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when Vog meets LuLa

Hello fellow Fluevog Lovers! As always, the MotleyFlue greatly apologize for being so negligent. We love that you have found us and still check out the blog (our stats show this!). Sadly, we’ve been absent because… life stuff. Do note that we’re all healthy and happy, and simply hella busy!!

Personally, I’m the first to admit that I’ve been in a Fluevog/fashion rut lately. You know things are bad when The Huz approaches you with concern asking: “Babe, are you alright?! You haven’t bought a new pair of Fluevogs in ages!” (Yes, I’m married to the greatest man on earth!) Currently, over half of my precious Fluevogs, along with most of my “cute” wardrobe are sitting in a storage unit in Arizona, while I’m in California teaching online classes and getting cracking on my research projects. With that, I lived most of 2016 and early 2017 in jeans and tops. I’ve also been out of the Facebook Fluevog loops, but have lately been slowly checking out everyone’s fabulous fashions.

One thing I noticed was people wearing their Fluevogs with these awesome printed leggings. I came to find that many of you wear LuLaRoe. In addition, Fraida, an old high school friend became a consultant, so I decided to dive in and buy my first pair of leggings (and a Cassie skirt). Yes, I’m kinda’ hooked. LuLaRoe and Fluevogs are like milk and cookies – they are destined to be together! Both are original, quirky, and size-inclusive, giving this gal new fashion life. (wa-hoo!)

In fact, I’ll be hosting an online shopping party with the lovely Ellen Gillihan this weekend. The Silly Song Sale starts this Saturday, April 1st at 8am. Since it’s Ellen’s birthday month, she’s offering FREE SHIPPING to celebrate. In addition, she has some awesome opportunities for you to earn some LuLaCash. You’re free to join me and some of the MotleyFlue (we’ll be shopping too)! If you’ve never shopped for LuLaRoe via Facebook, send me an email at: I’ll be keeping better track of the emails there. You can also leave me a message on our Facebook page I’ll be more than happy to add you to the sale page! Finally, as one of your weekend hostesses, please don’t hesitate to ask me (joanne) questions about sizing and pairing (and please pick me as your host when you check out:D).

Yes, these days I’ve been Facebook stalking various LuLaRoe pages in hopes of spring-sprucing my wardrobe. While LuLaRoe is known for its leggings, I will say that most folks will (and should) venture out to other items. Personally, I’m loving their skirts (Maxi, Azure, Cassie). However, I’m always surprised when people hesitate to try skirts and dresses. So here’s my ode to finding inspiration and fashion outside of your comfort zone. For you, the lovely LuLaRoe leggings lover….


Christmas with my dad’s side of the family. Note: This dress is tame compared to what my mom usually dressed me in. Those outfits often required lace pantaloons.

Confession: I have lived most of my teen/adult life in pants. As a child, like many Filipino moms, my mom dressed me in cutesy lacy, frilly dresses. When I was old enough to make my own fashion decisions, I immediately banned all things flowy and uber-girly. Granted, I was spotted in a dress for the occasional family gathering. Many moons ago when I worked behind the cosmetics counter, I wore black dresses to break the monotony of the black pant uniform. Otherwise, I pretty much lived in pants.


Note: The person in this photo is my buddy Masud. Since I haven’t seen him since high school, I thought it would be unfair to show his face.

It wasn’t until 2011 that I decided to have a change of heart regarding dresses and skirts. That was the year local fashion designer (and fellow Fluevog lover) Amber Clisura (of Salt Clothing) decided she would not wear a single pair of pants. She then documented her journey in a blog. I loved seeing her daily outfits – especially how she used long socks, tights, belts, pantaloons, skirt extenders, and other accessories to work around going pants-less. While I can’t go full tilt boogie on the no pants thing, the blog did inspire me to re-think my wardrobe. A year later, I began my first gig as a college professor in Arizona. With that, I learned that wearing a dress or skirt makes me feel like a bona fide adult and makes it so that students are less likely to mistake me for one of them.

While I know most LuLaRoe fans are here for the buttery leggings (and for good reason too!), I do suggest branching out and trying a skirt or dress (or a Maxi which works as both!). It’s a lot easier to wear a one-piece dress than try to coordinate multiple pieces when wearing pants. Plus, if you’re trying to live la vida elastic waistband like I am, skirts and dresses are where it’s at!

