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fall fur

img_2380Power Up | Pussy Power. Size 10? I cannot, for the life of me, find my notes for these Vogs. Apologies for the lack of detail here. I do recall that these were really narrow for me, and I’m not a fan of narrow or pointy shoes. However, I do love the general sentiment of these Vogs. If I were looking for a pair of shoes to complement my beautiful Pussy Power hat made by the lovely Cindi H. as I march down the streets in the name of feminism, these would be it. Unfortunately, I’m generally not a fan of fur on my shoes (unless they’re winter boots and the fur is meant to keep my feet warm).

img_2394Prepares | Leader. Size 9.5 For the record, anything from the Prepares family is a no-brainer for me. I’m always in! Like everything else in this family, this furry version is equally comfy. The size 9.5 fit, but was a little tight, so I’d likely opt for a 10 in these. I love the little floral detail on the patent leather blue on these. Unfortunately, I’m just not a fan of the fur on these (and any other clothing item for that matter). It’s just me. If fur is your thing, then do you, Boo. Do you!

for the love of vogs,

NB: In Fluevogs, I’m a women’s size 9. Depending on the fit and family, I size up or down from there. For example, in most Minis, I’m a size 8.5. In the Fellowships, I’m typically a size 9.5. However, I do have wide, flat feet and Morton’s Toe, which makes sizing a little strange for me. Admittedly, these days, I like a little more wiggle room in the toes and I don’t like to bother with extra stretching. Therefore, I’ve been sizing up in my more recent purchases.

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compass: absolute perfection


Prepares | Compass. Size 9.5. If you have 16″ calves like me, you may be partly relieved because generally, Mr. Fluevog doesn’t make knee high boots for our luscious legs. However, on that rare occasion when such a boot exists, I can’t help but want to IMMEDIATELY put it on my wish list. For fall 2017, my official gotta-have-it pick is the Compass. If you ever felt left out from grabbing a pair of Soprano | Hildegard, but didn’t feel too bad because they may not have been that comfy, then you’re in trouble. Compass is the Hildegard perfected. A member of the Prepares family, you can likely trot in these babies (pending the break-in period) all day long. They’re attention grabbing and come in two colors: grey (pictured) and navy blue with gold grommets. That you can switch up the look by changing the ribbon gives you endless possibilities! It does come at a hefty price (which I highly doubt will ever go on sale), but these are definitely investment Vogs that will pay off in the end. (Personally, I’d rather purchase these knowing I’ll use them all the time, as opposed to two-three meh sale pairs that will get mild usage. Trust me on this!) My wish list is weak in the knees for these!

Fall has been out for a few months now. What’s on your wish list?!

for the love of vogs,

NB: In Fluevogs, I’m a women’s size 9. Depending on the fit and family, I size up or down from there. For example, in most Minis, I’m a size 8.5. In the Fellowships, I’m typically a size 9.5. However, I do have wide, flat feet and Morton’s Toe, which makes sizing a little strange for me. Admittedly, these days, I like a little more wiggle room in the toes and I don’t like to bother with extra stretching. Therefore, I’ve been sizing up in my more recent purchases. 

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fall 2017: faith and clique


Hopefuls | Faith. Size 10. Surprisingly, I still do not own anything from this family. How in the world have I managed to not have any Hopefuls? How?! (Note: Dorothy swears by the Rosy and Kanawa.) With its low sturdy heel and roomy toe box, this is one of my personal top picks for the season. Since purple is my favorite color, this is even more appetizing to me. I sized up to a 10 in these. In truth, settling on a size was tricky for me. (Many thanks to Keith at Haight Street for his help!) It was a toss between size 10 and 10.5. I settled on 10 because I had to consider the kind of socks I’d wear with these, and how the fit would change when the leather stretched after usage. I love the color combo as well as buckle detail. This is definitely on my wish list!


Check it: Keith R. Photobomb!

Mega Munster | Clique. Size 9. (Available in whole sizes only. Size 9 was a good fit.) When I think about my freshman year in college, I think about Deee-Lite’s World Clique album. (One of my favorite tracks is: Try Me On, I’m Very You. Admittedly, this plays in my head when I try on Fluevogs!) I played that CD on repeat in the wee hours of the night as I wrote dozens of papers and very bad slam poetry. Oh 90s, how I *heart* thee!

