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Don’t live near  Haight Street Fluevog? Don’t worry. Simply call our friends at (415) 436-9784 on June 15th between 3-7pm and place an order. Your purchase will go toward Visual Aid. By stocking up on those much-loved Vogs, you will be helping out a wonderful charity. Please spread the word!




Be still my beating heart. These 40th anniversary re-issues captured me. I had a dream about them and that week, I decided to get them. Truly Fluegasm-worthy.

In Shirley’s bio, she mentions that when Vog shopping, if she runs into a pair that ignites a Fluegasm, it’s fate’s way to saying she needs to get the shoe. That excitement is better than any shoegasm a gal could have. It’s a Fluegasm. In case you’re wondering, a Fluegasm is as follows:

Fluegasm: the most intense point during Fluevog shopping/browsing excitement. Such excitement is characterized by: (1) extremely pleasurable sensations pulsating through one’s body while experiencing Fluevogs (2) the inherent need to jump, dance, and prance around after discovering yet another amazing pair of shoes (3) at the highest point of violently intense elation, one decides to indeed, go home with a new pair (or two) of shoes.

Don’t take my word for it. Have you tried on a pair of Fluevogs lately?