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It all began with four women and a shared love of Fluevog shoes. The rest is worn feet first. To contact us, feel free to send us an email at: email: Also, don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook!

Name: Gladys Nubla

Moniker: Desert Vog

Flue-sona: “The Addict”

Gladys lives in the high desert of Los Angeles with her family. Soon after Joanne (a.k.a. The Pusher) showed off her beautiful teal, cream, and red Mini Dollfaces, Gladys became addicted to Fluevogs. She visited the Melrose store and for the first time in her life, trying on shoes actually made her dance … and several years and many pairs later, they still make her dance! Building her collection of Fluevogs — along with learning to sew and craft, clearing out and rebuilding her wardrobe, shifting into an organic kitchen, and paring down on other things that her family owns — has become part of a journey toward a more conscientious exploration of her world outside of books, writing, and teaching.

On style: “It’s only been in the last few years that I felt a newfound sense of freedom with my personal style and an excitement about actually dressing up for things besides conferences and classes. I’ll confess that I went on shopping binges, especially at online stores like ModCloth, Old Navy, and Amazon. But once I came down from the high, I found that I was left with a pile of clothes that didn’t fit quite right or make me feel as happy as my shoes did. That was a sobering experience. As I’ve learned, Fluevog shoes last for many years because they marry beauty with comfort and durability … reflecting on that, I decided that I needed to move away from ‘fast fashion’ with its light-speed trendiness. Each piece that went into my closet needed to be special, just like my shoes. Since making that decision, I have become determined to make my own clothing, choose secondhand items from my mother, sisters, and friends over buying new, buy from thrift and consignment stores, and explore vintage wear.”

What I look for in a Fluevog: “My biggest concern with Fluevogs is that they fit. I have small feet with wide toes and a relatively-flat instep, and many Fluevog families don’t accommodate them. There are so many families that I am resigned to admire from afar. (This is probably the best thing for my wallet — automatic intervention!) However, since the Fall 2012 collection, Fluevog started making smaller sizes in several of the more-established and popular families like the Minis, Bellevues, and Hopes. The colorway choices aren’t as broad as I would like (I don’t need that many black shoes), but I’m hopeful that as long as the economy keeps improving, Fluevog will be making more styles in the smaller sizes.”

Name: Shirley Rivera 

Moniker: The Cubevologist

Flue-sona: “The Madam”

Shirley proudly admits to being rightfully blamed by Joanne for bringing Fluevogs into our closets, hallways, and shoe racks. Shirley has gathered and recruited those who have found another way of life for their feet. As the oldest (and therefore “The Madam”) of the MotleyFlue, she hit the half-century mark in 2013. And yes, she had 50 pairs (and a few more) of Fluevogs when she turned 50 years old. She tallied up 23 pairs when she turned 48 yrs old.

While the MotleyFlue’s beginnings may be attributed to Shirley, it was in late 2008 when her friend Kate served as her guide  to the Haight Street store, hastily heading to the Haight after a day in cubeopolis. Shirley’s virgin voyage was celebrated with a pair of Fellowships | Kathy and with a pair of Operettas | Malibran the very next day. She would later learn about the phenomenon the MotleyFlue have coined as Fluegasm. And she has not looked back!

Meanwhile, as “The Madam” of the MotleyFlue, Shirley also calls herself the Anthrocubeologist – passionate about discovering how peer-to-peer interactions can affect workspace cultural shifts. Sure she holds a degree in chemical engineering, but who says the left brain can’t meet the right brain?! As a workspace explorer, storyteller, catalyst, improv performer, randomness connector, and servant leader, Shirley often wonders – can the workplace become a playspace simply one Fluevog pair at a time? Join her as the cubevologist, smiling at her Fluevog-donned feet while making others smile.

On style: “Born among the tail end of the Baby Boomers and beginning of Gen X, and working among Gen Y Millenials and Gen Z Digital Natives,  my style is as varied as the generations – choosing from what’s comfortable and timeless. I keep my dry cleaning bill to a minimum. Iron clothes? Meh. Steam clothes? Here and there. Wearable off the clothesline or out of the dryer? Preferred. And while I grew up with Glamour’s Do’s and Don’ts, am a believer in Tim Gunn’s 10 Essentials, and get excited when Stacy and Clinton of What Not To Wear have tips for the curvy and petite, none of these have taught me what my MotleyFlue have – enjoy dressing from your Fluevogs up, treat yourself to fun pairs of socks and tights, and remember your feet deserve style, as well.”

