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let the countdown begin!


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or you’re a total Flue-bie, then you know that May 15th is International Fluevog Day (IFD)! Why is this day so special? First, it’s John Fluevog’s birthday. What better way to celebrate Mr. Fluevog’s birthday than to head to your local Fluevog store to buy a pair of Vogs for yourself? In particular, Fluevog runs a 15% off promotion for shoes purchased in stores. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering some of the more popular styles never go on sale, 15% off is fantastic!

Is your town lacking in Fluevog greatness? Well don’t fret because there are some great things happening online as well. For those of you who order online, you get FREE shipping! Wa-hoo! Here’s a friendly tip: If you call your favorite store and have them ship your Vogs as opposed to ordering online, you can take advantage of the 15% off or FREE shipping – whatever works in your favor. You hear that?! I’m sure our friends at Haight Street can’t wait the hear from you;)

To help celebrate IFD, the MotleyFlue will be counting down to one of the best days of the year! Starting tomorrow, we will be posting a daily reason why you should celebrate IFD in a BIG way. We hope you’re ready for our countdown to Fluevog fabulousness. Be sure to mark your calendars and leave work early on May 15th!

For the love of Fluegasms,




Vintage Vog: Mary


You may or may not remember, but last month I promised I’d share when I picked up something special from the cobbler. I forgot to post it here when it happened, but j-ro reminded me, and as in most things, better late than never! (Except, as I found out recently, in contra dance. If you’re late with a move, just go on to the next move or risk messing up the whole line of dancing. OK, sorry! No more tangentially-related geeky stuff!)

Anyway, in mid-March, I bought a pair of vintage Fluevogs — Moonie: Mary — through the FlueMarket, the awesome (and FREE) online webpage that Fluevog has set up for those looking to sell or buy some well-loved vintage Fluevogs. I’d never seen anything from the Moonie family before, but I really liked the wedge heel and maryjane style, as well as the dark gray/orange colorway. (No one at the Fluevog Melrose store could recall seeing them before, either.) As it happens, however, the Fluevog blog just recently posted a catalog pic of three Moonie styles, including the Mary, for their Way Back Wednesday feature. So below is what the Mary looked like when it was new in 2000. You can see that mine differs a bit with the side grommets being orange.


When I received the shoes in the mail, however, I realized there were some problems that the seller hadn’t disclosed:


I decided to take them to the Melrose store so they could help me figure out what to do. The scuffs were fine and understandable considering these were vintage — and a nice polish would do the trick — but the straps seemed to be in a more-delicate condition than I expected from the photo (no mention of their state in the seller’s note). And it was dealer Anthony at Melrose who figured out that the upper on the right shoe had separated from the wedge heel at the toe; I didn’t even realize it when I first tried it on! Anyway, I had them take the shoes to their cobbler to see what could be done. Polishing the leather and re-gluing the upper were straightforward, but we were concerned that the straps would need major repair work.


Well, fast forward a few weeks later. I was finally able to pick them up after they were done, and they looked like they got a facelift. YEARS YOUNGER! The straps were deemed okay, so the cobbler just matched the orange and recolored them, and I think he did an amazing job with that. The scuffs are gone, and the upper is definitely back on properly. I think the only other thing I would have liked them to have done was recolor the pinstriping on the wedge heels. (I looked at the work order and that detail wasn’t on it. Bummer.)


The shoes look fantastic under both pants and skirts/dresses. And because the wedge heel is the same color as the upper, the shoes look like flats but add height, which is a plus in my shortie book. 🙂 The casual style and color of these shoes fill a gap in my Fluevog collection, and if I take care not to be too hard on them, I can probably wear them on a regular basis the way I do my cream Amie flats and red Nzame loafers. Big thanks and hearts to Fluevog Melrose (especially Anthony and Kate) and their cobbler!


hello Seattle!


Of course it was cold and rainy when I stopped by the Fluevog store in Seattle:) Located just a stone’s throw away from the famous Public Market on Pike Street, the surrounding area is so awesome for shopping, eating, and hanging out.

