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(belated) IFD at the Haight

Hello All!

Apologies for lagging on the IFD post. In truth, I was kinda pooped with the IFD countdown, re-locating to the San Francisco Bay Area for the summer (wa-hoo!), and going through graduation festivities. For the next few days, I get to hang with my new niece, Eliana Journey (Yeah. Journey. As in Don’t-Stop-Believin’. She was named after the rock band!) and catch up on some work – including this blog!

May 15th at the Haight Street store was fantastic as usual. The hardworking dealers did everything they could to again, make IFD a complete success! Shirley and I made it for the class photo, and as soon as they send it over, I’ll post. (Note: Unfortunately, Miss Dorothy had prior commitments and couldn’t be there.) Here are some scenes from IFD – Haight Street style.


Each store had special celebration buttons. In case you’re wondering about the significance of “415,” it’s the area code for San Francisco.


The lovely Monika. She’s all dressed up and ready to conquer IFD!


Shirley indulging in the champagne and cupcakes with FlueDaddy Denny.


Denny and Rachel ready to take your phone orders!!!


Of course Madame Shirley would figure out a way to make IFD interesting.


Ed says he’s camera shy. Therefore, I had to sneak this pic of him. Hmmm. I wonder how many Vogs the dealers hauled up and down those stairs that day.


I’d claim to be camera shy, but that would be an outright lie. Here I am sporting a vintage pair of Bordens. These were the pair I altered. The dealers didn’t even notice the extra leather in the back. The cobbler did an amazing job!

These photos definitely don’t do the day justice. After 5pm, the after-work crowd arrived and folks were high on champagne, snacks, and Vogs! As usual, the photo booth was a total hit (I have dozens of silly photos to prove it.) In terms of shoes, there were definitely some hot sellers that day, including the Daily Miracles | Stunner in Zebra and the Big Presence | Faraday. I’ll post a review of the new pairs I tried on soon!

For the love of Fluegasms,




Air Canada: uniforms done right!

Our dear friends at Haight Street just sent us this link. It looks like Air Canada is going to roll out some new uniforms for their employees on July 1st. Their new threads will be sourced in Canada and will feature the country’s best shoe designer: John Fluevog! Check out the shoes!  I’d love to own Liz in that color combo.  Also,  Grant looks totally sharp! Does this mean I’m going to have to apply for a job at Air Canada?! Sigh. Oh Air Canada. You just became the coolest place to work at!




For the love of Fluegasms,


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I Spy: Vernadette


The lovely Vernadette sporting the Mini | Gorgeous in black.

It seems that members of my various circle of friends are also Fluevog users, and I just didn’t know it! Here, my dear friend Vernadette G., was sporting the Mini | Gorgeous in black. I first met Vernadette when I was accepted into grad school. She was one of the people who met with me over coffee to convince me that Berkeley should be my grad school of choice. Confession: I really didn’t need a lot of convincing. Anyhoo… I caught up with Vernadette at an academic conference recently. Over dinner, I noticed her Vogs. Of course, I had to snag a pic. Many thanks to Miss V. for being a good sport:)

For the love of Fluegasms,



IFD at Melrose!

IFD 2013-03

Fluevog Los Angeles “Class Photo” 2013

It was a close call, but last Wednesday, May 15, I made it to the Melrose store in time for the class photo at 5:15 pm! They had an awesome professional photographer on site to take the class photo, and he also shot individual/group photos for those who wanted them. Then his assistant immediately printed the photos out for us. (He was a friend of dealer Alice, and once I get his name and website, I’ll edit this post!)

I love how the photos turned out. It’s amazing what great lighting and a wonderful photographer’s eye can do. (These first three photos are scans of the printouts, by the way. The rest of the photos were taken with my iPhone.)

IFD 2013-01

Me in my vintage Natalia maryjanes. Funny story: people kept having mishaps with this table since it was quite unstable. I almost fell off TWICE even though I was told multiple times to be careful, and I would have completely eaten it if it weren’t for a wonderful fellow Voger I’d just met, Maggie. Thanks, Maggie, for saving me!

IFD 2013-02

Dealer Kate and me. Sitting down, we managed to minimize the height difference between us. I’m so envious of how tall she is!

