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engagement Fluevogs


Recently, the Manpanion and I took engagement photos in San Francisco. Nerinna Valera, the genius behind these photos, totally understood our love of Vogs. Therefore, she didn’t hesitate to let us incorporate some Vog shots. Here they are. Enjoy! (Also, if you’re looking for a kick-ass photographer, you need to go to Nerinna!)




For the love of Vogs,




the fluevog traveler

This past fall, I was traveling and had the honor of visiting three different Fluevog stores in two different countries (It’s not as exotic as it sounds: one was in Canada, the other was here in the U.S.). The first of my travels was in Toronto, where I attended an academic conference. Since the Fluevog store on Queen Street was a healthy walk away, I couldn’t possibly pass on the chance to visit. It’s a cute little store that for some reason, reminds me of the LA store, but smaller. Actually, I really loved the area because it reminded me of San Francisco. (In fact, a lot of Toronto reminds me of San Francisco.) Naturally, visiting the store made me homesick.


I thought I was finished with visiting the Fluevog store that day. However, I went back to Queen Street the next day because my new friend Monica wanted to know what the Fluevog hullabaloo was all about. While Monica was checking out the Vogs, I met the lovely Sarah O. You may remember her from her guest post on pointy Fluevogs. It was so funny because she was at the same conference I was attending. Naturally, great academic minds think alike, which explains why we were at the Fluevog store at the same time:)  I LOVE meeting fellow Flueddicts!


Anyhoo… The lovely Monica fell in love with Idols | Freddie in burgundy. Unfortunately, Queen Street didn’t have her size. Therefore, we had to make our way to The Distillery, where the other Fluevog store is located. (Oh shucks – twist my arm!) I must give thanks to James (Queen Street) and Andrew at The Distillery for making sure Miss Monica went back to England with an amazing pair of Fluevogs. Here she is:


Since I was in Toronto for an academic conference, I did not get to do much sight seeing. I can’t say I’m disappointed because I was really happy to have visited TWO Fluevog stores. (Yes, this confirms my love of Vogs. Seriously…)


The next trip I took was to Chicago, where I was at a conference at DePaul University. It was super cold and on the last day, it started to snow. While I liked experiencing the first snow, I was a bit over the whole “layering of clothes” thing. Seriously. Those of you who live in four seasons – especially snow – have my total respect. I couldn’t stand the two days I had to pile layer upon layer of clothing just to keep warm. Bleh. I know. I’m a two-season whimp!

Anyhoo…. I did make it a point to visit the Chicago Fluevog store. I must say, it’s one of the biggest stores I’ve been to. I guess it used to be a theater that is now converted to the store. The Distillery was big (and gorgeous), with high ceilings and such. I quite liked it, but there was a lot of empty space. Chicago is big, but I didn’t feel like there was as much empty space.


While there, I did not try on any Vogs. (My trips to Toronto and Chicago were on back-to-back weekends.) Instead, I just walked around and checked out their displays and such. The workers were nice. Unfortunately, I didn’t get their names and wasn’t chit-chatty. (Yeah. That can get weird. How would I start that conversation? “Hi. I’m Joanne – the Flueddict that runs this blog and….”) Still. It’s a GORGEOUS store.

IMG_0468 IMG_0470


I know that spring is slowly trickling in and there are some AMAZING new Vogs. Like Gladys, I agree that there are some amazing things that are still on sale. Sigh. What’s a Vog lover to do?!

For the love of Vogs,



Fluevogs on Stage

I am an Improviser

And an everyday improviser means any day is a Fluevog day – improv practices,  jams, performances, and shows, and philosophically, life is all improvised.

Improvising in the SF Bay Area. I am an improviser in the San Francisco Bay Area.In 2011, I started out with Made Up Theatre (MUT) in the East Bay and have been part of MUT’s student performance troupes throughout the years. In 2012, I also began taking classes with EndGames Improv in San Francisco. As part of their curriculum, I became part of Sin Kitty (on Facebook), a Harold team, which had our last show together in Oct 2012 and has since gone feral, however, we still improvise with each other elsewhere. I am part of a newly formed Harold team called Scene Chicken (on Facebook). And finally, I have been with The Letters (on Facebook) since January 2014; we are actually co-creating a new form, which is pretty exciting. VERY EXCITING!

What does this have to do with Fluevogs? Improv makes me happy. Fluevogs make me happy. For me, improv and Fluevogs naturally go together.

