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This is for the Flue-bies (those new or semi-new to Fluevogs) out there. Technically, I consider myself a Flue-bie because the company has been around for over forty years and it’s only in it’s 40th year that I finally discovered the greatness of this shoe designer. Initially, I fell in love with the Fluevog designs. The shoes themselves are unique, quirky, and comfy! The first time I tried on the shoes, I couldn’t get over how amazing they felt. I literally thought the Dollface and the Malibrans (my first purchases) were made for my feet. As I got to know the brand, I came to love how well organized the line is (more on that in a sec). Whenever I recruit a new Flueddict, I always tell that person that there’s a Fluevog for EVERYone. Unlike any other shoe company, Fluevogs really speak to a person’s individual taste. When they tout the mantra: “Unique Soles for Unique Souls,” they’re serious!

For me, I LOVE how the shoes are organized by family. Each family has a pretty consistent sizing system. (Okay. This is true most of the time. However, it’s always best to visit a store and try them on yourself or get on the phone and call one of the stores. A friendly “dealer” should give you all the fit details you need.) If you’re a Flue-bie, and you’re near a store, I highly suggest you visit on a weekday when the store isn’t busy and spend some time trying on different shoes and taking photos and simple notes on sizing. (Yes, I did this just so that I could get a sense of the what/how of each family and fit.) After a while, you’ll find that certain families speak to you more than others. For example, I know that Gladys and Shirley love the Operettas. I definitely have an affinity for Minis. Dorothy, if she had to choose, would likely be a Thanks kind-of-gal. My sister and my BFF Mae are both Bellevue fans.

Each family has a different story and a distinguishing trait about them. Yes, when you Vog, each Vog has an actual history. They’re not just some shoe that hangs on your feet. There is rhyme, reason, and inspiration to each family. In particular, I love that each family shares the same sole. That way, identifying the cousins are quite easy.

While each family has its own flair, each shoe within each family definitely stands on its own. I was reminded of this when I was trying to decide on whether to commit to the Bunny (part of the Minis family). Variety is the spice of life. Whenever I see something new in the Minis, I both celebrate and cringe. I celebrate a new addition to my favorite family, I cringe because I don’t want to be the crazy Minis lady (most of my collection is from this family). Alas, Monika, one of my “dealers” helped me work through my concerns and I decided YES on the Bunny. (They were a gift for finishing my Ph.D. That they are Berkeley colors – blue and gold – are a nice coincidence.) Monika pointed out that I’m simply a Minis gal. They fit me perfectly and I’m always drawn to them. Technically, I could have an entire collection from just one family and still have an amazing collection. (My inner shoe slut says: But with so many awesome choices, why settle for just one family?!)

Sometimes the family you’re drawn to just depends on the different facets of your personality. The Minis make me feel like I’m Alice in Wonderland. The Fellowships are my “everyday girl next door” shoes. The Munsters are definitely my “look at me” shoes. The Angels (which I don’t own yet) are simply classic “jeans and awesome t-shirt” kind of shoes.

Admittedly, it takes a while (and you have to be mildly obsessive like yours truly) to figure out your preferred families. For me, I try to narrow down my shoe preferences by family. That way, I don’t get carried away by the gorgeous shoes that Fluevog has to offer. In short, the more you understand your personal style, the more you understand your Fluevog choices.

And then new families come out… and that’s a whole other different story! Hope this simple guide makes Flue-shopping easier:)

Living life feet first.



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oh Elizabeth mine + new Paris

As promised, here’s my review of the Elizabeth maryjanes from the last post. I went to the Melrose store on Sunday and … fell deeper in love. They are magnificent! And the rub-off finish on the green leather is even more beautiful in person. Here are the shoes in more natural lighting than on the Fluevog website:


I love that they are more visibly green in person. AND THEY FIT ME! The size 6 is the smallest size available, and while they are a teeny-tiny bit loose, the maryjane straps kept me in perfectly. (And it would be a very simple fix to add a small heel pad.) Even better, they are very comfortable to wear. The pitch felt so minor that I could hardly tell they were 3.5″ heels, and they are very well balanced to me. I believe the fact that the toe box is roomy enough for my wide toes makes all the difference.