Here were some of the treats available, and I confess that I partook of the teal-tinted wine and mini-cupcake! Yum. It was a lovely sweet wine that wasn’t very strong at all (good thing since I was driving), but I’m sure it and the little cupcake contributed to the happy vibes I was feeling the whole time. 😉


The spread


Teal champagne/sparkling wine with cherries


Mini-cupcake with target

I loved seeing the dealers all together (except I didn’t see Austyn), who all looked AMAZING, and even Keith who used to work there visited so he could be in the class pic! It was such a great bunch of fun, friendly, interesting Vogers there. We talked about our love for the shoes, commented and gave advice on the shoes we owned or had tried on, and asked what pairs we’d be going home with that day. There was Maggie who was wearing her black/beige Mini | Qtee heels, a gorgeous shoe that I also have in a different colorway. She wasn’t sure yet what to get but had the Liz in black/pink as her first choice! There was Shannon, who had rainbow-colored long hair and wore her cheetah Arc | Rainbow boots with a pink, purple, and green outfit. She bought the fantastic purple-and-polka dot 7th Heaven | Derby Swirl boots that I took home last week. Then there was the couple who now have matching Radio | CBC oxfords (different colors), just like my husband and I do!

But aside from their obvious excellent taste in shoes, it was a blast to learn that a few of them were hardcore Doctor Who fans. Dealer Kate made sure I met these awesome ladies. They noticed my TARDIS-encased iPhone, and after a few minutes of conversation we were exchanging emails and cards. Haha! One woman, Maggie, had created a gorgeous, DW-character costume by hand for a DW-themed ball a few weeks ago, and another, Natasha, is actually friends with the current executive producer of the show, Steven Moffat. SAY WHAT?? She says she met him while he was just a writer for the 2005- reboot and was still going to the DW conventions in the U.S. (This is one super-talented writer. He’s co-creator of another fantastic show, Sherlock, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.)

Maggie and I were drooling over Natasha’s sample-sale loot, the striking Memories Hi | Keepsake heels in dark-blue suede (or is it velvet?). Her skin isn’t that bright white, by the way; the lighting was the only way I could photograph the suede, which unfortunately washed out her skin completely. Anyway, the blue shoes matched her blue floral dress perfectly … then I realized she was wearing TARDIS-blue all over, including her eyeshadow and nails. I should have guessed she was a Whovian as well as a Voger!

Anyway, enough Doctor Who. This is about Fluevog shoes after all! I ended up re-trying some shoes to figure out which ones I’d take home. First up are better photos of the patent lilac and teal Integrity | Amie flats than I took last time. They’re so gorgeous. I know the other MotleyFlue gals aren’t big fans of ballet flats, but like I said, I’ve been converted … and the patent leather in these beeyootiful colors just grabs me.

And then here are the Big Presence | Faraday slingback oxford heels in the black/gold colorway. Reader Dany asked about these after I posted on the ivory/taupe colorway that amazed all of us a couple of posts ago:

I definitely think the other colorway fits my skin tone better. And yes, after some nudges from the MotleyFlue, I did decide to buy the ivory/taupe Faradays for IFD! Natasha, who looks great in darker colors, chose the black/gold colorway instead.

In case you were interested, here’s a pic of my whole outfit that day. I went for comfort and quirk with my vintage maryjanes and funny illustrated shirt.


My whole outfit, iPhone photo courtesy of my mom

To think, I almost didn’t make it to the party …! I’d had a rough start to the day, but I’m so glad I was able to go. I missed Mae and Cheryl, both of whom at the last minute couldn’t go for different reasons. But I’m glad I could represent the MotleyFlue down here in So Cal. I do love my Melrose peeps. And special shout-out to fantastic Fluevog guru Anthony for hooking me up with my layaways and getting a pair of long-wished-for shoes transferred to L.A. from Minneapolis. I’m crossing my fingers that it works out! I’ll post here if/when it happens, so I don’t jinx it. 🙂

xo, Gladys

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#2: you could go home with a FREE pair of Vogs

Countdown to International Fluevog Day 2013. Reason #2 to celebrate:

FREE Fluevogs!


The Facebook post where my win was announced:)

That’s right. Throughout the day, lucky Voggers like you will have the chance to win FREE Fluevogs! How do I know this? Last year, for IFD 2012, I was one of the lucky people who won two pairs of Fluevogs (the Mini | Elif  in black and ivory and the Mini | QTee in black, cherry, and beige). All I had to do was be at the right place at the right time. (Note: You can read more about last year’s IFD win here. You can probably see signs of this blog’s humble beginnings.)