Naturally, anything from the Mega Munster family has a special place in my heart. Previously, I raved over Deee because the ultra high heel is stable and wearable. With that, I expected Clique to fit the same way. While these seem to be slightly more comfy than my grey 40th anniversary Munsters, they’re not the same as the beloved Deee. Clique was a little pinchy on the outer toe for me, which is the same issue I have with the 40th anniversary Munsters. While I do believe that these are worthy of adding to your collection, they’re not really meant for my feet.

For the love of vogs,

NB: In Fluevogs, I’m a women’s size 9. Depending on the fit and family, I size up or down from there. For example, in most Minis, I’m a size 8.5. In the Fellowships, I’m typically a size 9.5. However, I do have wide, flat feet and Morton’s Toe, which makes sizing a little strange for me. Admittedly, these days, I like a little more wiggle room in the toes and I don’t like to bother with extra stretching. Therefore, I’ve been sizing up in my more recent purchases. 

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fall 2017: Mitchell

Fall is slowly trickling in. As promised, we’re bringing you the FlueReviews you love so much. See something you like? We recommend that you call a store directly for the best customer service, and a guarantee that your item(s) will be stocked and shipped directly to you. Enjoy!
img_2389 Ruth | Mitchell. Size 10 (they’re narrow, so size up if you’ve got Flintstones). As a seasoned Vogger, I’ve learned that you never know how you’re going to feel about a Vog unless you try it on. Mitchell is the reason why I learn this over and over again. You all know I’m not a fan of pointed toes and narrow cuts. Looking at these, I thought they were just meh.

Luckily, FlueDaddy Denny was smart enough to bring me the right size because the moment I put these on my feet, I felt like a cowgirl rockstar. (cue Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive”) At first, Mitchell doesn’t look like much, especially if worn with pants. But when you take a closer look….

img_2391 Yeah. That’s why this unsung hero deserved his own post. The straps are fastened by an embossed buckle, accented with studs at the top. Mitchell comes in two colors, the red (as photographed) and black with red detailing. This is an edgy, gorgeous Vog. It’s definitely a surprise pick in my book!

For the love of Vogs,


NB: In Fluevogs, I’m a women’s size 9. Depending on the fit and family, I size up or down from there. For example, in most Minis, I’m a size 8.5. In the Fellowships, I’m typically a size 9.5. However, I do have wide, flat feet and Morton’s Toe, which makes sizing a little strange for me. Admittedly, these days, I like a little more wiggle room in the toes and I don’t like to bother with extra stretching. Therefore, I’ve been sizing up in my more recent purchases. 


ode to enneagram

I have declared this a thousand times: I am and will always be a HUGE Minis fan. My heart is still hurting from their departure. At times, I feel sorry for my current Minis because if they were small children, I’d be one of those moms who clung on to her kids for dear life and never let them out of the house. Luckily, Fluevog released the Enneagram family some time ago. Boasting a lower, flatter heel, they are even more comfortable than my beloved Minis. While I still do not own anything from the Enneagram family (still waiting for the perfect color combo), I do love gazing at them when I’m in a store. img_2075


Please forgive the wonky lighting on these purple patent Enthusiasts. The top image with the side view is probably the more accurate color.

Enneagram | Enthusiast. Size 9.5 (need size 10). Confession: I tried the blue pair on almost a year ago. The purple patent color is part of the current fall collection. Again, I’m in love with these and am holding out for the perfect color combo. The contrast stitching is so cute and the low heel is so comfy. I love the whimsical look of these and can’t wait to add this family to my collection. Since I tried them on in the two colors, I will say that I’m not big on the patent leather ones. I love the color, I’m just not into patent leather itself.


Enneagram | Optimist. Size 9.5 Many years ago I invested in a pair of Hotcakes. Since living in Arizona for the last five years, those babies haven’t received the love she rightfully deserves. Hotcakes are something I will NEVER let go of because finding a knee high boot that fits around my calves is IMPOSSIBLE in the Fluevog world. For those of you who have the same issue, let me tell you this: you in danger, girl! In this season’s early releases, there are two styles that are large calf friendly. TWO!