I Spy Fluevogs at Improv

Here are a few photos of Fluevogs in action at improv shows, improv jams, and warm-up exercises.

With the Letters. Below is from a July 3 performance with The Letters. Fellow improvisers and friends Megan (in the green sweater) and Matt (not pictured) were moving to Chicago the following week, so we had a chance to perform before their leaving. Yes, the Luthers captured the attention of audience members.


At improv jams. Both pictures below are from improv jams. The Sandras were part of a group exercise where folks were mirroring each other. If you look closely, you can see the duos and trios doing so. And for the Arabellas, can you guess what kind of improv jam this was? An amazing all Lady Jam! All welcomed to attend, however, ladies-only performing. It was amazing! Not only was there improvising, there was dancing! The Arabellas did quite well that evening. (They – or other Fluevogs from my collection – will be at the next San Francisco Lady Jams –  August 25 and September 29. Great way to end a Monday!)

Combined_Arabella - Sandra

With The Letters (again). From this past Friday, August 1, we were part of an anniversary show hosted by a local duo, Flakey Jake (on Facebook). In addition to celebrating an anniversary of a fun improv duo, this was a special night for my  Gateway | Brandenburg Light red-stitched, cap-toe shoes. We performed with a special guest, Jim. (Thanks, Jim, for playing with The Letters.) That evening, the Brandenburg Lights were part of being a helicopter, a nun, and Miss Saigon, all while supporting my fellow improvisers.

0801_FlakeyJake show_Brandenburg Light

Let us know –
Where do you take your Fluevogs?

* I am still figuring out my gainful employment/business endeavors
after having resigned from my job on April 4, but that story is for another day.
Hmmm … I wonder where my Fluevogs will take me then?









Nice to Meet John Fluevog

JFluevog_0223Sunday @Fluevog Treat

Simply stated, yesterday on Sunday afternoon, I met John Fluevog at the Haight Street store. Yes, this was my virgin moment meeting him  – SQUEE! And this was completely unexpected. SQUEE!

Thanks for the chat Mr. Fluevog … Thank you to Rachel for introducing me to John Fluevog. And thank you – on behalf of the MotleyFlue – for mentioning our blog. So very sweet of Rachel.

Our chat? Learning about his recent travels that included dropping by New Orleans, sharing how our blog came about, thanking him for his continued wonderful shoes that have lovingly affected my soul, hearing him share a bit about his current pursuits, and reminiscing about my joyful 50 by 50 endeavor.

Our head to toe pic? His vintage ’80s sunglasses and my Fellowship | Sandra.

Word of the Day … Magical

On a completely separate and personal note about my out and about with my Fellowship | Sandra shoes, this past Sunday was a little different than other Sundays. I auditioned (first-time experience) during the noon-time hour for a new Harold improv house team that is forming as part of EndGames. (Yes, I am an improviser.) We all learn the audition outcome on Tuesday or Wednesday. MAGICAL.

After the audition, I had about 2-3 hours to bop around San Francisco until catching up with a friend. Wanting to be somewhere relaxing, I dropped by the Haight Street store to say “Hello!” to the crew and to get my Fluegasm before Tuesday’s Shoe Care Event. Sunday afternoon’s Fluevogologists included Rachel, Alan, and Dee. (Glad to meet you for the first time, Dee.) And apparently – also meeting John Fluevog. MAGICAL.

Parking? If you know the Haight Street location, then you know the Goddess Asphalta, aka goddess of parking, must have been with me – parking found across the street with only one drive around the block. Magical.

More improv. Headed off to the Mission (magical parking again!) for practice with a newly formed experimental improv team, Letters. As usual, a fun and inspiring evening. MAGICAL.



SF Shoe Care Workshop on Feb 25

02-25 shoe careSan Francisco Haight Street store event

In the SF Bay Area?
Visiting SF during the week of February 23?
Missed an email from the Haight Street store because they send out store special emails when you sign up with them?* We are signed up, so consider this our forwarding an email to you all, because WE CARE that YOU CARE for your Fluevogs.

Love at first site … You remember when you fell in love with your Fluevogs. Rekindle your love-at-first-site feel with your ‘Vogs. Like you, the MotleyFlue know ‘Vogs are not only shoes but also investments, so keeping them up is a good thing. I will be there with my first pair, the Fellowship | Kathy and perhaps another pair, especially a pair to polish up.