It’s still surreal to me and I still feel blessed by the Fluevog gods! To think I was considering skipping out on visiting the dealers on IFD… silly, silly me. How did this happen? When I made my purchase, John Fluevog happened to call the Haight Street store. Since I was at the counter while he called, I was lucky enough to FaceTime with him. Yup. I met Mr. Fluevog himself over the internet while he was at another store. As we were chit-chatting, he told me that my purchase was on him. Wa-hoo! Proof that fantastic things happen at Haight Street and all the Fluevog stores across North America on IFD!

If you aren’t one of the lucky winners, you get still 15% off regular priced merchandise when you purchase from your favorite Fluevog Store. A friendly tip to those of you contemplating ordering online: Online orders get free shipping, which is a great deal. However, if you call your favorite Fluevog Store, they’ll honor the standard 15% off discount or free shipping, depending on what works in your favor. As I’ve said before, 15% off is mighty, might nice!

You know you want this…


Image can be found here:

The Fortitude | Sasha in beige. Like fine wine, these get better with age. Gotta love how they grow into their unique, distinct look over time. Sigh.

*** Update *** 

This just in from the folks at Fluevog. (If you’re on their email list, you received this info too.)


With only two more sleeps until Fluevog Day, here are the things you need to know!

1. FREE Domestic Shipping on the day, and International Shipping is a FLAT RATE OF $20 (per item)!!
2. Every 43rd order is completely FREE!
3. 15% OFF regular price IN STORE on Wednesday.
4. John will randomly FACETIME each store to give away shoes to Fluevogers!
5. Random gifts for people who ‘share’ updates from Fluevog on Facebook or tweet with #fluevogday
6. Deals from Friends: Goorin Bros, ACE Hotels, CAR2GO, JJ Bean, Gimme Coffee, la Eyeworks and more…
7. Social Fluevog Day Profile Pics
8. Official Fluevog Coffee Mugs with purchase in store!
9. Annual Fluevog Day Class Photo in all stores at 5:15pm!

It’s gonna be huge! (Tell your pants.)

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Melrose Meetup, Part 2

From L: Cheryl, J-Ro, Mae, and me

From L: Cheryl, J-Ro, Mae, and me

Happy International Fluevog Eve! Here’s the second set of photos taken at last Friday’s meetup at the Melrose store, all the shoes tried on by J-Ro, Mae, and Cheryl, with a bonus photo of dealer Alice’s shoes from the Spring collection. I’ve broken it up into two groups, the shoes from the current Spring collection and the shoes released during previous years that have become Fluevog classics. Cheryl focused mostly on this latter group of classics, and I was jealous that the shoes were available in her size at the store. Some of the classics aren’t made small enough for my feet, but at least I had the vicarious pleasure of seeing her try them on! Mae, on the other hand, tried on five pairs mostly in the Spring collection (including the Faraday which was featured in Part 1), but she must have put on the Nefertiti at least three times throughout our visit!

(click on the photos to go to the webpage for each style)

Spring 2013 Vogs

NefMHere’s Mae during one of her turns wearing the Queen Transcendent | Nefertiti in pink, black, and aqua. I’ve said this before in my own review, but these shoes are super flattering on different types of feet/ankles. That heel is just spectacular, but I think it’s the braided ankle strap that does the trick. Elegance and boldness all in one. The multi colorway is particularly striking.

NefCThis is one of my favorite shots of the day, Cheryl trying on the Nefertiti as well, with an array of the other shoes she tried on next to her feet, and J-Ro sitting relaxed in her vintage Moneywalker sandals showing off her pretty neon orange polish. (Note: the pink and black Liz’s are Cheryl’s. I didn’t take a picture of her trying on the blue Guides, but she said she didn’t like them because they made her feel like she needed to be wearing a costume with them. Lol!)

LizMMae tried on the KKBB | Liz in teal. She didn’t seem too impressed by the shoe overall except for the color. And indeed it is an amazing color; it goes well even with her navy pants. If I had tons of cash lying around, I’d get the Liz in this colorway, too. Alas, I’ll have to “settle” for my equally-beautiful black/pink Liz’s. 🙂 (Sizes 7.5 and 8 on sale at Amazon for 20% off!)

