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iSpy Melissa in Berkeley, CA

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Fresh on the streets of Berkeley, CA,
this September afternoon, I spotted Fluevogs.

Here is Melissa
on University Ave, nearby Milvia,
looking good and stylish!



Fluevogs on Stage

I am an Improviser

And an everyday improviser means any day is a Fluevog day – improv practices,  jams, performances, and shows, and philosophically, life is all improvised.

Improvising in the SF Bay Area. I am an improviser in the San Francisco Bay Area.In 2011, I started out with Made Up Theatre (MUT) in the East Bay and have been part of MUT’s student performance troupes throughout the years. In 2012, I also began taking classes with EndGames Improv in San Francisco. As part of their curriculum, I became part of Sin Kitty (on Facebook), a Harold team, which had our last show together in Oct 2012 and has since gone feral, however, we still improvise with each other elsewhere. I am part of a newly formed Harold team called Scene Chicken (on Facebook). And finally, I have been with The Letters (on Facebook) since January 2014; we are actually co-creating a new form, which is pretty exciting. VERY EXCITING!

What does this have to do with Fluevogs? Improv makes me happy. Fluevogs make me happy. For me, improv and Fluevogs naturally go together.

I Spy Fluevogs at Improv

Here are a few photos of Fluevogs in action at improv shows, improv jams, and warm-up exercises.

With the Letters. Below is from a July 3 performance with The Letters. Fellow improvisers and friends Megan (in the green sweater) and Matt (not pictured) were moving to Chicago the following week, so we had a chance to perform before their leaving. Yes, the Luthers captured the attention of audience members.


At improv jams. Both pictures below are from improv jams. The Sandras were part of a group exercise where folks were mirroring each other. If you look closely, you can see the duos and trios doing so. And for the Arabellas, can you guess what kind of improv jam this was? An amazing all Lady Jam! All welcomed to attend, however, ladies-only performing. It was amazing! Not only was there improvising, there was dancing! The Arabellas did quite well that evening. (They – or other Fluevogs from my collection – will be at the next San Francisco Lady Jams –  August 25 and September 29. Great way to end a Monday!)

Combined_Arabella - Sandra

With The Letters (again). From this past Friday, August 1, we were part of an anniversary show hosted by a local duo, Flakey Jake (on Facebook). In addition to celebrating an anniversary of a fun improv duo, this was a special night for my  Gateway | Brandenburg Light red-stitched, cap-toe shoes. We performed with a special guest, Jim. (Thanks, Jim, for playing with The Letters.) That evening, the Brandenburg Lights were part of being a helicopter, a nun, and Miss Saigon, all while supporting my fellow improvisers.

0801_FlakeyJake show_Brandenburg Light

Let us know –
Where do you take your Fluevogs?

* I am still figuring out my gainful employment/business endeavors
after having resigned from my job on April 4, but that story is for another day.
Hmmm … I wonder where my Fluevogs will take me then?









Nice to Meet John Fluevog

JFluevog_0223Sunday @Fluevog Treat

Simply stated, yesterday on Sunday afternoon, I met John Fluevog at the Haight Street store. Yes, this was my virgin moment meeting him  – SQUEE! And this was completely unexpected. SQUEE!

Thanks for the chat Mr. Fluevog … Thank you to Rachel for introducing me to John Fluevog. And thank you – on behalf of the MotleyFlue – for mentioning our blog. So very sweet of Rachel.

Our chat? Learning about his recent travels that included dropping by New Orleans, sharing how our blog came about, thanking him for his continued wonderful shoes that have lovingly affected my soul, hearing him share a bit about his current pursuits, and reminiscing about my joyful 50 by 50 endeavor.

Our head to toe pic? His vintage ’80s sunglasses and my Fellowship | Sandra.

Word of the Day … Magical

On a completely separate and personal note about my out and about with my Fellowship | Sandra shoes, this past Sunday was a little different than other Sundays. I auditioned (first-time experience) during the noon-time hour for a new Harold improv house team that is forming as part of EndGames. (Yes, I am an improviser.) We all learn the audition outcome on Tuesday or Wednesday. MAGICAL.

