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This is me as a toddler showing off my absolute best Wonder Woman.

As an adult, I can now say that I miss being a kid. There’s something about that uninhibited nature that kids have that I definitely miss. One of my mom’s favorite memories is of me is spinning like Wonder Woman with reckless abandon. I would spin until dizzily falling to the floor. Amused, my mom would convince me that I really would turn into the fearless Wonder if I just got up and spun harder. My youth’s trusting nature believed her and I would get up, spin, get dizzy, fall, rest, and repeat. While getting dizzy is technically no picnic in the park, I do miss that feeling of complete euphoria and elation that kids often experience without really meaning to. As an adult, I don’t get to feel this way very often.

Fluephoria: a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being that is associated when experiencing Fluevogs; can sometimes be mistaken for extreme enthusiasm or insanity.

I’d like to give some credit to Miss Gladys for today’s FluevAlabra. She suggested a word that encapsulated that euphoric feeling when one finds that perfect Vog or drools over the new line. The best way I can possibly describe Fluephoria is to share what happened when I introduced Fluevogs to Miss Gladys. She was visiting the bay area from Southern Cali. Before her trip, I kept raving about Vogs. When we were in her hotel room, I urged her to try my Mini: Dollface on. Mind you, my foot is significantly larger than hers. However, I just wanted Gladys to get a sense of what  a Fluevog felt like. When she put her tiny 5.5 feet into my comparatively gargantuan 9.5 Dollface, she face totally lit up. Little did I know what would happen two years and 30+ pairs later (I’m sure husband still hates me). Needless to say, when Gladys’s feet caressed the wonder of Fluevog, she experienced total Fluephoria (and a Fluegasm; not to worry, I’m sure Miss Gladys did not exhibit premature Fluejaculation… Yes. I enjoy creating these silly words for personal amusement).

Personally, when I haven’t visited the dealers in a long time, that first trip back always prompts that feeling of Fluephoria. I get so happy that I almost get dizzy – kinda like I did when I was a kid hoping I’d turn into Wonder Woman! Sometimes, when I sport my Vogs, I really do feel like I am the fearless Wonder:)

So… care to share any Fluephoric moments? Please post to comments:)

For the love of Fluegasms,






FlueLent: A time of Fluevog fasting, where one prepares for future investments in the greatest shoes around. A period of reflection and enjoyment of one’s current collection, without the distraction of new additions. A short break from Fluevog buying, where one takes the necessary time needed to construct a solid Flue-nancial plan for future purchases. A moment of rest, rejuvenation, and an opportunity for one to give her/his wallet/bank account/credit card a break.

Confession: I’ve been a bad girl lately – but for good reason. Recently, I purchased what I believe to be the mecca of all vintage Vog finds: the Borden in red! They’re my dream Wonder Woman shoes. I scored a fantastic deal. They’re red. They have the heart heels. What more could the Generalissima want? (Um, more cash to purchase more Vogs!) With this recent purchase, I have decided that I need to maintain some control with respect to my collection. It’s growing a little faster than I’d like. I’d like to sell a few pairs, and I really want to enjoy the Vogs I have now. This is why I’m currently declaring myself on FlueLent (see definition above).

Yup. You read that right. No new Fluevogs for me until May 15th, International Fluevog Day. With the new spring line coming out in the upcoming weeks, it’s safe to say that this fast will be tough. However, I’m going to leave my Fluevog future up to the heavens above. If I’m meant to have a particular Vog, it will be there when my FlueLent is over.

Other than a temporary fast on purchases, it’s business as usual for me. I shall continue my role as “Pusher” and  of course, will contribute to this blog regularly. Besides, I’m actually looking forward to this FlueLent. I have what I believe is a gorgeous collection and I intend to love and wear the ones I’m with:)

For the love of Fluegasms,




A few weeks ago, I introduced you to the elusive Fluegasm. Today, I introduce you to a related condition: FlueBalls. Here you go….

FlueBalls: a temporary state of pain and frustration that is caused by denying oneself from the joy of Fluevogs. Temporary numbness followed by acute pain in the lower extremities of the body may ensue. Other symptoms of FlueBalls include: (1) random yelling of swear words (2) occasional furniture throwing (3) binge chocolate eating (4) frequent after-hours visits to your local Fluevog store to gaze at the display window (5) obsessive Fluevog site stalking (6) vehement declarations of the selfishness rich people (Seriously, Mr. Trump?! You have $5 million to spare for the president’s college records,  but you can’t throw a few hundred dollars my way for a delicious pair of Fluevogs? Believe me, my happiness is a worthy cause…. It’s okay. I’d hate for my collection to be tainted by Trump $$ anyway. heh.) (7) and many, many more violent acts of craziness. This condition is universally experienced by all who long for a delicious pair of Fluevogs, yet choose to deny themselves of such pleasure.

The only known cure to FlueBalls is to purchase your desired pair. Once said pair is purchased (or put on layaway), the heavens open, angels sing, and a cute puppy finds a loving home.

If alleviating FlueBalls isn’t enough to convince you to get a pair, then please, do it for the puppies!

Cure your FlueBalls and save a puppy.
This image was island-style borrowed from here:

Happy Holidays from the MotleyFlue!

Living life feet first.


*Okay. Maybe we can’t guarantee that a puppy will find a home. But we are pretty certain that good things will happen if you cure your FlueBalls.



Be still my beating heart. These 40th anniversary re-issues captured me. I had a dream about them and that week, I decided to get them. Truly Fluegasm-worthy.

In Shirley’s bio, she mentions that when Vog shopping, if she runs into a pair that ignites a Fluegasm, it’s fate’s way to saying she needs to get the shoe. That excitement is better than any shoegasm a gal could have. It’s a Fluegasm. In case you’re wondering, a Fluegasm is as follows:

Fluegasm: the most intense point during Fluevog shopping/browsing excitement. Such excitement is characterized by: (1) extremely pleasurable sensations pulsating through one’s body while experiencing Fluevogs (2) the inherent need to jump, dance, and prance around after discovering yet another amazing pair of shoes (3) at the highest point of violently intense elation, one decides to indeed, go home with a new pair (or two) of shoes.

Don’t take my word for it. Have you tried on a pair of Fluevogs lately?