Recently, I was in Seattle for an academic conference. When I pulled up my trusty yelp app, I was so excited to find out I was staying three blocks away from the Fluevog store. Wa-hoo! (Me doing the happy dance.) Fun fact: Did you know that the Fluevog store made a cameo appearance in Sleepless in Seattle? Yup! Watch it and leave a comment to let me know if you found it! Anywhoo….

I want to say THANK YOU to Amanda W. who is now the proud owner of the red Todas that I posted on the FlueMarket. May they bring you lots of joy:) She and I arranged an in-person meeting at the Seattle Fluevog store for the transaction. Must love fellow Voggers – especially if you are the same size. I also want to say HELLO to the lovely Brenda B., who leads the Seattle team. She helped me try on some of the new offerings at the store. Speaking of which…. I couldn’t help but notice that the Amie came in new spring colors! Hello lilac and aqua (accompanied by the neon orange). Though I didn’t try them on, I still think they’re so cute!

Prepare | Portage: I’m a fan of the Prepare family and I was glad to see these. Purple is my favorite color, so I had to try these on! I had to go up half a size to 9.5. They fit pretty good, but I may need to try them on again to make sure my toe doesn’t hit the shoe funny. I own the Guide in blue. While I love them, sometimes I have toe issues (damn that Morton’s toe). True to the Prepare family, these are really stable and the buckled straps makes this a really secure Vog. If you already own something in this family, you know that it’s super comfy and easily a go-to, daily Vog. I’m not sure how I feel about the style, but I really love how the lilac looks against my skin tone. (Note to self: I need some sun!)



Garden of Enjoyment | Rita*: According to the Seattle folks, these are a limited edition Vog that is available in the following stores: San Francisco (Union Square), Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York. They’re now available online. If you’re drooling over these babies, ya best contact one of these Fluevog stores stat! Despite the fact that they  possess everything I try to avoid (pointy toes, thin heels, and they  look uncomfortable), I couldn’t resist trying these on. They’re so cool and sexy, and kept calling my name!

In terms of sizing, they seem to run true to size. I’m sporting a size 9, and they were a perfect fit. I was surprised at how stable they were. In moving forward and back, these were really steady. If you have a nervous tick that prompts you to wiggle side to side, then you may experience some instability. I’m not into the smaller heels, but this one was secure, even for my heavier frame. In fact, they felt a lot like the Summertime | Dig (which I happened to be sporting during the conference). I can’t imagine wearing these all day long, but they will definitely allow you to stand around for around 4 hours (I think), which is a pretty good time frame. Because my foot is wide, I did feel that the pinky toe area was a little pinchy (this could be remedied by some stretching). Also, I’m sure that I was experiencing what Gladys calls “muffin side,”  but  just didn’t notice or mind.

This blue color is brilliant (and makes my red nail polish totally stand out)! I love the grommet detail (okay, I’m not sure what they’re called, but grommet was the closest thing I could think of), as well as the double buckle. Though I’m not into pointed toes, the tapered shape at the top is  alluring! At the end of the day, they’re not me. However, if these are you,  they’re an incredible find!

For the love of Fluegasms,


* This section was edited to update the information.

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PSA: Fluevogologist Kate in The Office

Liz1Hi fellow Vogers! Just a quick public service announcement about our dear Kate from the Melrose store. If you’ve ever met tall, gorgeous, striking Kate, then you won’t be surprised to learn that she’s an actress as well. I found out that she filmed an episode of The Office earlier this year, and that episode (which guest stars Roseanne Barr) will be airing this Thursday, April 25th, 9PM (Pacific and Eastern/ 8PM Central). I’m so excited to watch! Kate says she wore a pair of her Vogs, so there should be a FlueSighting! 🙂

xo, Gladys


oh animal print!


Summertime | Dig in black.

Recently, I took advantage of the tights sale at Typically, I’m not much of a tights person. I’m also not an animal print person. However, I’m trying to break out of my small fashion shell. Here’s the result. Currently, it’s a bit warm in Phoenix, so tights are kind of out of the question. However, I really wanted to do a test run of these leopard printed tights in grey. Apologies for not posting a full-body photo. I was in “Fantasy Vogunteer” mode and completely forgot that the outfit actually matters. In truth, this was probably the more interesting part of the outfit. The top half was a simple black fitted t-shirt, grey tank top, and black skirt.