After the audition, I had about 2-3 hours to bop around San Francisco until catching up with a friend. Wanting to be somewhere relaxing, I dropped by the Haight Street store to say “Hello!” to the crew and to get my Fluegasm before Tuesday’s Shoe Care Event. Sunday afternoon’s Fluevogologists included Rachel, Alan, and Dee. (Glad to meet you for the first time, Dee.) And apparently – also meeting John Fluevog. MAGICAL.

Parking? If you know the Haight Street location, then you know the Goddess Asphalta, aka goddess of parking, must have been with me – parking found across the street with only one drive around the block. Magical.

More improv. Headed off to the Mission (magical parking again!) for practice with a newly formed experimental improv team, Letters. As usual, a fun and inspiring evening. MAGICAL.



SF Shoe Care Workshop on Feb 25

02-25 shoe careSan Francisco Haight Street store event

In the SF Bay Area?
Visiting SF during the week of February 23?
Missed an email from the Haight Street store because they send out store special emails when you sign up with them?* We are signed up, so consider this our forwarding an email to you all, because WE CARE that YOU CARE for your Fluevogs.

Love at first site … You remember when you fell in love with your Fluevogs. Rekindle your love-at-first-site feel with your ‘Vogs. Like you, the MotleyFlue know ‘Vogs are not only shoes but also investments, so keeping them up is a good thing. I will be there with my first pair, the Fellowship | Kathy and perhaps another pair, especially a pair to polish up.

Shoe Care Workshop

WHEN: Tuesday, February 25 – 7:00-8:00 pm

WHERE: 1697 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

From our John Fluevog Shoes Haight Street store folks –

A little TLC makes for happy Fluevogs! Join us for a hands on workshop to learn how to best care for your favorite Fluevogs. We’ll have a power hour full of polish, treats and education. You just need to bring a pair or two of your favorite ‘Vogs that could use a little tune up and we’ll provide everything else. Space is limited! You MUST RSVP to with the names of those attending by Friday, February 21. We’ll email you back to confirm your spot!

* Copyright © 2014 John Fluevog Shoes All rights reserved.
You’re receiving this email because you signed up for email specials while making a purchase at our store. We will send occasional email notifications to keep you updated on what’s happening at your favorite Haight St store.
John Fluevog Shoes 1697 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA, United States San Francisco, CA 94117 USA


Bellevues – I Count Five …


Mollie Johnson

… however, I know that number six is around the corner.

Our blog readers inspire us … Thanks to one of our readers who asked about the Bellevues | Laura Evans. You, dear reader, inspired me to share about the Bellevues, albeit a bit more than anticipated. (Thanks for the welcomed catharsis!) I am the one among our MotleyFlue who tend toward the Bellevues more than others. Here I share about –

  • where my Bellevues are among my other Fluevogs,
  • my attraction to the Bellevues, and
  • my most recent pair – the Laura Evans

At another time, I’ll share about “the one that got away”. (HINT: look to the upper right of this post.) Meanwhile, read some or read all, I hope you (and others) enjoy!

Bellevues among the flock … Among the forty-one pairs of Fluevogs I have (as of mid-February), the Bellevues family represents a good percentage among the other Fluevog families where I have multiple styles – Minis (3), Operettas (4), and Prepares (2). While I don’t necessarily wear my Bellevues much more than the others, I do wear Bellevues for more than casual occasions, and have started to wear them to give a cutesie dress up feel to a casual outfit.

Bellevue attraction … Among the MotleyFlue, I am the one who tends toward the Bellevues more than others. As I started dipping my toes (literally and figuratively) in the Fluevog pond, my third pair of Fluevogs was the Pearl Hart. Since then, I continue to check-out the Bellevues for a few reasons –

  • Height and stability – The height of the heel at 2.5-inches and the heel pitch (slope) are both comfortable. For me, I have found the seat of the Fellowship-Hi heel to be stable. I also like the comfort for the balls of my feet. In other words, for my feet, my heels, as well as the balls, of my feet are taken care of in Bellevues.
  • Instep and arch – My instep and arch have a strange relationship with each other, in my opinion. In my Bellevues, they get along pretty well.
  • Toe box – When I try on any pair of shoes, it’s all about my left foot’s comfort as a start. I do have a couple of pointy-toe-ish Vogs (Truths and Wonders), however, generally, I look for rounded or square toe styles. The Bellevues’s toe box is accommodating for one of the characteristics I have – a bunion on my left foot (granted, the toe box is not necessarily as roomy as the Operettas and Minis).
  • Styles/Design of shoes – I love Mary Janes, T-Straps, Oxfords, and perforations (broguing … think wingtips and spectators) in my shoes.  The Bellevues offer these.