GlideSince I’m older and larger than many of you, I do have chub rub issues. To combat that, I have a few solutions: (1) Behold the wonder of skimmies (made by Jockey). I prefer skimmies over Spanx because skimmies don’t pinch, pull, or compress; when Macys has a sale, I stock up. (2) If you don’t like wearing “shorts” under your dresses, do what marathon runners do: put some Body Glide on areas you chafe. I keep a small stick in my purse because it works great on the feet to prevent blistering. (3) Wear your LuLaRoe leggings under that dress!

With spring around the corner, dresses and skirts are the perfect thing to wear to welcome the warmer weather (especially in California). Below are a few pics of me in some LuLa gear. (For the record, yes, I do own some LuLaRoe leggings.) Enjoy!


Yes. I play Pokemon Go! Last night I wore this Maxi while hunting at Pier 39.


For this outfit, I decided to layer two Azure skirts: one as a top and one as a skirt/skirt extender.

For the Love of Vogs (and LuLaRoe),

j-ro (joanne)

P.S. Here is a list of LuLaRoe sellers I have purchased from (note: the links only work if you’re logged in to Facebook):

Shop LuLaRoe with Ellen Gillihan (Note: If you’re shopping at this weekend’s sale, feel free to  ask me questions about what clothes would go great with your Fluevogs! While I haven’t tried on this season’s collection, I do have notes from what I tried on last season. Also,  I would be so thankful if you chose me as your LLR hostess.)

LuLaRoe Fraida Fri-Fri

Shop LuLaRoe with Leslie Michelle Cornelius

LuLaRoe Jessica Dela Cuesta

LuLaRoe Raquel Ubana




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shop for a cause



Don’t live near  Haight Street Fluevog? Don’t worry. Simply call our friends at (415) 436-9784 on June 15th between 3-7pm and place an order. Your purchase will go toward Visual Aid. By stocking up on those much-loved Vogs, you will be helping out a wonderful charity. Please spread the word!


Air Canada: uniforms done right!

Our dear friends at Haight Street just sent us this link. It looks like Air Canada is going to roll out some new uniforms for their employees on July 1st. Their new threads will be sourced in Canada and will feature the country’s best shoe designer: John Fluevog! Check out the shoes!  I’d love to own Liz in that color combo.  Also,  Grant looks totally sharp! Does this mean I’m going to have to apply for a job at Air Canada?! Sigh. Oh Air Canada. You just became the coolest place to work at!




For the love of Fluegasms,



oh animal print!


Summertime | Dig in black.

Recently, I took advantage of the tights sale at Typically, I’m not much of a tights person. I’m also not an animal print person. However, I’m trying to break out of my small fashion shell. Here’s the result. Currently, it’s a bit warm in Phoenix, so tights are kind of out of the question. However, I really wanted to do a test run of these leopard printed tights in grey. Apologies for not posting a full-body photo. I was in “Fantasy Vogunteer” mode and completely forgot that the outfit actually matters. In truth, this was probably the more interesting part of the outfit. The top half was a simple black fitted t-shirt, grey tank top, and black skirt.

Lesson learned: A pair of interesting tights can really add spunk to an otherwise blah outfit. I admit that the animal print textures are really growing on me:) The textured tights I purchased were all in black/grey/plum. I’m still trying to embrace brightly colored tights. I’ll let you know when the tide has finally turned:)

So readers…. Do you have any advice on tights, textures, and colors? Please post to comments.

For the love of Fluegasms,



one woman’s treasure


I’ve always wanted to acquire a pair of Mini | Babycake. As you already know, I’m a HUGE fan of the Mini family. They just suit me. The Babycake just encompasses the perfect kick-ass shoe. It tells my college kids, “Ya best put that cell phone away and start taking notes or I’ll kick you with my gorgeous kick-ass Vogs!” (Okay, I’ve never actually said that, as to do so would be unprofessional.) The problem with the Babycake, as with any other boot is my calves are huge!

Recently, I couldn’t resist a great ebay deal on the Babycake. When I received them, naturally, they couldn’t zip up. Though I could have taken them to the local cobbler, I decided to see what magic the Haight Street dealers could do. The lovely Monika, who was holding down the fort as FlueDaddies Denny and Jim were away, kindly stretched them for me. About five days later, viola! They zip!

I’m not big on outfit pix. However, Miss Gladys urged me to do so. Also, earlier this year, I started taking photos of my outfits just so that I can have a sense of what works with what. I’m still toying with possibly posting those pics. Anyway… Here are the Babycakes. I LOVE them!