Shoe Care Workshop

WHEN: Tuesday, February 25 – 7:00-8:00 pm

WHERE: 1697 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

From our John Fluevog Shoes Haight Street store folks –

A little TLC makes for happy Fluevogs! Join us for a hands on workshop to learn how to best care for your favorite Fluevogs. We’ll have a power hour full of polish, treats and education. You just need to bring a pair or two of your favorite ‘Vogs that could use a little tune up and we’ll provide everything else. Space is limited! You MUST RSVP to with the names of those attending by Friday, February 21. We’ll email you back to confirm your spot!

* Copyright © 2014 John Fluevog Shoes All rights reserved.
You’re receiving this email because you signed up for email specials while making a purchase at our store. We will send occasional email notifications to keep you updated on what’s happening at your favorite Haight St store.
John Fluevog Shoes 1697 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA, United States San Francisco, CA 94117 USA


Presale Party at Fluevog LA/Melrose


Posing with awesome FTLOV reader Alice K. It’s hard to tell, but she’s wearing her Mini | Gorgeous maryjanes here.
Photo taken by Francine

I am one lucky Voger. You know the Fluevog summer sale is going on now, right? Well, I got an invite from the Los Angeles store to attend their sale preview event which took place last Thursday evening, June 27. I’m so glad I was able to go. One of our lovely readers, Alice K. (see photo above), came over to say hello! It was so fun meeting her and chatting about our love for Fluevogs, and I’m so glad that our FlueReviews and features have been so helpful for people who don’t get a chance to try on the shoes before buying. It’s one thing to see the stock photos of drool-worthy shoes and another to actually see the shoes in action on real people’s feet!

The event itself turned out to be a party with sweet giveaways. The deal? The first 30+ people who purchased something (on sale or not) were eligible to pick out a pair of unworn vintage Fluevogs that were languishing in the back of the store for one reason or another. Yes, free vintage Vogs! Most of them were former floor/demo shoes that now showed a mismatch in color between the left and right shoe, which meant that they couldn’t be sold.

Dealer Anthony put together the tiki-themed party, building the bar (!) and making the masks. He even threw a large, bright-blue rug in the middle of the courtyard to simulate a pool. What creativity! Here’s how fun their courtyard looked:


Last pairs on sale


More last pairs


Candy shish kabobs!

You know what’s so cool? I squeed a little bit when I checked out the official FlueBlog and saw not only a post on the L.A./Melrose party but also a photo with me in it! Well, you can only see my back — that’s me in the teal and black circle-neck dress, with my friends standing next to me — but that moment of recognition when I realized it was me was pretty awesome! I know, I’m a dork. :-p

I got to the store a little late (it started at 5pm) because of traffic hazards on the freeways (grr, L.A. freeways). Luckily for me, however, my friends Jih-Fei and Francine had my back. Both had never tried on Fluevogs before, but they were game to join me at the party. Jih-Fei got there the earliest and stood in line*, so he was the 24th person in. I was number 37. When it came time, he traded numbers with me so that I could be one of the first 30 people. He said he didn’t have a specific shoe in mind anyway and wanted me to get the vintage shoes. What a dear!

Here are the shoes I took home with me:


I bought the patent green-turquoise Amie flats on sale (reviewed here and here); I couldn’t get them out of my mind after trying them on, plus I am a fan of Amies already … and for the giveaway, I walked away with the gorgeous and totally vintage Coffee | Arabica heels! (Several of the “vintage” Vogs were unsellable last pairs at the store but still available for purchase online. So not technically vintage.) We had a chance to check out the vintage selection before entering the store, and once I laid eyes on the Arabicas, I knew they were IT. They were my size (size 6, they ran about 1/2 size small) and when I quickly tried them on, they worked! The sling-back straps were a little loose, but I only need to punch an extra hole in the straps so that they’ll buckle on tighter. You can imagine how antsy I was before they let me into the store; I hoped that no one else my size was going before me. Given that I only learned about Fluevog in mid-2010 (and didn’t start buying until late 2010), I had no idea what I was doing and missed out on the Arabicas which came out in 2009. The family they belong to, Coffee, is no longer being made because the family business that produced them went out of business (sad). I do have two later styles from the Coffee family (Macchiato and Kopi Tiam) and cherish them both, so I knew I’d have no problems with fit once the Arabicas were broken in. Also, I remember drooling over this Vogunteer pic when it first came out.


Photo courtesy of Jih-Fei


Amazing: no muffin side!! Lol
Photo courtesy of Jih-Fei

You might have noticed, though, that my Arabicas are two-toned while the pair in the Vogunteer photo are teal blue all over. Apparently, mine are even more special because they’re custom with the black toes. I think they look fabulous, and they actually matched my dress that evening wonderfully. I put them on once they were officially mine. Here’s a photo of my whole outfit.