Bellevue freshman … The Laura Evans are my recent Bellevues added to my collection. Because of the styling of this Bellevue – T-Strap, contrast color (of the buckle), and patent leather – I was pretty certain these would come home with me after trying them on.  They are described on as follows (FYI, each shoe has a back-story) :

40_Bellevues - Laura Evans

Bellevues | Laura Evans

“In the late 1800s, Salida Colorado was a dusty, but promising town of Silver Miners and Railroaders when Laura Evans strolled into Wild West History. Running away from a convent in St. Louis Missouri, a young business-astute Laura Evans settled in Salada in 1890, quickly becoming one of the wealthiest people in town when she opened her brothel (known to be the finest in the Wild West). Laura lived a long, healthy, and successful life, and her bordello was legendary until 1950 when The Salida City Council finally shut down her business. Known to be a ‘class act,’ Laura attended the funeral of every single man she did business with (although surely given cold stares by angry widows). Using glossy patent leathers in contrasting colours, on a 2.5″ Fellowship-hi heel and a soft rubber Attention sole, The Laura Evans is the sassiest T-strap pump John has ever made, so keep your hat on… it’s going to be a wild ride!” – from

My Laura Evans are number 40 (in my 50 by 50 effort). A few thoughts about the Laura Evans –

  • “Birthplace” – I saw these at the Haight Street Fluevog store. However, I purchased this pair at SoleSpace in Oakland, CA (also on twitter). As shared with,  SoleSpace’s owner, Jeff Perlstein
    • “… considers SoleSpace to be a “project” – an experiment in what happens at the intersection between socially-conscious artwork, an accessible event space and nice shoes.”
  • Size and fit – Oddly, I purchased these in Size 6.0. They fit. HOWEVER, all my other Bellevues are size 6.5. I have been a firm size 6.5 (not a size 6.0 or size 7.0) in Bellevues. When SoleSpace’s Amber said they only had size 6.0, I was ready to walk away. However, she suggested I try them on, anyway; I did not expect them to fit at all. For whatever reason, this pair fit. I tried these on with a light ped. I have worn these with a lightweight tight. I would not consider wearing a heavier tight or sweater tight with these shoes. 
  • Half-size difference? – I am NOT suggesting the Laura Evans are a 1/2-size smaller. In fact, I haven’t tried the size 6.5 Laura Evans, so I will, as a comparison, and update this post at that time. I am saying, that for all the reasons I am attracted to the Bellevue family, the Laura Evans do not disappoint.
  • T-Strap, edging, and toe box – My left foot is comfortable in these. I was concerned whether the front edging of the black patent would somehow cut into my feet in a weird way, leave odd creasing. Not a problem.

Phew Bellevue! … My Bellevue catharsis for one of our inquiring-minds-want-to-know readers comes to an end. Hope this helped. Let us know what you decide. Perhaps you’ll share a photo and a story about your Laura Evans.

percy jr. ❤ … shirley


Thirty-four? Time for inventory


Mini | Qtee

Three months have passed … In November 2012, I shared in 50 by 50? Countdown to Halloween 2013 that I have thirty-four Fluevog shoes/boots, however, I LISTED only thirty-three. CLARIFICATION – I do indeed have thirty-four pairs.

Dear Minis, please forgive me for the oversight of not including my SF Qtee heels on my November 2012 list. As I took inventory this Feb 2012 and saw four Minis grouped together on my shoe rack, I also saw that I only listed three Minis (Gorgoeous, Elif, Zaza) in my Nov 2012 inventory.

