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Fluevog shots!

Don’t walk. RUN to your nearest Fluevog store this weekend. When you purchase a brand spankin’ new pair of Fluevogs, you’ll score yourself an awesome Fluevog gift with purchase. Check it out:


You know you want one of these! (I know I do. Unfortunately, I’m nowhere near a Fluevog store this weekend. Tears….) Below are details from the site:

This weekend, March 29th-30th, our 18 Fluevog stores will be giving away the first of our “Limited Edition Collection” gift with purchase! Which means you need to reconsider your out-of-town plans and stop by your local Fluevog Store instead. We can promise hugs, your new Spring ’14 shoes, and your very own Fluevog espresso mug!

The mugs are a gift with the purchase of shoes or a bag, in-store only, and while supplies last. Contact a Fluevog Store for more details.

For those of you who do end up picking yourself an awesome mug, feel free to email us at with photos of yourself wearing your latest purchases or enjoying your new Fluevog mug:)

In case you needed some purchasing inspiration, here are a few photos from my last trip to the store….


As you all know, I’m super happy that the Manpanion has begun to build himself a nice little Fluevog collection. Above, he’s sporting the Guardian Angel | Nathan in brown. When we visited our friends at Haight Street, FlueDaddy Denny was wearing these gorgeous things. The Manpanion had to try them on. Though he didn’t take these home, they’re definitely high on his “want” list. (Apologies for the lack of sizing info. The Manpanion is still trying to figure this out.)


First off, can I point out my knee-high stockings?! I’m in love with them. If you’re looking for a sexy thigh-high stocking that stays up, then look no further than Kix’ies. Enough said. For the die-hard Flue-natics, you know that the Malibran is a classic. I’m sure most of you already have a pair (yes, I do too). It’s been a while since I’ve seen a bold, bright turquoise like this. On the Malibran, it’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect for spring. I tried these on in my usual 9.5 and they fit great. The leather was a little stiff, but that will change in no time. Btw. Do you love the white stitching as much as I do?!

That was a little taste from my last visit. As soon as I catch up on work, I’ll do more posts because I tried on some delicious beauties when I was in San Francisco. Until then….

For the love of Vogs,