What I look for in a Fluevog: “It’s all about the Fluegasm. Four characteristics intersect to create that special moment when I know a pair(s) of Fluevogs will come home with me – (1) my Greek feet are nicely accommodated, (2) Percy Jr. (a bunion on my left foot) is not cranky, (3) the shoes/boots add more color and texture for my feet-wearing options, and (4) when I look down at my Fluevog-wearing-feet, I am always in a better mood. Comfort, happiness, and a little biofeedback kickstart are what Fluevogs offer me.  Admittedly, I own shoes and boots from other designers that also offer comfort and happiness; however, it is far and few between that they are mood changers.  Simply put, who wouldn’t want a Fluegasm.”

frameName: Joanne L. Rondilla (j-ro)

Moniker:  Generalissima 

Flue-sona: “The Pusher”

Joanne is affectionately called “Generalissima” because like any good leader, she has no problem laying down the hard line – no matter how much the truth hurts. Sometimes this means urging the MotleyFlue to update their Fluevog FB albums or helping the gals organize a responsible Flue-nancial plan. She likes to think that “generalissima” is the combination of “generala” and “belissima.” Translated, they mean “beautiful general.” With that, she fancies herself to lead her friends to lovely things. At the same time, the other ladies swear that Joanne is also the ultimate Fluevog “Pusher”! She’s the first to share any new Flue-news and doesn’t bat an eyelash when she spots a shoe and convincingly tells the gal pals: “You’re getting this shoe.” In addition, she’s notorious for recruiting new Flueddicts (for both noble and evil reasons). Joanne blames Madam Shirley for her love of vogs because she’s the one who started it all. After stalking the site for about a year, Joanne finally mustered up the courage to visit the Haight Street store for her first Fluevog experience. Her life has never been the same since.

To support her footwear habit, Joanne is an educator, scholar, and writer (not necessarily in that order). At times, she can be found selling skincare, or working as a makeup artist at a local mall or a loved one’s wedding. Originally from the island of Guam, she calls the San Francisco bay area her other home.

On style: “It’s only now that I’m older that I feel I’m finally developing a sense of style. Since I have such odd proportions, it’s hard to find things that fit well. That’s why I invest in Fluevogs – they always fit the way I need them to fit. Everything else I go pretty cheap because the shoes say all I need to say. I won’t have anything to do with clothing doesn’t make me feel fabulous and I’m a big believer in making friends with your local alterations person. These days, I prefer wearing dresses and skirts. They’re actually easier to dress in and way more comfy than pants. Who knew?! ”

What I look for in a Fluevog: “My feet are wide and flat, and aren’t built for stilettos. While I love color and variety, it all comes down to comfort. I usually opt for flats, platforms, or chunky heels. I refuse to experience pain in the name of fashion. If the shoes make my feet sing, I’m all about ‘em! Finally, I have a really strict personal rule about not buying the same shoe twice – even if it is a different color. No. I’m not telling you how many Fluevogs I own;P”

Name: Dorothy Santos

Moniker: The Artful Voger

Flue-sona: “The Agent”

Dorothy is an art writer, blogger, curator, photojournalist, and grad student. She loves all kinds of art (from traditional to performance to new media works). Dorothy is a native San Franciscan, so it takes A LOT to surprise and offend her. By day, she works a 9-5 corporate job, so ONLY the most comfortable Fluevogs will do. BUT being the baby of the bunch, she says she doesn’t own very many Vogs ONLY because it takes A LOT for her to commit to a pair. She’s still not sure what that says about her, but she claims that it’s very difficult to sway her (unless, of course, she’s with j-ro). Fun fact: While in college, Dorothy sold shoes on Haight Street at ShoeBiz AND loved Fluvogs THEN but could never afford them until she started working!!

On style: Masculine. Feminine. Whatever. I’m not, what the cool kids say, “heteronormative“. So, much of my style depends on my mood. Sometimes, I feel like wearing my CBCs. Sometimes, I enjoy wearing my Dawns and showing off my bare calves. On the rare occasion, I like prancing around in my Vibes (at home, naturally) 😉 But, overall, my style is all over the place, which is another reason why I’m so damn picky, I guess.

What I look for in a Fluevog: I have the most average size feet. I’m a 7.5 so I have to hop on my favorite Fluevogs. The question: What makes a pair my favorite in a collection or a season? Primarily, I look for comfort and versatility. The majority of my Fluevogs are strictly based on the fact that they are comfortable but also have some element of fun and personality (a bright color, a gold buckle, or a folds to reveal a pattern – just like my Wicked pair!)

Denny, Monika, and Jim from the Haight Street store.

“The Dealers”: Every Flue-ddict has her/his favorite dealer(s). They are the lovely people who greet us at the stores and shower us with boxes filled with deliciously gorgeous pieces of art-wear to try on. They are they Flue-mamas and the Flue-daddies that give us our Vog-fix. They are the kind people who walk us through our layaway plans. They are the beautiful individuals who grace us with sound advice when debating between the Minis, the Radios, the Miracles, and the Operettas. Though our wallets are empty, our hearts are filled with the sheer beauty of a new pair (or two) of Fluevogs. For that, we love our dealers.

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