Lesson learned: A pair of interesting tights can really add spunk to an otherwise blah outfit. I admit that the animal print textures are really growing on me:) The textured tights I purchased were all in black/grey/plum. I’m still trying to embrace brightly colored tights. I’ll let you know when the tide has finally turned:)

So readers…. Do you have any advice on tights, textures, and colors? Please post to comments.

For the love of Fluegasms,



shameless self promotion… kind of.

Okay. It’s spring cleaning time. Admittedly, I’m really particular with the Vogs I purchase because I try to avoid having to re-sell or second guess any of my purchases. Alas, there comes a time when a gal has to clean out her closet because she just isn’t giving her collection the love and attention they deserve. With that, my loss is your gain! Below are photos of three pairs of Vogs that I posted on the FlueMarket. In case you don’t know what the FlueMarket is, it’s a central place where Vog lovers can sell or perhaps swap their Vogs. You can also post your Vintage Vog wishes! (Note: I’ve been known to contact people regarding their “wish” list in the event I happen to see a match. It’s all about FlueKarma!) If you or someone you know is a women’s size 9, then please feel free to check out my listings. Simply click on the photo and it will lead you to the FlueMarket listing. Happy shopping!


Cross Fluevog Sandal. Sold on FlueMarket.


40th Anniversary Re-Issue | Restitution. Sold on FlueMarket.


Wearever | Toda. Sold on FlueMarket.

For the love of Fluegasms,



one woman’s treasure


I’ve always wanted to acquire a pair of Mini | Babycake. As you already know, I’m a HUGE fan of the Mini family. They just suit me. The Babycake just encompasses the perfect kick-ass shoe. It tells my college kids, “Ya best put that cell phone away and start taking notes or I’ll kick you with my gorgeous kick-ass Vogs!” (Okay, I’ve never actually said that, as to do so would be unprofessional.) The problem with the Babycake, as with any other boot is my calves are huge!

Recently, I couldn’t resist a great ebay deal on the Babycake. When I received them, naturally, they couldn’t zip up. Though I could have taken them to the local cobbler, I decided to see what magic the Haight Street dealers could do. The lovely Monika, who was holding down the fort as FlueDaddies Denny and Jim were away, kindly stretched them for me. About five days later, viola! They zip!

I’m not big on outfit pix. However, Miss Gladys urged me to do so. Also, earlier this year, I started taking photos of my outfits just so that I can have a sense of what works with what. I’m still toying with possibly posting those pics. Anyway… Here are the Babycakes. I LOVE them!

For the love of Fluegasms,


Outfit info: navy blue dress from The Gap (bought on clearance); fleece asymmetrical wrap by Bobeau (one of my favorite brands right now) available at Nordstrom, but was a gift from my sister; sunglasses by Kate Spade purchased at Costco.


It’s All about the Polka Dots

I am a sucker for patterns. I sew at home, and whenever I go to the fabric store I am always, always drawn to patterned fabrics. Pattern speaks to me kind of like the way drawings and paintings do; they tell stories or send me off on a story of my own imagination. I go over the moon when I see fabric that depicts children or animals (owls, foxes, cats, rabbits, what have you) or bugs or typewriters or little towns, etc. And if the fabric depicts an actual landscape, even better…. But when it comes to more abstract patterns, I especially LOVE polka dots. (Hi, Dorothy!)

