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inside scoop on insoles

Always ask your dealers. They always know best:)


Over the summer, with Denny’s advice, I discovered the wonder of Superfeet Delux Insoles! Made specifically for casual/dress shoes, these insoles  are awesome. The Delux version are fairly new and work a lot better than its previous model (which I believe is still around). Available for both flats and heels, I firmly believe that every Vogger should invest in a pair or two. Personally, I have one pair for each and just switch them in whatever shoe on a daily basis. I love using the flat ones in my Sandras. They make my feet look less flat. I also use the heel version for my Minis. They really help provide support for extra long days. Also my very first Vogs, the Mini | Dollface fits a little big for me. However, these have given the Dollface new life:) Currently, I’m loving them on my Choice Hi boots because those tend to be a little uncomfy toward the middle of the day. The heel height and support just aren’t as great as the Minis. Luckily, these inserts work wonders!


In case you’re wondering, YES, they stay put. There’s a grip on the bottom that basically molds with your shoe (even in heels!). I never have issues with slippage and don’t notice them when they’re in. The top part (where your foot sits) is sort of velvet-y, so you don’t have to worry about your foot slipping around, especially when you wear socks or tights. At 3/4 length,  your toes still have ample wiggle room. The insole might move when you first put your foot in, so I suggest using a shoe horn (complimentary at your local Vog store) to hold the insole down, as you slip your foot into the shoe. My arches love me for it and I have since made peace with my flat feet:)

Many thanks to Denny and the Haight Street crew. They’re the ones who directed me to these gems. Your local Fluevog store will likely carry these insoles. If not, check the Superfeet site for purchasing info.

For the love of Vogs,




some kind of Lover

Apologies! I can’t believe it’s been about three weeks since I’ve posted. I guess I needed a bit of a break in order to settle back in to Phoenix and start the new school year. Alas, I know I’ve got some catching up to do. Ahem. I’m sure the other ladies of the MotleyFlue do too. Hello! Anyone out there?! Yeah, Shirley and Dorothy. I’m talking to YOU!  We haven’t heard from you in AGES! (Yes. I believe in public humiliation:) Anyhoo… Here goes this week’s post:)

I am a huge fan of the Mini family. For a long time, I have been wanting to add the Mini | Lover to my collection. However, they are only available in black right now. Though black will always be a classic, I just don’t need another pair of black Vogs (over 25% of my collection is black). For the last three years, I’ve been waiting for the Mini | Lover to come out in a different color.

Alas. No go.

However, the Fluevog gods must have heard my prayers because recently, I found these gorgeous Lovers in my size on eBay. (doing the happy dance)


Until now, I didn’t have anything pink in my collection. I have been drooling over the fuchsia Guides, but didn’t get them because I already have them in blue. (Remember my no doubles policy?) While I like the Liz in pink, that pink is a little too salmon for my liking. But these… these are perfect! I’ve never seen the Mini | Lover in this color combination. According to FlueMama Monika, this combo was around for about a year. I found this gorgeous pair while browsing eBay listings on my phone. Given the awesome price (you’d cry if you found out how much these were), I jumped on them right away.


After receiving them in the mail, I learned an important lesson… buying from your smartphone is tricky because the photos are so small. When I received them, I was surprised at how scuffed they were. I went back to look at the listing and yes, after looking closely, the scuffing was in the photos, but it was faint. Also, the seller didn’t describe the physical condition of the Vogs. Instead, the listing stated that the Vog is gorgeous, rare, and if interested, you should buy ASAP because they’ll go fast. (I’m such a sucker!) Granted, the price was great and there is still a lot of life in these. But I was slightly disappointed with the scuffing.

I wondered if I could re-furbish these myself. (Confession: I was feeling too cheap and too lazy to drive to Pioneer Renewer. Please don’t judge.) The first thing I did was take it to the ‘net to find out if I could clean the scuffing myself. Turns out, you can remove majority of the dark scuffing with simple household things such as toothpaste or Vaseline. You learn something new everyday:)


Using an old toothbrush, I scrubbed the scuffs with some toothpaste. Surprisingly, this removed most of the scuffing without damaging the leather. From there, I followed with some leather lotion. They already look amazing! After doing some research, I discovered that there are items available at the local cobbler that can more effectively remove the scuffs. Be sure to talk to your cobbler because some of the solutions out there are very strong and can actually remove the color of the leather.

After removing most of scuffs, I polished the Lovers with pink shoe polish that I purchased from the Haight Street dealers. Did you know that your local dealers carry a selection of Fluevog shoe polish? Well, now you do! A few days after polishing, I treated the shoes with leather dressing. They look gorgeous now!


I’m loving these equestrian socks!

For the love of Vogs,