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renew your soles

I don’t have a “before” photo and there’s probably a good reason why. You don’t really want to see the hot mess that was once the soles of my Prepares | Guide, do you? Before bringing my Guide to the cobbler this summer, the soles were totally worn down – flat as a pancake! Plus, there was a crack in the heel that I didn’t know about because I use these so darn much! Luckily, a simple trip to South City Shoe Repair and one week later, my Guides feel brand new! IMG_4338 The cobbler used a Vibram sole so that it would last longer. He did these as well as my I Believe High | Simon. (Note: The Simon was a new pair, but I wanted a textured sole so that it wouldn’t be so slippery. When I buy Vogs with a smooth sole, I often opt for this to avoid slippage. For example, before wearing my Miracles | Meeera, she went straight to the cobbler for a textured sole.) With new soles, I’m a totally happy camper! Every now and again, I urge you, my fellow Flueddicts to do a quick check on your heels and soles for wear and tear. Fluevogs can last forever, but they do require some TLC. Your friendly neighborhood store always carries replacement heels and soles for most Vogs at very reasonable prices. They can also recommend a good cobbler if you don’t have a go-to person already. Please post to comments and let us know which pair of Fluevogs you’ve had to renew. Bonus if you’ve brought the same pair multiple times! I hear Angel wearers do this! For the Love of Vogs, j-ro