I wore my now-vintage Operetta | Fiorenza slingbacks to the party. Love these shoes too since they’re so adorable and super comfy (driving shoes!). I love the dress, too! A couple years old from Kohl’s but still flattering.

* * *

My friend Francine tried on a few pairs of shoes that she was interested in buying. When she saw dealer Lenae wearing the Miracle | Marvel in yellow, she definitely wanted to try them on. So she did, both colorways. … I just realized none of us at FTLOV tried these on. They seem to fit as most Miracles do, very narrow and at least 1/2 size small.



They looked AMAZING on her. She fell for them and actually did purchase her first pair of Fluevogs, the green ones. Excellent choice! Congratulations are in order! I’m a little jealous because the Miracles are too narrow for me to be comfortable, but they fit her perfectly as you can see.


And yes! She got her free vintage pair, too, the Lancianos in olive suede (also Miracle family). She and I both lucked out since most of the vintage shoes were size 6. Actually, Francine is a true size 6, so she had her pick of seven or so pairs, as most of them ran true. Sweet! And I do believe Francine is a Miracle girl. Her first choice to buy had been the Medugorje pumps, but she decided on the more dressy Marvels with their flattering ankle straps. I like the Medugorje but the Marvels really are marvelous!



Meanwhile, Jih-Fei gravitated towards the Brandenburgs (Gateway family), especially the Brandenburg Light in the orange color. He didn’t want to try them on because there were too many people at the store at the time (a few of whom were quite aggressive —sooo off-putting). And since he had to leave before 7 for another appointment, he missed the store clearing out. But he said he wanted to return to try on shoes soon. 🙂

* * *


Some of the Melrose dealers, including Keith who used to manage the store and now works for l.a. Eyeworks. Snazzy glasses! From top left: Keith, Anthony, and Lenae, and Kate in front. Not pictured are Jen, Kimberley, Austyn, and Alice (who wasn’t able to go at all).

Finally, I just wanted to end with another shout-out to the L.A. staff. I had so much fun, and even though the store was CRAZY for a while, they still managed to be welcoming and kind. I met and talked to Jen, who used to work at the Vancouver store and is now a grad student in L.A. We commiserated over grad school. Lenae and I talked for quite a while about her projects as an artist, after I asked. Dealer Brenda of Seattle had told me all about Lenae’s work, so I knew I had to ask for more info. (Check out her website. Beautiful stuff. Vintage lovers will drool.) Keith, who, granted, no longer works there, made me laugh. Even Anthony, super busy and running around as he was, found time to chat and gave the go-ahead for another special treat for me…. Lovely, awesome Kate totally took care of me, as usual. As I was preparing to leave, she looked at all of the size 6 vintage women’s shoes that were left, looked at me, and then said that I should go grab another pair. Um, seriously??? Yeah, she said, otherwise what would they do with them? Most would be returned to the back of the store. So she okayed it with Anthony, and I did choose another pair!

I felt seriously fortunate, and even blessed. Maybe it was the sparkling wine I’d drunk, but I just felt really happy after meeting and talking over gorgeous shoes — works of wearable art, really — with my old friends, with Alice K., and with the fabulous bunch that is the Fluevog L.A. staff. Plus I was wearing an amazing pair of shoes and holding on to a bag stuffed with new Fluevogs. It was an embarrassment of riches. I was definitely Fluephoric!

You should know, however, that I didn’t keep that second pair. I had chosen a pair that were slightly big for me, and I paid them forward to my mom (who made my fun night — and many other fun days and nights — possible by babysitting). 🙂 And hopefully I’ll get photos of her wearing them soon. [ETA: Check out my mom’s new kicks here!]

xo, Gladys

* I had no idea that there would be a line to get into the store for the preview sale, but duh, of course there would be because of the giveaway. Jih-Fei was the one who wondered about it when I first invited him, but I just assumed there wouldn’t be. My bad. Again, special thanks to him, for having the foresight to get there early!

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(belated) IFD at the Haight

Hello All!

Apologies for lagging on the IFD post. In truth, I was kinda pooped with the IFD countdown, re-locating to the San Francisco Bay Area for the summer (wa-hoo!), and going through graduation festivities. For the next few days, I get to hang with my new niece, Eliana Journey (Yeah. Journey. As in Don’t-Stop-Believin’. She was named after the rock band!) and catch up on some work – including this blog!