The first is the Optimist (the other is the Compass). I’d hate to admit it: the Optimist is a lot more comfy than my beloved Hotcakes. With a lower heel and buttery leather, these are simply divine. As Keith at #VogHaightSt says, folks in colder climates are really going to love these! For me, the purple (my favorite color) is the cherry on top. Unlike the Hotcakes, the Optimist does not have the zipper (which means you’ll have to lace them up each time you wear them). The tongue isn’t super long (a problem I have with both the Hotcakes and the Compass). For those of you with heartier calves, you may need to purchase longer laces to get to the top. In terms of fit, the size 9.5 was perfect for me. These feel like a flat, so if you’re a knee high boots person, I’m sure you’ll wear these all the time! Though chances are slim (tight budget here), I’m still putting these on my wish list.

For the love of Vogs,

NB: In Fluevogs, I’m a women’s size 9. Depending on the fit and family, I size up or down from there. For example, in most Minis, I’m a size 8.5. In the Fellowships, I’m typically a size 9.5. However, I do have wide, flat feet and Morton’s Toe, which makes sizing a little strange for me. Admittedly, these days, I like a little more wiggle room in the toes and I don’t like to bother with extra stretching. Therefore, I’ve been sizing up in my more recent purchases. 

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last sale post (we promise!)


Hello Everyone!
By now, I hope you’ve all checked out the current sale. The awesome folks at Fluevog just gave us more reasons to shop: an additional 15% off all sale shoes this weekend (ends Sunday, July 30th. See the site for details). Savings on top of savings?! Yes!!

I finally got around to perusing my phone to sort out all the photos I’ve taken during various trips to Haight Street. (Can I just say that I’m so happy to be home?!) Guess what? I have even MORE pix (and quick reviews) to share! Here it goes!

Summer of Love | Amor. Size 8.5 I love tribute shoes and I can’t wait to go to the Summer of Love exhibit! To celebrate, Fluevog released these special edition Vogs. (I also hear that they’re part of the exhibit!) The dealers say these run big, which is why I opted for size 8.5. Though these are really cute (love the vibrant blue and the center buckle), clogs are simply not for me. The fit was really off for my feet. The sole was hard and the leather kept digging the back of my foot. Sadly, these went straight to the no bueno pile:(
Ishshoes | Quiver. Size 10 (I needed 9.5). I was very hesitant to try these because I don’t like heels that typically dent in like these. Plus, pointy toes are a no-go for me. These, however we’re a surprise  because the footbed felt really spongy. For a heel like this and the pointy toe (which I do not typically like), it was very comfy and stable.
Entrance | Room 213. Size 10 (The 9.5 also fit, but I wanted extra wiggle room for an insole to maximize comfort). I would have NEVER batted an eyelash for these. The high heel along with the pointy toes are an automatic no-no for me. In fact, the only reason I tried them on is because my friend Glenys expressed interest and asked me if I knew anything about them. Since I was at the store, I told her I’d try them on and give her my honest opinion about them. Let’s just say that after tried them on, I gave Glenys my approval to dive in to her first Fluevog purchase. (She has since purchased a second pair in her growing collection. YAY!) The pitch on these lavender/blue lovelies is very friendly to my Flintstones (my flat feet), and the toe box is surprisingly roomy. Finally, the “dragon” leather along with the center buckle are beautiful details.

Kickback | Type 1. I’m always sad that we can’t do much for the men’s collection by way of reviews. We can, however, simply provide pix that the Huz kindly modeled for us. This is a simple sneaker that’s currently on a deep discount. I say you act fast!!
Modvogs | Ace Face. I’d like to thank the Huz (top photo) and Dorothy’s Manpanion (bottom photo) for entertaining my request to try these on. Though hesitant at first, the Huz found these incredibly comfortable and was surprised at how much he liked the color on these. If you look closely at the heel, the orange detail is brilliant!

Whew! Alright. You have about a day or so left to take advantage of the additional 15% off sale Fluevogs. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll head over to your nearest store or log on to the site ASAP! Not interested in the sale stuff? No worries. Fall 2017 is slowly trickling in and OMG some of these will bring tears to you eyes. Seriously!! Happy shopping!

For the love of Vogs,

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more on sale!

