size ?. Again, confused about the sizing and fit. Please call your dealer first if you can’t try them on. My husband had to try on a couple of different sizes, and they didn’t seem to have his size. These are really beautiful and VERY striking, but he thought they made his legs look shorter. He has very curvy muscular calves (mm-hmm) and he thought the bulk of the shoes made his legs look bulkier. Not for him, but definitely try them on for the pleasure of it.

RadioCBXRadio | CBX in teal. Size 10. Fit is true, just like the CBC. Love love love this colorway and the cutouts. Sad they don’t have them in MY size.


Last but not least is the flower wheel photo. Our usual dealers Kate and Anthony weren’t there, but Alison was totally great along with Lesley. Here are our Vogs of the day. I’m in my Fellowship | Erikas at the 6 o’clock; Alison in her black Toriis at the 10 o’clock; and Lesley in her white LoPro | Leons at the 2 o’clock.


Wishing you all a Happy Fluevog Day next Thursday! Let us know what’s on your wishlist this season!

xo, Gladys