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Fluelebrity Sighting: Amber from No Pants 2011

L-R: Dorothy, Amber, Joanne, Shirley at the Haight Street Fluevog store.

L-R: Dorothy, Amber, Joanne, Shirley at the Haight Street Fluevog store.

During a recent visit to the Haight Street Fluevog store, members of the MotleyFlue had the pleasure of running into the lovely Amber Clisura, the woman behind No Pants 2011. Kudos to Madam Shirley for spotting Miss No Pants!

The MotleyFlue (sans Gladys) were visiting the store to meet up with fellow Flueddicts Marisol and Stacey, and take a sneak peek at the current sale. As we were admiring Agent Dorothy prance around in a pair of black Splendids, Madam Shirley turned to me, and whispered, “Hey! Isn’t that….” I looked over and answered, “Yes! It’s the No Pants girl!” Shirley then scrolled through her phone to find the No Pants website. After a few short whispers, we decided that we just had to say hello and take a photo. Miss No Pants is as lovely and cool as I had expected her to be. She sports Fluevogs, so no surprises there:)

I have Miss Gladys to thank for introducing me to No Pants. In 2010, I started my Flueddiction. Admittedly, I didn’t wear them out much because I just didn’t know what to wear with them (other than jeans and a t-shirt). Looking at Amber’s blog gave me some great ideas – especially with respect to letting go of pants, the ways tights and socks can really change a wardrobe, and not being afraid of using accessories, color, and texture. In 2011, I followed her blog religiously and I can’t wait to see what she has in store next!

Thank you, Amber No Pants! Running into you totally made my day:)


Happy Birthday, Denny!


Denny, Monika, and Jim from the Haight Street store.

Guess whose birthday is today?
(Hint: He’s in the pictures below with a couple of the MotleyFlue.)

joanne_denny 1

joanne_denny 3

joanne_denny 2

Not only do the MotleyFlue enjoy sharing our love for Fluevog shoes and accessories,
we gush over our Haight Street peeps.


a memorable time for the Cubevologist with Denny … in a booth … all to myself …

Happy Happy Joy Joy Birthday to you, Denny!
Much Love!

percy jr. ❤ … shirl


Bunny in the Airport II: Laina’s story

You may have read last week’s post where Shirley spotted a pair of gorgeous Bunnies at the Oakland Airport. This week, we introduce you to Laina, the lovely woman behind the Bunnies. She was kind enough to share what it was like to be spotted by a member of the MotleyFlue. Read the full story below:)

Laina – Maraming Salamat (many thanks) from the MotleyFlue for sharing your story and for providing this gorgeous photo of you in the Elizabeths. The outfit is absolutely breathtaking!

For those of you who are interested in sharing your love of Vogs, feel free to email us at:

Laina shows off her lovely Elizabeths in green!

Laina shows off her lovely Elizabeths in green!

Early Monday morning I was traveling to LA for a day of meetings with 3 male co-workers, including my boss. Waiting at the airport early in the morning I’d told them that Friday my husband had gotten confirmation that he had passed all of his classes and would be graduating with his BS in Business, and had celebrated by buying me the shoes I was wearing. My co-workers, being men who work in IT, and lacking any sartorial sense, had eyed them dubiously and made statements such as, “They’re very…yellow,” and “They look like Minnie Mouse shoes…” I assured them they that these shoes were, in fact, awesome (although they are type of people who require evidence for such claims and they probably dismissed this statement as anecdotal at best) and we carried on waiting for our plane.

As I was speaking with my boss about some trivial matter and a woman quietly caught my eye and said, “I love your shoes.” I turned to thank her and that was when Shirley and I had a conversation wherein she introduced herself and told me about the Motley Flue and She took a picture and we talked about our mutual love of Fluevogs for a few minutes. It was a delightful way to connect and totally unexpected on a Monday morning!

As I turned back to my co-workers I couldn’t suppress my smug smile. They all looked astonished and one of them said, “What was that about?” I said, “That nice lady wanted to take a picture of me for her fashion blog – BECAUSE OF THESE SHOES.” A new respect blossomed in my dubious co-workers eyes.

During the course of our meetings later in the day one of my female colleagues stopped during the middle of a presentation and said, “I like your shoes!” and my boss practically gushed as he jumped to say, “Yeah – a lady in the airport stopped her to take a picture for a fashion blog!”

I suspect I will never again have to justify a daring fashion decision to my style-challenged co-workers. Thanks MotleyFlue!

– Laina


Bunny in the Airport


travelling in and with style
Mini | Bunny [Navy & Yellow]

I Spy … Laina travelling in her newly acquired pair of navy & yellow Mini | Bunny shoes, while she is stylishly waiting at Gate 27 in the Oakland International Airport for a day trip to SoCal.

While I don’t remember exactly what I said out loud, in my head I was extremely excited. I realized I was having my virgin I Spy Fluevogs moment. My excitement somewhat got the better of me, as evidenced by this rather blurry I Spy moment. Oh! What’s an I Spy moment? We like to describe it as –

“When the MotleyFlue are out and about, we get shivers when we meet other FlueFanatics. Here are other cool people who share our love of Vogs!”

Thanks Laina … Many thanks to Laina for indulging an early morning stranger-danger(-ish) request to take a picture of her shoes and her. And an added thanks for sharing a little bit about her growing collection. Along with her Minis, Laina has five other pairs of Fluevogs. Her collection began a couple of years ago, starting off on Day 1 with three pairs from the Vancouver (Gastown) store. Part of her collection includes the Munsters | Original (Algery Grey), which presents in a bronze-like color with a beautiful embossed pattern.