If you haven’t hit the current Fluevog sale yet, I have no words for you… (Alright. I kid.) Recently, the lovely folks at Fluevog marked down even MORE gorgeous shoes for all to purchase. (To be honest, there are a number of surprising markdowns, so make sure to check it out!) With that, I wanted to share the last of the reviews/pics Shirley and I had in store for you.

Greater Expectations | Pettitt. (Shirley’s feet)
Greater Expectations | Pettitt. (Joanne’s feet.) Size 9.5. I tried these on, only because Madam Shirley urged me to. She described them as feeling like a simple pump. Since I’m not big on pumps, I wasn’t super enthusiastic about them. However, Shirl is right. These do feel like a typical pump. The toe box was pretty generous and these just have a really unique look – especially with the orange leather, as well as the details on the heel. I didn’t like how slippery they were on the carpet, so like a number of heels I own, I’d likely take them to a cobbler to put in a no-slip grip on the bottom (you can also do that yourself, but I like the cobbler versions better). If you’re looking for a comfy pump in a unique orange (which surprisingly goes with a lot – especially if you’re into blue colors), this is for you.

Views | Modotti (Shirley’s feet.) It must be noted that Shirley fell in LOVE with these. I can’t give exact notes on fit, but while trying these on, she wore these around the store most. Though it’s a high, hearty heel, these are surprusingly very stable and comfy.

City Angels | Istabbul (Joanne’s feet.) Size 9.5 Previously, I went ga-ga (not a reference to Lady Gaga. If you grew up Filipino, you might know this term. My best translation is crazy? but in a good way) over Orlando because of its nostalgic value. Istanbul has a similar fit and feel as the Orlando. However, I will say that comparatively, Istanbul is narrow in the toe and the leather is a bit stiff. Between the two, I do prefer Orlando because I’m not a real big fan of lace-up loafers like these. (Note: Shirl is a HUGE fan, so again, the pair you choose depends on personal preference.)

Enneagram | Giver (Shirley’s feet.)
Enneagram | Giver (Joanne’s feet.) Size 10. I am and will always be a HUGE Minis fan. Naturally, my heart broke when I heard they were going bye-bye. I should have known that the FlueGods would would have an equally wonderful addition to the collection. Though I do not own anything from the Enneagram family (waiting on the perfect color combo), I do adore trying them on because they are even more comfy than my beloved Minis. The lower, flatter heel is sheer perfection! The Giver reminds me of a lower cut QTee. Mind you, I wear the QTee regularly, especially when teaching or interviewing for jobs. I love that you can do straight across, or do a criss-cross on the straps. Though I tried on size 10 in these, I really need them in size 9.5.

As always, we thank you for your patience and your continued support. Though the gals and I have been busy with our crazy lives, we are trying to post more regularly (especially since I’m now back in the San Francisco Bay area). We do have a number of reviews and pics to share. However, I wanted to make sure we posted all the awesome sale stuff first.  Speaking of…

Have you seen the fall line yet?! I have only tried on a few things, but OMG, I’m in love with everything I’ve seen so far! We can’t wait to try some new things on and share them with you!

For the love of Vogs,


awesome Fluevog sale

Hello All!

By now, you probably checked out the current Fluevog Thinks You’re Awesome sale. After looking through our vast vault of photos from the past season, we wanted to share some pix of beautiful Vogs that are currently on sale! Enjoy the photos:)

Attic | Tziporah (Shirley’s feet)

Basement | Sue (Shirley’s feet)

Greater Expectations | Nancy (Shirley’s feet) I love a great namesake Vog. If you know the great Nancy S., Fluezie extraordinaire, then you know the amazing woman these beauties are named after.

Effortless | Bebe (Shirley’s feet)

Tasty Vogs | Hermine (Shirley’s feet.)

Fairway | Trivialis (Shirley’s feet)

Esoteric Temptations | Ros (Joanne’s feet)

Basement | Jacquie

for the love of vogs,


when Vog meets Lula: part ii

Hello All!