For the love of Fluegasms,


Outfit info: navy blue dress from The Gap (bought on clearance); fleece asymmetrical wrap by Bobeau (one of my favorite brands right now) available at Nordstrom, but was a gift from my sister; sunglasses by Kate Spade purchased at Costco.


Fall/Winter Collected Vogs

After all my FlueReviews, Joanne’s invitations to share our recent Vog acquisitions, Shirley’s awesome sock-and-Vog photos, and Dorothy’s most recent post on possible outfits for her verrrrry sexy new Malibus, I thought I’d post a little omnibus of my newest Vogs and the outfits I’ve come up with this past Fall/Winter.

I’ve been a busy buyer this past season — not as busy as some but very much so for me. After binge-buying in the first year of my Flueddiction (it started in late 2010), I thought I’d gotten a handle on it to the point where I would purchase at most two pairs a season. Well, apparently I’m back to my old habits, although now I find I’m so much more conscientious about filling the gaps in my collection, and much more strict about sizing and fit. I’ll admit, sometimes I would buy a pair of Vogs and wouldn’t get to wear them for many, many months down the road … and sometimes never wore them at all (I’ve sold a couple such pairs in the recent past). At a certain point, I realized this wasn’t how I wanted to build my collection. It’s hard because part of me feels like an ART COLLECTOR with all of these Fluevogs. But I don’t have unlimited funds, and I can’t even display my shoes in my house. So I have to make sure that function is the primary purpose of my shoes, as was the case with my most recent buys.


Recent Fall/Winter additions the my Vog collection

Wow, looking at them all arrayed here … it’s a lot. Plus, I almost got the Radio: CBCs in yellow suede as well but decided against getting another pair of suede shoes. These were all purchased between the months of November 2012 and January 2013. By contrast, I only bought two pairs in summer/early fall 2012 (Mini: Qtees and Integrity: Amies). Here’s the story of why I brought these home with me.


Queen Transcendent: Elizabeth in green

First, and the subject of my very first FTLOV post here, are the spectacular Queen Transcendent: Elizabeth maryjanes in green. I got them because I fell in love with them at first sight, and I justified the purchase by saying that 1) they would be my Christmas present and 2) I would wear them to my husband’s annual company holiday party. This outfit is by far one of my most favorite that I’ve ever worn, all built from the shoes up. And both shoes and dress were a hit at the party.


Radio: RTP in black suede/gray ankle strap

I honestly thought I was done with my fall purchases after Elizabeth, but I was SO wrong. Here is an outfit with the next pair, Radio: RTPs in black/gray, which were on clearance. I wouldn’t have known about them if Alice at the Melrose store hadn’t brought them out while I was picking up my Elizabeths. True, I didn’t buy them right away, but by the end of the following week I called up my dealers and gave them my credit card number. I couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome they were. I am a Radio fan, being the owner of the PRI in purple and the CBC in bone, both of which I’ve worn lots of times with lots of different outfits. I’d been wanting a pair of black boots that I could wear out a lot — I actually own the F-Shoe: Cece boots in black but have worn them only once (see what I mean?). The Radios run a little narrow, but for some reason my feet like them a lot.


Soprano: Inge in (sun-faded) teal … the color looks more like aqua

Again, I thought I was done. Then suddenly, in mid-December, came the early-morning texts from Joanne A.K.A. the Generalissima insisting that I check out a pair of vintage Soprano: Inges on eBay. And I’m not kidding about early morning. Try before sunrise. I believe she forgot about the time difference between Arizona and California. 🙂 But anyway, after getting advice from Haight Street Flue-Daddy Denny about sizing and quality, as well as feedback from Stacey K who has these boots in her huge collection, I went ahead and got these. They turned out to be quite sun-faded, which I couldn’t tell from the photos on eBay. It was disappointing at first, but I actually do love the aqua color. It worked so well with my dress and accessories, how could I complain too much?

My fourth acquisition this past season, the Attention: Paris in embossed black suede, hasn’t been worn out yet. I snagged the last size 5 when they went on sale in late December during the S.A.D. sale. I reviewed these shoes for FTLOV along with the Elizabeths all the way back in late October. I expected the size 5s to be completely gone before they went on sale (the pink/purple was gone in the 5), so I was elated to find out that not only were the blacks in 5 still available and on sale, but they were also at my nearest Fluevog store (Melrose) so I could pick them up right away, no shipping hassles or fees. I bought them because I have been looking for the right black pump for my shoe collection, to wear at more formal functions with little black dresses and other fancy attire. I was so thrilled when Fluevog started making the Paris in size 5! If the Elizabeth hadn’t come out at the same time, I probably would have bought these Paris pumps at full price. At the moment, they’re waiting for me to be invited to a wedding or a fancy dinner, or to decide to just dress up and paint the town red.