Reflections of a Spy … Reflecting on my virgin I Spy Fluevogs moment, I realize each person spotted is different, and each environment is different. An I Spy moment may be from afar – with a picture taken only of the shoes, or an I Spy moment may involve introductions with the sharing of a back-story. My presumption is that if I approach a Vogger to compliment his/her shoes or accessory, I will have a pleasant interaction. With that in mind, I offer the following from my I Spy experience with Laina –

  • Ask Permission – Shoes/accessory only, neck down, or full body? For some, anonymity may be preferred. For others, it’s a picture perfect moment (without the blur, of course).
  • Get the Basics – Who, where, and what? Name (optional), where the sighting occurred, specifics about the shoe/accessory, and anything else the person would like to share.
  • Blog bound – Let the person know about I Spy Fluevogs, which is part of this blog that also has a Facebook page, and share a little about the MotleyFlue, with highlights about Generalissima Joanne who initiated this blog.
  • Share and Connect – With Laina, she was okay with my emailing her the picture. Time (and Laina) permitting, I asked several other questions including how many in her collection and when did she purchase her first pair.

BE ALERT because YOU, TOO, can

percy jr. ❤ …  shirl

UPDATE: What happened afterwards with Laina?
Catch-up with Laina over here


Fluevog Love: Melrose Visit

Time for another FlueReview. I started off my December right by visiting the Fluevog store on Melrose over the weekend to pick up my new Elizabeths. Thanks so much to my hubby for taking care of the last layaway payment as part of my anniversary/Xmas gift. Woohoo! I will definitely be sharing more of those shoes in later posts. I tried them on again at the store before walking out, and they fit just the way I remembered … it’s almost hard to believe that high heels can feel like that….

… Um, anyway, where was I? Oh, right. So, I found out that I did the right thing by buying the green colorway in my size immediately (or rather putting it on layaway immediately) since the Melrose store has completely sold out of all their green pairs TWICE already. (Yes, their second shipment this season is all out of the green pairs.) There are still more green pairs available in my size at other Fluevog stores, but the extra shipping charge is a hassle. Bottom line: I’m really glad they didn’t turn into the shoes “that got away.” That would have felt really terrible.

But of course I couldn’t leave the store without trying on more shoes. I didn’t go completely crazy, yet I still found more pairs to put on my ever-expanding wishlist — something that has been ridiculously easy to do this fall since the season’s lineup has been fantastic. And because I’m also on a green kick this season, all of the green shoes are making me happy, from the Elizabeth to the Kathryn and Kanawa (see review on my personal blog) and to some of the pairs below. The families featured here: Hopeful, Radio, Hope, Wearever, and Adriana.

(Click on the images to see the shoes on the Fluevog website.)

Hopeful Rosy I finally tried on the electric blue Rosy. Check out the matching blue heel tips! These are GORGEOUS but sadly too big for me in the size 6. I was wrong about my previous assessment of the Hopeful family running 1/2 size small. They’re closer to true to size (even though the Fluevog website says they run small). Even the Luxons are a little loose at my ankle, although their woven maryjane straps keep my feet in pretty well. I can’t say the same for the Rosy, though. I could tell I’d get some blisters if I walked in them too long. 😦

Radio ARD Love the colorway and the fit! I am a Radio fan. I love my purple PRI’s and white CBC’s and want yet another Radio in my life (and more). These ARD’s are size 6, which is just about right for me since my other Radios run 1/2 size small.

Hope Promise I tried this size 5 pair of the Promise, and it feels wonderful. I wish it came in a different colorway, though. I have a couple pairs of Hopes in size 6 and have to admit that they’re large for my feet. Now that they’re making some Hope styles in the smaller sizes, I think I’m ready to let go of at least one of my size 6 pairs.

Wearever Gracias I tried on the Gracias again in size 5.5 and they are indeed too loose. This family runs at least 1/2 size large so I would need these in a size 5 (which is no longer available). I’m not a big fan of the plain black, either. It looks like this pair is currently the last size 5.5 in the company, btw.

Adriana Chapot More beautiful green shoes! These Chapots are lovely and feel wonderful on my feet. These are the first in the Adriana family that I’ve tried on. The family runs true to size so the size 6 is a little big, but for ankle boots that buckle like this that’s just fine. I can’t get over the shape of this boot!

Adriana Beezie These are lovely but unfortunately too loose. They come in the same dark green as the Chapot (above), but this brown is a lovely warm colorway in and of itself.

I tried on a few other pairs (no photos), but one un-photographed pair that I’ve been thinking about is the Angel Supervog, not for me but for my husband. Even though I was the one who tried them on (the women’s size 6 is definitely too large for me), he liked them a lot in the blue/gray colorway but stopped himself from trying on a pair. It turned out the store didn’t carry his size anyway, but I am wondering if it would be worth it to get a pair for him if another shipment comes in with his size. There have been quite a few negative reviews on the website about the current Supervogs and I really don’t want to make my husband’s second pair of Fluevogs the ones that turn him away forever! If anyone has any advice, I’d really appreciate it.

Being a relative newbie to Fluevogs — or Flue-bie as j-ro calls it — I am still in exploration mode and so these Fluevog store visits are always intense experiences for me where I’m learning about new shoes and desperately trying to remember what I already know about the shoes I own and what I’ve learned from previous visits trying on shoes. It’s so exciting and so fun! All the dopamine receptors in my brain just light up and explode. There weren’t any Fluegasms this visit, in part because I was already walking out with a pair of what are in MY view the best and most unique shoes this season, but I definitely want to come back and try on the Chapot and ARD again. I almost can’t wait. I just wish I’d magically inherit some money or win the lottery. A girl can dream.

xo, Gladys