May 15th at the Haight Street store was fantastic as usual. The hardworking dealers did everything they could to again, make IFD a complete success! Shirley and I made it for the class photo, and as soon as they send it over, I’ll post. (Note: Unfortunately, Miss Dorothy had prior commitments and couldn’t be there.) Here are some scenes from IFD – Haight Street style.


Each store had special celebration buttons. In case you’re wondering about the significance of “415,” it’s the area code for San Francisco.


The lovely Monika. She’s all dressed up and ready to conquer IFD!


Shirley indulging in the champagne and cupcakes with FlueDaddy Denny.


Denny and Rachel ready to take your phone orders!!!


Of course Madame Shirley would figure out a way to make IFD interesting.


Ed says he’s camera shy. Therefore, I had to sneak this pic of him. Hmmm. I wonder how many Vogs the dealers hauled up and down those stairs that day.


I’d claim to be camera shy, but that would be an outright lie. Here I am sporting a vintage pair of Bordens. These were the pair I altered. The dealers didn’t even notice the extra leather in the back. The cobbler did an amazing job!

These photos definitely don’t do the day justice. After 5pm, the after-work crowd arrived and folks were high on champagne, snacks, and Vogs! As usual, the photo booth was a total hit (I have dozens of silly photos to prove it.) In terms of shoes, there were definitely some hot sellers that day, including the Daily Miracles | Stunner in Zebra and the Big Presence | Faraday. I’ll post a review of the new pairs I tried on soon!

For the love of Fluegasms,


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PSA: Fluevogologist Kate in The Office

Liz1Hi fellow Vogers! Just a quick public service announcement about our dear Kate from the Melrose store. If you’ve ever met tall, gorgeous, striking Kate, then you won’t be surprised to learn that she’s an actress as well. I found out that she filmed an episode of The Office earlier this year, and that episode (which guest stars Roseanne Barr) will be airing this Thursday, April 25th, 9PM (Pacific and Eastern/ 8PM Central). I’m so excited to watch! Kate says she wore a pair of her Vogs, so there should be a FlueSighting! 🙂

xo, Gladys


Confessions of a Fluevog pusher

When the ladies of the MötleyFlue call me Generalissima, they’re not lying. It’s true. I texted Gladys at 4am (her time zone) urging her to invest in the Inge boots that were posted on eBay. When I saw those gorgeous olive one-of-a-kind boots on the FlueMarket in Shirley’s size, I immediately sent her the link and demanded she contact the seller, STAT! Of course, when the Malibus received its latest markdown, I totally put Dorothy on blast in this post, begging her to visit the dealers that day.

I know I can be aggressive sometimes. However, I like to think I’m doing the gals a favor by making their days shine brighter in the greatness of Fluevogs!

Admittedly, I worked in retail for over twelve years. Therefore, I know a thing or two about sales tactics. I mention this, not because I know how to sucker someone into a sale, but because I can tell when someone is trying to sucker punch me (and my friends). You haven’t experienced buying cosmetics until you’ve watched me tell the uber-aggressive person behind the counter to back off, because I’m the ruler of my debit card!  This is why I’m known as the Generalissima. I shop with a definite plan and I don’t hesitate giving the hardline when it comes to helping others make Vog decisions.

Yes, get the Malibus.

I say hold off on investing in the (insert Vog here), and pay rent this month.

Of course I’ll help you develop a good Flue-nancial plan.

Don’t make me put you on FlueLent!

If you forego your daily latte, I’m sure you can pay off the Liz in no time!

Um, do you really need another pair of black boots?!

You didn’t just ask me if those Vogs make you look fat, did you?! (slap!)

“I told you. No wire hangers, EVER!” 

When it comes to Flue-tail therapy, my policy is this: I’ll tell you what you need to hear. Be prepared because I’m not a fan of false compliments or lies for the sake of making you happy. If I don’t like something, I’ll tell you. If it doesn’t work, I’ll tell you. If the Vog does nothing for you or your collection, I’ll tell you! I am too old and don’t have time for for anything less than what my gut is telling me. (Maybe this is why I’m the Generalissima.)

Admittedly, I live vicariously through the MotleyFlue and friends. I can’t afford everything, and if I did, I wouldn’t want to own every Vog that I fell in love with. Watching others shop gives me pleasure. It’s like I’m Santa Clause, but without having to fork over a single dollar:)

With that, I proudly remain the Generalissima, pusher extraordinaire of the MotleyFlue. Need Vog advice? Feel free to contact me. I have no problem giving an objective, honest (sometimes harsh) opinion:)

For the love of Fluegasms,



FlueFan Spotlight: Stacey K.