I couldn’t have asked for a better result from trying on the shoes. There was only ONE pair of the size 6 at the Melrose store, and that pair is now on layaway for me! Wheeeee! I plan to pick them up by the end of next month, and then I can wear them for holiday parties. Even my husband, who accompanied me to the store only so he could get a Johnny Rockets treat afterward, thought these green shoes were amazing, too. (He said he’d happily pay for part of it as one of my Xmas presents, yay!)

Of note as well is the new Paris style in the Attention family, which now comes in smaller sizes. These run a half-size big, so I wear the 5 in these very high pumps. The new black and burgundy (dark pink) embossed pattern suede is quite stunning. The wooden heel on the burgundy looks particularly wonderful, but I’ve been looking for a fancy black pump. After I save up more money, I might get the black Paris if the size 5 is still available (doubtful though since there’s only one left).


Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

xo, Gladys

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the new Elizabeth maryjanes

I figured I might as well jump into posting over here at For the Love of Vogs with something on my wish list. I want to share how gorgeous these shoes are:


(Click on the photo to see them on the Fluevog website.)

The Queen Transcendent Family — what a perfectly-apt name for these heels! This is a new family and the Elizabeth so far is the only style available in it. These maryjanes weren’t available the last time I visited the Fluevog store on Melrose or you can bet I would have tried them on and taken photos. The good news for me (and potential bad news for my wallet) is that this style runs a half size to a full size small … which means that the size 6 (the smallest size) will probably fit me. I’m looking forward to trying them on very soon.

I’ve been looking for green shoes for a while now, and these might be the lucky ones. They are also available in black and burgundy. Joanne has tried them on and vouched for their beauty, and Fluevog specialist Alice at the Melrose store also says they are amazing. Such beautiful shoes.

xo, Gladys


confessions of a vog-aholic: two years and a new site later

A gal never forgets her first love….

To really understand my love of Fluevog shoes, it’s best to start at the beginning. So let’s start here. I purchased my first pair of Fluevogs in 2010 during International Fluevog Day. I had been stalking the site because Madam Shirley had introduced me to the shoes about a year earlier. In sifting through the site, I fell in love with how quirky and gorgeous the shoes are. At the time, I thought dropping $200-$300 (or more) in shoes was just insane. For as much as the shoes spoke to me, I thought that there was no way in hell I’d ever get a pair. Well, May 15, 2010 (actually, it was May 14th because we wanted to avoid the crowds) all of that changed the moment my feet graced the Minis: Dollface in turquoise.

A lot has happened since that first pair. When I say that Fluevogs changed my life, I mean it. Eventually, I cleaned out my closet and got rid of shoes I clung on to for far too long. I did the same with clothes and accessories. Over time, I re-built my closet with things that I loved and felt highlighted the best of me. In short, those first Vogs helped me understand my fashion personality. To find my fashion personality, I had to make peace with my body. This meant working with it, and not against it. I’ve become smarter with my clothing purchases and I’ve made friends with the local alterations lady. A great seamstress can make all the difference. My wardrobe is less “fast fashion” (as Gladys describes) and more “me style.” Admittedly, I love exploring the different facets of me.

It’s over two years later and after sharing a love of vogs with some near and dear friends, a few of us have decided to join forces and present the blog that you see before you. Initially, the basic idea behind this blog was for the four of us (a.k.a. the Fluevog IV or the MotleyFlue) to share our love for our favorite shoe designer. However, after many conversations and ideas, we decided that this blog would be about more than just shoes. (Let’s face it. Four Filipinas talking about shoes is just so… Imelda!) The four of us are very different, but we’re all intellectually inclined. That’s just a fancy way of saying that we think deeply about the world around us. Along with footwear, we talk about the contours of our lives, our personal take on fashion, our love of art, and the fun adventures we embark upon while wearing the best shoes around. Though we share our love of vogs, this blog is also our love letter to life. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Living life feet first.