Acquire 50 pairs of Fluevogs
by the time I turn 50 years old in October 2013.

Forty-one on Valentine’s Day … Inventory done. I am inching toward my goal of 50 by 50. Since November 2012, I have acquired seven more shoes/boots. Here is a quick collage (with a pics poached from the web) of my Fluevogs in order of purchases.


Fluevog Shoes and Boots 1-30 (over here)


Fluevog Shoes and Boots 31-41 (over here)

With the Mini | Qtee as part of the thirty-four, the additional seven (with the most recent first) since November are listed below. (Note: Some links  – describing the shoe family – are redirected to the Fluevog facebook page or website.)

And among the recently purchased, the one-of-a-kind-sample-sale boots were certainly a find (and quite comfortable!), of which Generalissima definitely contributed to the eye-spy a find! Interestingly, as a result of emails, spam (not me), and timing, luck also was on my side.

Let’s not forget three accessories … and I shall not forget my three accessories, for which my Eddie Weekend Bag certainly has seen its share of being stowed under airplane seats, overhead compartments and car trunks, as well as occasionally serving as a not-so-comfortable cushion of sorts during airport layovers.

Vogs - Accessories

Fluevog Accessories

My red Operetta and brown Silvana clutches are not as frequently toted around, so I’ll change that up this year.

… Mar – Apr – May – June – July – Aug – Sept …
9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 …

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Eyebombing Socks for the New Year

When I saw Joanne’s Happy Flue Year greeting, I loved that the picture she poached for me was from Christmas 2012 – my niece and nephew gifted me GIANT googly eyes. Why? Because I have been known to eyebomb around town. And while eyebombing is primarily for public space fun, occasionally I have deviated from the program for the fun of it.  And 2013 shall be no different.

New Year Morning … I started 2013 (not hungover) with a wonderful brunch with friends and purposefully enjoyed wearing my yellow Prepare Hi | Steady shoes and a pair of one of my favorite fun socks … that was squealing to be eyebombed. And so I did – begin the year 2013 – with an pair of eyebombed socks.

fluevog_squirrel eyebomb

(01 Jan 2013)
Prepare Hi | Steady (Yellow) with
Socksmith Squirrel and Acorn socks and
Googly Eyes from craft store.

Fashion? Probably not.
Fun? Indeed.
Fluevog? Always.

And as I did so in 2012 …


Radios | CBC
(Purple with Teal laces) with
Boston Terrier greeting card with
Boston Terrier tile

… so shall I in 2013.

Just another quick 2013 New Year“Hello” to remind everyone (and myself)
to have fun and spread the Fluevog love
through a little bit of frivolity sprinkled here and there
(and maybe with some googly eyes).

percy jr. ❤ … shirley


Happy Birthday, Denny!


Denny, Monika, and Jim from the Haight Street store.

Guess whose birthday is today?
(Hint: He’s in the pictures below with a couple of the MotleyFlue.)

joanne_denny 1

joanne_denny 3

joanne_denny 2

Not only do the MotleyFlue enjoy sharing our love for Fluevog shoes and accessories,
we gush over our Haight Street peeps.


a memorable time for the Cubevologist with Denny … in a booth … all to myself …

Happy Happy Joy Joy Birthday to you, Denny!
Much Love!

percy jr. ❤ … shirl


Bunny in the Airport


travelling in and with style
Mini | Bunny [Navy & Yellow]

I Spy … Laina travelling in her newly acquired pair of navy & yellow Mini | Bunny shoes, while she is stylishly waiting at Gate 27 in the Oakland International Airport for a day trip to SoCal.

While I don’t remember exactly what I said out loud, in my head I was extremely excited. I realized I was having my virgin I Spy Fluevogs moment. My excitement somewhat got the better of me, as evidenced by this rather blurry I Spy moment. Oh! What’s an I Spy moment? We like to describe it as –

“When the MotleyFlue are out and about, we get shivers when we meet other FlueFanatics. Here are other cool people who share our love of Vogs!”