So what happens when you combine Fluevogs with polka dots and purple? That utter magic immediately goes on layaway, that’s what. 🙂
7th Heaven: DerbySwirlI was so excited when I found out there would be polka-dotted Fluevogs this season. I was disappointed that they hadn’t arrived at the store the last time I visited. The 7th Heaven: Derby Swirl (5 Eye) is indeed a heavenly boot, especially with the comfy Fluevog socks that the dealers let me use to try on the shoes (thanks, Kimberly!). My feet felt lovingly encased while I walked around the store and stood at the counter. This family is more substantial than the Radio family, but they aren’t heavy and stompy like, say, my Adrian: Alli maryjanes. These were the size 6, the smallest size (again, I’m a true size 5.5). I’d been afraid that they would be too big because the size 6 Angel Supervog (which I assume has a similar sole) from last season was HUGE on me. But these were perfect, not too tight and just right with the socks — which is how I like my boots. I’d say these run close to true-to-size. If you get the chance, I urge you to try them on!

I’m sorry I don’t have any photos of other shoes. I didn’t even bother trying anything else on because I knew right away what I wanted. If the purple polka-dotted boots fit, then I was buying them. After the Liz, these boots were my favorite pick of the season.

Speaking of the Liz, and just in case you don’t believe me about my love for polka dots, this is what I was wearing when I tried on the Derby Swirl:

More on this outfit hereAnd yes, I totally love the Liz! They were perfect with this retro polka-dotted dress — similar sensibility, styling, and colors. A match made in 7th Heaven, perhaps? OK, I’ll stop there with the bad puns. 😛

Fellow Vogers, what do you think of the new 7th Heaven family? Do you love them or hate them? Are you on the fence and prefer the other Spring styles? Or are you totally indifferent?

‘Til next time!

xo, Gladys


Confessions of a Fluevog pusher

When the ladies of the MötleyFlue call me Generalissima, they’re not lying. It’s true. I texted Gladys at 4am (her time zone) urging her to invest in the Inge boots that were posted on eBay. When I saw those gorgeous olive one-of-a-kind boots on the FlueMarket in Shirley’s size, I immediately sent her the link and demanded she contact the seller, STAT! Of course, when the Malibus received its latest markdown, I totally put Dorothy on blast in this post, begging her to visit the dealers that day.

I know I can be aggressive sometimes. However, I like to think I’m doing the gals a favor by making their days shine brighter in the greatness of Fluevogs!

Admittedly, I worked in retail for over twelve years. Therefore, I know a thing or two about sales tactics. I mention this, not because I know how to sucker someone into a sale, but because I can tell when someone is trying to sucker punch me (and my friends). You haven’t experienced buying cosmetics until you’ve watched me tell the uber-aggressive person behind the counter to back off, because I’m the ruler of my debit card!  This is why I’m known as the Generalissima. I shop with a definite plan and I don’t hesitate giving the hardline when it comes to helping others make Vog decisions.

Yes, get the Malibus.

I say hold off on investing in the (insert Vog here), and pay rent this month.

Of course I’ll help you develop a good Flue-nancial plan.

Don’t make me put you on FlueLent!

If you forego your daily latte, I’m sure you can pay off the Liz in no time!

Um, do you really need another pair of black boots?!

You didn’t just ask me if those Vogs make you look fat, did you?! (slap!)

“I told you. No wire hangers, EVER!” 

When it comes to Flue-tail therapy, my policy is this: I’ll tell you what you need to hear. Be prepared because I’m not a fan of false compliments or lies for the sake of making you happy. If I don’t like something, I’ll tell you. If it doesn’t work, I’ll tell you. If the Vog does nothing for you or your collection, I’ll tell you! I am too old and don’t have time for for anything less than what my gut is telling me. (Maybe this is why I’m the Generalissima.)

Admittedly, I live vicariously through the MotleyFlue and friends. I can’t afford everything, and if I did, I wouldn’t want to own every Vog that I fell in love with. Watching others shop gives me pleasure. It’s like I’m Santa Clause, but without having to fork over a single dollar:)

With that, I proudly remain the Generalissima, pusher extraordinaire of the MotleyFlue. Need Vog advice? Feel free to contact me. I have no problem giving an objective, honest (sometimes harsh) opinion:)

For the love of Fluegasms,



FlueFan Spotlight: Stacey K.

Hello Fellow Flueddicts! We are so happy to introduce you to a new feature. Since there are so many folks out there who share our Love of Vogs, we wanted to give you, our readers, the opportunity to strut your stuff and tell us who you are. Today, we have our very first FlueFan Spotlight. We are very lucky to feature Stacey K., whose Everyday Fluevogs were featured in January 2010!