LizJJ-Ro tried on the newest colorway in the Liz, pink and yellow. She liked it but said she’d wait to see what’s in store for Fall. Given that the Liz is on its way to becoming another Vog classic, I’m looking forward to the Fall colors as well! Personally, I’m not moved by this colorway. Mae and I agreed that it was too salmon-y, i.e., less pink than we’d originally thought. (Meanwhile, the pink on the black/pink colorway of the Liz as well as the pinks of the Bellevue | Eleanor are fantastic.)

ArabellaMMae tried on the gorgeous Integrity | Arabella in black and ivory (also reviewed here). She had an issue with fit; I believe she was in between sizes. But I think she loved these shoes as well. This is another fabulous style of flats, like the Amie (same family), and one of the most unique-looking shoes this season. They also seem comfortable.

WoopAliceThis is Alice wearing the Pointy Begin | Woop Woop in black. J-Ro tried these on in the white colorway, and I couldn’t believe how different the black looked when worn. When I saw them on Alice, I asked if they were vintage, and when she and J-Ro told me what shoe it was, it took me several moments to connect the white colorway with this style. I like these shoes, although I don’t think they’re a ME shoe. But they did look great with Alice’s long, full, black swing skirt (complete with crinoline underneath for fullness).

Classic Vogs

RubensCNow on to the classic Vogs. Cheryl wearing the Baroque | Rubens in black. I want these shoes in the burgundy colorway, but sadly I’ve never been able to figure out which size I am because the Melrose store never carries them in less than a size 6 (much too big for me). Cheryl is a lawyer, and these would look amazing in the courtroom, don’t you think? (Size 6 on sale at Amazon for 31% off!)

SandraMMae in the Fellowship | Sandra in black and taupe. I think these are adorable and would be great office shoes. Mae says she’d love it if they came in different colorways, perhaps brown.

ElifCCheryl wearing another pair of shoes that I can only drool over from afar. The Mini | Elif in olive, gray, and purple is a beautiful shoe that they don’t make in my size. But that’s okay since I’d likely get “muffin side” given the open-side style. Meanwhile, Cheryl looks wonderful in them, and the purple trim goes really well with her purple dress. In fact, this pic would be worthy of a Vogunteer pic.

LoverCCheryl in another pair of Minis — Mini | Lover in black — that is currently unavailable in my size. Definitely a beautiful boot and another ass-kicking shoe fit for a pitched battle in the courtroom. With those laces, the style makes me think of whips and maybe chains. ;-p

ParisCCheryl in the glittery Attention | Paris in black devilfish. I tried these on last summer so I know how amazing — and TALL — they make you feel. I’m not sure how Cheryl felt about them, but she sure looked good in them. I still don’t feel like my closet is ready for glittery shoes.

MalCOne last photo of Cheryl trying on a classic, the Operetta | Malibran in burgundy/wine. These actually look darker in real life than in the stock photo; the darker tint is an improvement, but both Cheryl and Mae said that the brown heel and sole made it look less professional than they wanted. (Black would have worked for them.)

So. That’s it for my recap of our recent Melrose visit. I’m sure it’s incomplete and skewed (it’s all from my perspective and faulty memory), so I hope either J-Ro, Mae, or Cheryl will correct any of this. I’ll sign off with this awesome photo of J-Ro being the Generalissima. Heaven help the self-entitled college student who crosses this fierce woman!


Cheers! And see you at Melrose for IFD!

xo, Gladys

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#3: it’s all about the swag!

Countdown to International Fluevog Day 2013. Reason #3 to celebrate:

You never know what cool stuff they’re giving away for IFD.

When you purchase new Vogs on IFD, not only do you receive 15% off (on regular priced items purchased from the store), or free shipping (for online orders), you also get a nice surprise. It varies from year to year, but in the past, your friendly Fluevog dealers have given you an awesome pencil cup (which sits proudly in my home office), and last year, the Fluevog deck of cards (now available for sale). What’s this year’s prize? You’ll have to visit to find out:)


You know you want this…


Image can be found here:

The  finish on the Features | Grant make this a total stand-out Vog. Don’t forget to check these out on IFD!


Melrose Meetup, Part 1

From left: Cheryl, J-Ro, Mae, and me

From left: Cheryl, J-Ro, Mae, and me

We interrupt the International Fluevog Day (IFD) Countdown to bring you another review of the Spring 2013 line of Fluevog shoes. After all, you may need some help to decide which shoes to get at 15% off (or free shipping) for IFD on Wednesday!