World: Nzame in red

Speaking of red, here are my newest Vogs in action, the World: Nzame. Along with the Amies I purchased in October, these shoes fill the gap in my everyday wear. I wear both at least twice or three times a week each, which is a lot of wear for the Fluevogs I own. If I had an office day job, I could wear all my Vogs all the time, but since the only time I get out of the house is to take my son to and from school (plus errands when necessary), I usually opt for flats or easy-to-wear booties. Well, I got tired of the cheap, slippery (I slipped and almost fell on my face at a BJ’s restaurant wearing a pair of Blowfish booties!), and not-super-comfortable shoes I’d been using before. I needed the option to wear something more sturdy, pliable, comfortable, AND stylish for those days when I’d have a long day of appointments or errands, or when I needed to be at a field trip with my son. I can run in these Fluevogs, as well as dance in them. Enough said. 🙂

xo, Gladys


The Splendids are Splendid indeed!

As I mentioned to the Generalissima (aka Joanne), I’m trying to merge a bit of the Abstraction Expressionist ethos of color into my wardrobe. THIS time I actually took a pic of the top part of my outfit for the day because, well, you were probably wondering, “Okay, great, nice pants or tights and shoes but what the hell does the rest of the outfit look like?” In any case, the look on my face says exactly what you think, “Yup, color is fun and I feel weird taking pictures of myself in my cubicle when I should be working.” Ha ha ha. Everyone needs a break and here it is. Brought to you by yours truly.


This time I’m providing the top part of my outfit for the post! A dressy tank (from one of my fave boutiques in SF, Azalea) with my favorite blazer (rolled up sleeves, of course – Rag and Bone), and a three chain gold necklace with turquoise bobbles (XXI or Forever 21)

While I love the Splendids, I will offer some advice since I’m breaking them in. Get pads for the balls of your feet. Even though I’m accustomed to walking in heels (not stilettos…that’s a whole other foot game all together), the pads serve as a bit of shock absorption. I find myself stomping in my Splendids (yes, as if some house music and a red carpet is about to roll out in front of my feet). They are that type of shoe! The 3″ heel is pretty deceptive due to the construction of the shoe. They look pretty high but they are just enough height. Along with the subtle patterning, these gems go with almost anything. 🙂


Color blocking has been one of my favorite things lately! The coral (reddish, if you will) jeggings (Hue) with my Splendids!


Don’t say, “I should wear more color”, just go ahead and wear color!

Color has always been a challenge for me to blend into my wardrobe. For goodness sake, I spent time in art school! I was once an aspiring illustrator and painter. You would think I have a keen eye for color when it comes to my clothing. But I spent A LOT of time buying and wearing black, gray, brown, and navy colored clothes. Like many people, color terrified me. Pulling off magenta tights a couple of years ago would make my hair stand on end. Now, well, I don’t really care much anymore. I learned many tricks from the lovely women (and wonderful friends), Jenny and Julia, over at Retrofit Republic. They reminded me that it’s okay to bold and expressive with my attire.

Here are a few examples of how I work a couple of my colorful pairs of Fluevogs!

My lovely Omegas (from the Terras Family) with Magenta tights to match the piping! FYI, I wore a simple black dress with a wide gray snakeskin belt and jean jacket!

Darling pair of Rosies (from the Hopefuls family) with my mustard jeggings! I wore a black top and fitted leather jacket. The day I wore this outfit, I dropped my partner off at SFO and people would actually stop, turn, and look at my shoes and pants. In a sea of black, gray, brown, and navy, it felt damn good to be the bright one!


Bunny in the Airport


travelling in and with style
Mini | Bunny [Navy & Yellow]

I Spy … Laina travelling in her newly acquired pair of navy & yellow Mini | Bunny shoes, while she is stylishly waiting at Gate 27 in the Oakland International Airport for a day trip to SoCal.

While I don’t remember exactly what I said out loud, in my head I was extremely excited. I realized I was having my virgin I Spy Fluevogs moment. My excitement somewhat got the better of me, as evidenced by this rather blurry I Spy moment. Oh! What’s an I Spy moment? We like to describe it as –

“When the MotleyFlue are out and about, we get shivers when we meet other FlueFanatics. Here are other cool people who share our love of Vogs!”