Stacey1Name: Stacey Kuhr

Hometown: Discovery Bay, CA (now shacked up in Phoenix, AZ)

My Super Fluevoger Life: Single gracefully aging 40-ish gal, raised a Nor Cal Delta-Brat. Relocated to Phoenix in 01, dig the desert but still miss having a boat docked in my back yard. Professional Bad Ass Operations Mgr for the last 20+ years mostly in Custom Home Industry.  Besides the shoe fixation (now solely focused on Vogs) that goes back to at least 1st grade when I got caught trading shoes with other kids  my main hobbies include but are not limited to cars and my car clubs (most notably the 20 years of dedication to my Samba Green Del Sol). Reading, Racing, Road Tripping, Herps, My Corgi-Monster, anything to do with water and spending quality time with my diverse herd of friends of 10-30+  years or more.  Optimus Prime has been my dream man since I was 17 and I’m a total Trekkie and FF geek. I speak fluent sarcasm and live by the Do Unto Others… and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff philosophies which help me preserve the remnants of sanity I have left.

How I Became a Fluevoger: Bored one night in 2004 and did a google search of “funky shoes” and the Vog website was at the top. Had never heard of them before and became instantly obsessed; not only the cool and unique designs but the whole attitude of the company and good ju ju it projects to the world. My first pair (The oh so lovely Mini Bebe in black) was purchased on sale on 7-9-04 for $99.00 and came to me via Haight St. (Yes, I am a big enough geek to track my shoes in a detailed and comprehensive Excel spreadsheet)

331138_10150302076678322_7660534_oWhat I look for in a Fluevog: At first I was overcome and wanted them all and had no plan of attack in my selection process.  If they caught my eye and fit me well I got em (assuming $$ were there as I vowed never to charge shoes). Since being diagnosed with Plantar Faciiatis 5 years ago I have had to adjust my scope to only include Vogs that my feet can handle standing in for normal lengths of time.  Also reaching nearly 80 pairs I have started checking myself as to whether I already have a Vog that serves a purpose in design and color in the collection so as not to repeat myself and keep the variety going. (Though to be honest, I still want 99% of them all)

My Namesake Fluevog Would Look Like….: My namesake Vog doesn’t “looks like” but IS the Listen Up | Stacey (1st Gen released in Fall of 2006 and 2nd Gen released in 2011?)


About My Collection: My collection is all over the place though I have more Minis and Fellowships than any other family. I have a little bit of everything from platforms (Summertimes/Munster) to Peacemakers to a 1 of 13 custom Vogs made for Canadian fashion house Com Rags 2004 fashion show. My favorite Sole is the Choice (which I will get inked someday). Most of my shoes come from Haight Street where the BEST crew of Dealers take up residence led by Denny G., a guy whose awesomeness would take too many words to describe. My favorite pair?…. Hmmm… Well if my house were on fire the first shoes I would save would be my black Choice Hi | Jolene and red/orange Thanks | Amazing (a box under each arm)

My Personal Style: My personal style ranges from funky when it’s not 200 degrees outside (gotta love living in the easy bake oven of the southwest) to average when the sidewalk is melting.  Being a top heavy fluffy girl with no bottom to even it out it makes it hard to find clothes that fit well and are flattering which is probably why I rely on a great collection of accessories (shoes, hats, shades, bags, jewelry) to really display my personal style more than clothing ever could.  Besides, they last longer.

*** Vog Quickies ***

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Color or Colour: Green

Prints or Solids: Prints

Half Empty or Half Full: Full

Heels or Flats: Flatter than I’d like nowadays.

Share the love of Vogs or keep your Fluevog secret?: Share of course! Must spread Sole Gospel and convert the world, Amen.

Fluevog that most likely needs a new sole: Will either be my Bobbi or Chinoa boot I’m sure as I practically live in them in the winter.

If you’re interested in being featured in the FlueFan Spotlight, please send an email to: Thanks!