So last Friday, I ventured back down to Hollywood so that I could hang out with our very own J-Ro, who stopped in L.A. in the middle of her long drives from Arizona to the Bay Area. It had been over a year since I’d seen her, so it was a big treat for me! No surprise, we spent some time at the Fluevog store on Melrose, happily joined by two of her best friends who live in the L.A. area, Mae and Cheryl. It would be an understatement to say that I had a lot of fun. 🙂 The four of us took over the place, as we did “research” for possible purchases during the upcoming IFD this Wednesday on May 15! (If you have one near you, are you going to your local Fluevog store? I am! I want to be part of that class photo!)

Awesome dealers Kate, Alice, and Kimberly were on hand to help us try on at least 25 pairs of shoes all together (and also to take some of our photos — THANK YOU!!). I took a lot of photos but I don’t think I was able to capture every single try-on. The dealers were very patient with us, and it was lovely to chat and hang out with them as well.

Since there are so many photos, I’ll break this up into two posts. Today, I will be reviewing the shoes I tried on. Tomorrow I’ll post photos of the other ladies trying on shoes because, even without fit details, a photograph of the shoes on someone’s feet can be super helpful. The stock photos are beautiful, but the question is whether the shoes will look good on. The nice thing is that you’ll get to see an array of different shapes and sizes wearing the same or similar styles. Without further ado, on to the reviews.

My Reviews

(click on the photos to go to the webpage for each style)

My sizing note: I am a true size US 5.5. I have relatively-flat arches, wide toes, and narrowish ankles. I wear 5 in the Operetta, Mini, Attention, and Bellevue families; 5.5 in the Fellowship family; 6 in the Radio and World families; and 6.5 in the older styles of the Miracle family. My other shoes are most often in size 6 but run slightly large on purpose (because they’re boots or ankle boots).

FaradayGFaradayAllBig Presence | Faraday in ivory and taupe patent. These shoes were the star of our collective visit. I completely missed these when they first came out this Spring, but after I saw that they were on sale at Amazon along with quite a few other Spring styles, I wanted to try them on at the store. And once the other ladies saw them on me, they all wanted to try them on, too, hence the awesome group photos. You can see they look great under skirts/dresses, business pants, and both casual and dressy jeans. These shoes are a combination of elegant, delicate, and kick-ass with the pointed steel toe. The black-and-gold colorway didn’t move me (though I should probably try them on sometime just to see), but the ivory and taupe are fabulous. And guess what? They’re incredibly comfortable! No lie. J-Ro said she didn’t think she’d like these shoes, but she said the steel toe would make her students think twice before complaining to her about their grades. (Amen.) And we cracked up when Mae said the shoes looked like you could fire people while wearing them. LOL! Size-wise, I think these run true to size … I’m wearing size 6 here and you can see in the solo photo that they’re a little long on my size 5.5 feet, but the slingback elastic and the oxford style keep my size 5.5 feet pretty securely in the shoes. You should definitely go and get some new Vogs at your local store for 15% off or online for free shipping on May 15, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share other FlueSteals with you all. (Use your 15% discount for those Vogs that NEVER go on sale.) There’s a size 10 left of the Faraday in the ivory/taupe colorway at 25% off on Amazon right now, but the black/gold colorway is available at a great 32% off as of today.

AngelaG7th Heaven | Angela in acid green. I was definitely surprised by this one. In the stock photo, they look big and clunky, but they are absolutely adorable on! And the colors are amazing. The green/aqua/yellow is my favorite. These are size 6, and I’m not sure how to describe the sizing. They’re quite wide, but I noticed that my toes were touching the toe of the shoe. So I guess they run 1/2-size small in length, but are very wide. Bottom line for me, however, was that they were too loose given the width. The maryjane wasn’t quite enough to keep me in. Which is a shame because I think they’re fantastic. I’m surprised they haven’t flown off the shelves, but honestly, there’s been such an embarrassment of riches this Spring season that some amazing styles are bound to get overlooked. If you ever get the chance, though, I urge you to try them on and see if they’d work for you!