Thanks Laina … Many thanks to Laina for indulging an early morning stranger-danger(-ish) request to take a picture of her shoes and her. And an added thanks for sharing a little bit about her growing collection. Along with her Minis, Laina has five other pairs of Fluevogs. Her collection began a couple of years ago, starting off on Day 1 with three pairs from the Vancouver (Gastown) store. Part of her collection includes the Munsters | Original (Algery Grey), which presents in a bronze-like color with a beautiful embossed pattern.

Reflections of a Spy … Reflecting on my virgin I Spy Fluevogs moment, I realize each person spotted is different, and each environment is different. An I Spy moment may be from afar – with a picture taken only of the shoes, or an I Spy moment may involve introductions with the sharing of a back-story. My presumption is that if I approach a Vogger to compliment his/her shoes or accessory, I will have a pleasant interaction. With that in mind, I offer the following from my I Spy experience with Laina –

  • Ask Permission – Shoes/accessory only, neck down, or full body? For some, anonymity may be preferred. For others, it’s a picture perfect moment (without the blur, of course).
  • Get the Basics – Who, where, and what? Name (optional), where the sighting occurred, specifics about the shoe/accessory, and anything else the person would like to share.
  • Blog bound – Let the person know about I Spy Fluevogs, which is part of this blog that also has a Facebook page, and share a little about the MotleyFlue, with highlights about Generalissima Joanne who initiated this blog.
  • Share and Connect – With Laina, she was okay with my emailing her the picture. Time (and Laina) permitting, I asked several other questions including how many in her collection and when did she purchase her first pair.

BE ALERT because YOU, TOO, can

percy jr. ❤ …  shirl

UPDATE: What happened afterwards with Laina?
Catch-up with Laina over here


50 by 50? countdown to halloween 2013

(Madam kindly asks, “Please gimme or find me size 6.5 in these Mollie Johnsons … Pretty please.)

“Uhm … You think something like twenty-three?! THAT’S CRAZY!!!” These were the words I yelped at a co-worker in November 2008 after I bought my second pair of Fluevogs. WTF?! Her friend owned 23 pairs of Fluevogs?!

Twenty-Six … In early May 2012, the last time I took inventory, I counted 26 pairs. It has been five months, and my MotleyFlue sisters (esp. Pusher) have asked for a current count. Indeed, I am past due, because the MotleyFlue’s Pusher and Agent where present during a few more additions to this Madam’s collection. However, not only am I past due, I am inspired by a few other reasons for taking inventory:

  1. Counting – November 6 is the soon-to-be-counting of votes for the Presidential election. I like math, and I am in a counting mood.
  2. Aging – I turned 49 years old last week (on Halloween, to be more specific) and have decided I will not shun my love for Fluevogs. Maybe I will garner 50 pairs of Fluevogs by 50 years old – who knows?
  3. Families – Inspired by Pusher’s the unofficial guide to understanding Fluevog families, I want to share what families I tend to more than others (at least so far).
  4. Friends – A Junior High School friend shared that she loves her pair of Operetta | Bartolis – her first pair of Fluevogs. She has plantar fasciitis and has read about how I have shared my Fluevogs (Operettas) are comfortable. She sent me a nice Facebook message, “… My feet Thank you.” To her, I say “Thank YOU for sharing! And I hope you enjoy wearing your Bartolis – For the Love of Vogs!”
  5. Annual Home Cure – It’s fall housecleaning time. When the clocks “fall back”, not only do I replace my fire alarm batteries but I also revisit Apartment Therapy’s The Eight-Step Home Cure. I trim down my closets, bookshelves, dresser drawers, cupboards, and I feed the OutBox (day 4 of the home cure).

Thirty-four … Indeed, I have 34 Fluevogs that I can don on my feet. I will share more in future posts about my collection.  Meanwhile, below are the Vogs I own, in order from the most recent acquisition to my very first pair – my fellowships | kathys.

Thirty-seven? … OH WAIT! as Pusher reminded me, not to be forgotten are three accessories – operetta clutch, eddie weekend bag, and silvana small bag.

Sixteen (or Thirteen) by Halloween 2013?
We shall see …
(p.s. I’m a size 6.5 with Vogs
ranging from sizes 6 to 7. Just saying …)

percy jr. ❤ … shirl