Thanks Laina … Many thanks to Laina for indulging an early morning stranger-danger(-ish) request to take a picture of her shoes and her. And an added thanks for sharing a little bit about her growing collection. Along with her Minis, Laina has five other pairs of Fluevogs. Her collection began a couple of years ago, starting off on Day 1 with three pairs from the Vancouver (Gastown) store. Part of her collection includes the Munsters | Original (Algery Grey), which presents in a bronze-like color with a beautiful embossed pattern.

Reflections of a Spy … Reflecting on my virgin I Spy Fluevogs moment, I realize each person spotted is different, and each environment is different. An I Spy moment may be from afar – with a picture taken only of the shoes, or an I Spy moment may involve introductions with the sharing of a back-story. My presumption is that if I approach a Vogger to compliment his/her shoes or accessory, I will have a pleasant interaction. With that in mind, I offer the following from my I Spy experience with Laina –

  • Ask Permission – Shoes/accessory only, neck down, or full body? For some, anonymity may be preferred. For others, it’s a picture perfect moment (without the blur, of course).
  • Get the Basics – Who, where, and what? Name (optional), where the sighting occurred, specifics about the shoe/accessory, and anything else the person would like to share.
  • Blog bound – Let the person know about I Spy Fluevogs, which is part of this blog that also has a Facebook page, and share a little about the MotleyFlue, with highlights about Generalissima Joanne who initiated this blog.
  • Share and Connect – With Laina, she was okay with my emailing her the picture. Time (and Laina) permitting, I asked several other questions including how many in her collection and when did she purchase her first pair.

BE ALERT because YOU, TOO, can

percy jr. ❤ …  shirl

UPDATE: What happened afterwards with Laina?
Catch-up with Laina over here


oh Ralphie!

Hello Hotcakes! Warning: If you don’t like attention, please don’t bother wearing these beauties.

Here’s the story of when j-ro met the Hotcakes…. I saw these online and immediately fell in love. I have hearty calves and unfortunately, Mr. Fluevog  doesn’t make boots that fit a thicker leg. Confession: my wallet is thankful. It means less Vogs to consider. Anyway… when I saw these, I couldn’t wait ’til they finally hit the stores!

The Manpanion and I headed over to Haight Street and Allan ended up helping me. I explained my large calf issue. He asked if I had tried the Sugars. I told him that I did, during a trip to L.A. and it was a complete failure. My calves are so big that there isn’t enough lacing to reach all the way to the top.  Since Allan’s special Boo has the same calf issue, he says that he’s the go-to guy if you need advice on knee-high boots for large calves. (Btw, I met Allan’s special Boo this weekend. She is, indeed, lovely!)

During that trip, I tried on the Hotcakes in a size 9. They fit PERFECTLY! I loved that they really defined by calves and they were comfy too! I had only tried them on one leg because I didn’t want to trouble the dealer any more than I already had (I knew I wasn’t going to buy them yet. That visit was a “try it on” trip.) I wobbled around to look at the Hotcakes in the mirror. Out of nowhere, the Manpanion rose from his “king’s” chair and grabbed my shoulder. I turned and he asked me to stop wobbling. He then reached over to caress my leg. I thought it was weird. Then, Allan turned to him and they both shared a “guy” moment. Allen then told the Manpanion, “I know what you mean. I like nice calves too.” The scenario made me laugh and it reminded me of A Christmas Story. Do you remember when the father wins the leg lamp and Ralphie starts groping the leg? In case you forgot, look at the video below, specifically at 1:39 and 3:48. You’ll get the picture:)

Recently, I explained what a Fluegasm is. I forgot to mention that the people around you can have a Fluegasmic moment too – at least that’s what I’d say the Manpanion had when he pulled the Ralphie on me. I should ammend my original post by stating that. Admittedly, the Manpanion’s reaction totally sealed the deal for me. I invested in the Hotcakes for his Fluegasm, not mine;P

Since the Hotcakes cost a pretty penny, I needed to figure out a good Flue-nancial plan. Within a month, I was back and I put those babies on layaway! It took a while to pay off, but they have and continue to be well worth the investment. I’ve been stared at and stopped randomly on the street because of these Vogs. For those of you who are contemplating the Hotcakes, I say DO IT! (Yeah Marisol, I’m talking to YOU!) You’ll be happy you did:)

Living life feet first.