AmieTealGIntegrity | Amie in aqua patent. I’ll admit, I used to think that I couldn’t spend over $100 for ballet flats, but after getting my Amies in cream (on sale but still over $100), I am a convert to Fluevog ballet flats. They are so ridiculously comfortable, and they’re a breeze to slip on and off. I use my Amies most days of the week even though you’re supposed to let your leather shoes rest and dry out. It’s been 7 months now with my Amies and they’re still my go-to everyday shoes. And I am seriously jonesing on the newest colors, aqua and purple. I tried on the purple as well but the photo didn’t show the color very well so I won’t bother to post it. But you can see how amazing the aqua color is, even with my washed-out photos (sorry about the photo quality, by the way: the sunlight was super bright that day, and I only had my old iPhone 4 to take photos). These are size 6, and the Spring colorways all seem to be running 1/2-size small, so these fit perfectly on me.

DesmondGBig Presence | Desmond in ivory patent. Another beautiful pair of ivory Big Presence shoes. The leather is the same used in the Faraday above, but for a very simple and elegant pump style. They’d be perfect for an office job, but I love the way they look under my casual skinny jeans. They’re pretty comfortable, though strangely not as comfortable as the Faradays. I think this family is one of the best families to come out in the last year. I tried on three sizes of this shoe — 5, 5.5, and 6. The size 5.5 fit best, so I’ll say that these run true to size. They’re one of the shoes currently 25% off at Amazon, with other colorways included in the sale.

PortageGPrepare | Portage in aqua. I’m always excited when a new style comes out of the Prepare line — again, in my humble opinion, one of the best families to come out in recent years, though some don’t like the clog / platform style. The Portage slingback is like the Guide but with more coverage at the vamp (and this extra coverage is reflected in the higher price). I love the colorways it came in this Spring, aqua and purple. I now wish I’d tried on the purple so that I could photograph it, because you can’t have too much of purple shoes! I tried on the size 6 in the Portage, and my feet felt pretty secure while walking around the store. These run close to 1/2 size small in length. They’re also 21% off at Amazon right now.

SeineGRiver | Seine in coral and fuchsia. These are one of the more interesting pairs to come out this season, and this particular colorway is lovely. The three-buckle style is a little confusing, but they’re color-coordinated (no suck luck with the black colorway, however!). Even though they’re interesting, I don’t know how comfortable they’d be for me. They don’t have any arch support, for one thing. But the soles are made of alternating stripes of leather and rubber so it provides more traction than if they were all leather. These are in the same family as the Loire (reviewed here), but they are not as narrow. I’m wearing the size 6 in this photo, and they actually look fine lengthwise, so these probably run close to 1/2 size small in length, and they’re average width. (Pardon the unsightly tattered hose, the try-on hose I chose was pretty flimsy.) They are currently 21% off at Amazon.

So that’s it for my FlueReview, but I’ll sign off with the Vog Wheel that the seven of us made at the end of the visit. And you can see my newest pair of Vogs:


From bottom-center clockwise: me in the Derby Swirl, Alice in the Woop Woop, Cheryl in the Liz, J-Ro in vintage Moneywalker, Kimberly in the Guide, Kate in the (laceless) CBC, and Mae in the Bunny

YES! I paid the last layaway installment for my new purple-and-polka-dot 7th Heaven | Derby Swirl ankle boots. I love love love them. I switched out my Amies and wore the Derby Swirls out of the store and to a delicious dinner in Thai Town in East Hollywood with the other ladies. I wore them again on Mother’s Day with khaki shorts and a lavender tank, sporty ankle socks inside the shoes, and they were perfect. I feel like I can hike in these, they’re so sturdy and stable. (But I probably won’t since I don’t want to mess up the leather!) I can’t wait to wear them out even more this summer.

More tomorrow!

xo, Gladys

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#4: Fluevog dealers are awesome!

Countdown to International Fluevog Day 2013. Reason #4 to celebrate:

They’re not just your dealers, they’re family!

When I walk into the Haight Street store, I feel like I’m in an episode of Cheers because I know I’ve just entered a place where everyone knows my name. The dealers at Haight Street are awesome. They’re always helpful with my questions and when I’m trying to narrow down any pending purchases. Sometimes, when I’m in the neighborhood, I just like to stop in and say hello and they always manage to just chit chat about Netflix documentaries and local food places:) IFD is also about saying hello and thank you to the best dealers around.

Dealers copy

Denny, Monika, and Jim are three reasons why I keep coming back to Haight Street. I love these dealers!

You know you want this…


Image can be found here:

Something vintage, something new: 7th Heaven | Derby Swirl (Five Eye) (women’s available in 5 colors and men’s available in 3 colors) and Headliner | March (currently available on sale in Olive Brown).