Hello Fellow Flueddicts! We are so happy to introduce you to a new feature. Since there are so many folks out there who share our Love of Vogs, we wanted to give you, our readers, the opportunity to strut your stuff and tell us who you are. Today, we have our very first FlueFan Spotlight. We are very lucky to feature Stacey K., whose Everyday Fluevogs were featured in January 2010!

Stacey1Name: Stacey Kuhr

Hometown: Discovery Bay, CA (now shacked up in Phoenix, AZ)

My Super Fluevoger Life: Single gracefully aging 40-ish gal, raised a Nor Cal Delta-Brat. Relocated to Phoenix in 01, dig the desert but still miss having a boat docked in my back yard. Professional Bad Ass Operations Mgr for the last 20+ years mostly in Custom Home Industry.  Besides the shoe fixation (now solely focused on Vogs) that goes back to at least 1st grade when I got caught trading shoes with other kids  my main hobbies include but are not limited to cars and my car clubs (most notably the 20 years of dedication to my Samba Green Del Sol). Reading, Racing, Road Tripping, Herps, My Corgi-Monster, anything to do with water and spending quality time with my diverse herd of friends of 10-30+  years or more.  Optimus Prime has been my dream man since I was 17 and I’m a total Trekkie and FF geek. I speak fluent sarcasm and live by the Do Unto Others… and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff philosophies which help me preserve the remnants of sanity I have left.

How I Became a Fluevoger: Bored one night in 2004 and did a google search of “funky shoes” and the Vog website was at the top. Had never heard of them before and became instantly obsessed; not only the cool and unique designs but the whole attitude of the company and good ju ju it projects to the world. My first pair (The oh so lovely Mini Bebe in black) was purchased on sale on 7-9-04 for $99.00 and came to me via Haight St. (Yes, I am a big enough geek to track my shoes in a detailed and comprehensive Excel spreadsheet)

331138_10150302076678322_7660534_oWhat I look for in a Fluevog: At first I was overcome and wanted them all and had no plan of attack in my selection process.  If they caught my eye and fit me well I got em (assuming $$ were there as I vowed never to charge shoes). Since being diagnosed with Plantar Faciiatis 5 years ago I have had to adjust my scope to only include Vogs that my feet can handle standing in for normal lengths of time.  Also reaching nearly 80 pairs I have started checking myself as to whether I already have a Vog that serves a purpose in design and color in the collection so as not to repeat myself and keep the variety going. (Though to be honest, I still want 99% of them all)

My Namesake Fluevog Would Look Like….: My namesake Vog doesn’t “looks like” but IS the Listen Up | Stacey (1st Gen released in Fall of 2006 and 2nd Gen released in 2011?)


About My Collection: My collection is all over the place though I have more Minis and Fellowships than any other family. I have a little bit of everything from platforms (Summertimes/Munster) to Peacemakers to a 1 of 13 custom Vogs made for Canadian fashion house Com Rags 2004 fashion show. My favorite Sole is the Choice (which I will get inked someday). Most of my shoes come from Haight Street where the BEST crew of Dealers take up residence led by Denny G., a guy whose awesomeness would take too many words to describe. My favorite pair?…. Hmmm… Well if my house were on fire the first shoes I would save would be my black Choice Hi | Jolene and red/orange Thanks | Amazing (a box under each arm)

My Personal Style: My personal style ranges from funky when it’s not 200 degrees outside (gotta love living in the easy bake oven of the southwest) to average when the sidewalk is melting.  Being a top heavy fluffy girl with no bottom to even it out it makes it hard to find clothes that fit well and are flattering which is probably why I rely on a great collection of accessories (shoes, hats, shades, bags, jewelry) to really display my personal style more than clothing ever could.  Besides, they last longer.

*** Vog Quickies ***

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Color or Colour: Green

Prints or Solids: Prints

Half Empty or Half Full: Full

Heels or Flats: Flatter than I’d like nowadays.

Share the love of Vogs or keep your Fluevog secret?: Share of course! Must spread Sole Gospel and convert the world, Amen.

Fluevog that most likely needs a new sole: Will either be my Bobbi or Chinoa boot I’m sure as I practically live in them in the winter.

If you’re interested in being featured in the FlueFan Spotlight, please send an email to: Thanks!