Do you remember that time I raved about LuLaRoe and how the clothing pairs really well with Fluevogs? Well, I’m going to continue doing that in this post. I wrote that post in part, because I was hosting an online party with Ellen Gillian. I had so much fun helping people shop that I decided to host again, but this time with LuLaRoe Jessica Dela Cuesta. (Note: The shop links only work if you’re logged in to Facebook.) Jessica’s shop opens THIS SUNDAY, June 4th at 10am and closes on Monday, June 5th at 8pm. She has already posted some sneak peeks so feel free join her group and check it out! (Also, feel free to email me at, contact us via Facebook, or post in comments if you’d like me to add you to the shop!)

To help make the shopping a little easier, I decided to post some short reviews about the pieces I currently own and/or have tried on. Please note that everyone has a different idea of what they like and don’t like. What works for me, may not work for you, and that’s okay! The point of this post is to share some honest opinions about the clothes that complement my love of Vogs.


In my introduction to LLR, these were the pieces I started out with. I acquired a Randy top through a special one of the sellers was having. At this point, I wasn’t willing to actually try out the tops.

Lately, I have been thinking about why so many Flue-Lovers (like me) also love LuLaRoe (LLR). Confession: When it comes to clothes, I’m super cheap. This is because I’d rather save my dollars to buy my beloved Fluevogs. When I first encountered LLR, I thought the leggings and skirts were awesome and well priced. I was most hesitant about the dresses and tops because this Old Navy/ JC Penney/ Costco/ Target gal rarely spends more than $30 on tops and dresses. However, after I gave in and decided to expand my horizons, I realize that Flue-Lovers and Roe-ers love fashion that’s unique and reliable. Yes, I’m willing to spend a little more on a LLR top because I know it’ll fit every time. This saves me a lot of time and heartache trying on clothes in dressing rooms at the local mall. While I’m not a fan of MLM sales, I do appreciate that buying LLR means that you’re supporting a small business, run by good people. So here goes the review….

With respect to the above pic, I want to share a few quick words about Randy (raglan tee). Randy has a tight fit, but if you get the right size, he’s a super comfy day off tee that’s meant for both men and women. (Note: Men do have the Patrick and Mark to choose from as well.) Since I’m always looking for work clothes, Randy will make a very limited appearance in my wardrobe.

Viva le Leggings

(L) This is me celebrating International Fluevog Day this year. I’m in love with these striped leggings and my Maps! (R) Madame Shirley is sporting her lightbulb leggings. They’re perfect because of the work she does with power plants!

I don’t think it’ll take a lot to convince you to try the leggings. They feel like buttah. Seriously. Everyone starts here because they’re affordable, comfortable, come in a plethora of prints and colors, and are made for most bodies out there. Adult sizes look a little something like this:

  • Tween: 00-0
  • One Size: 2-10
  • Tall & Curvy: 12-22

They also have kids sizes, as well as Mommy & Me options. Yes, moms and daughters in matching leggings is just super cute:)

Maxi is a must-have


Maxi allows me to wear my fancier Vogs:)

Maxi (skirt, converts to a dress) is one of my favorites, especially in the spring and summer months. Every time I’ve worn a Maxi, I’ve always received compliments from strangers. I used to hesitate in wearing long skirts because as a shorty, I feared looking even shorter. However, Maxi changed all of that for me. She’s super pretty and feminine. I usually wear her as a dress with a shrug. Sometimes, I will change it up and wear it as a long skirt. Either way, Maxi is gorgeous and gets the most play in my closet.


Oh Cassie, how I love thee…


Please excuse the silly pictures. (L) This was taken at 5am and I was feeling delirious from sleep depravation. I scored a very rare Cassie in black, which I wore to an important meeting (along with my Babycakes!). (R) This is my first Cassie, which I was sporting during an outing at Golden Gate Park. Yes, that’s a Classic Tee peeking out of the knit jacket.


Cassie (skirt) is a traditional pencil skirt that is typically made with stretchy material. I fell in love with her early on because it’s impossible for me to find a pencil skirt that fits well. Another perk is they travel well. Cassie is fairly light and needs no ironing. I basically crumple and toss this into my luggage and she remains perfect every time!!

Azure and Classic Tee are simply classic…

I don’t always wear a full LLR outfit, but this one seemed to work. Azure is another skirt I’m a huge fan of. (Actually, I love most LLR skirts.) I was pleasantly surprised by the Classic Tee. Of course, the blue textured skirt with red accents goes great with these Zazas. 

I scored this Azure (skirt) during one of the many online LLR contests I have entered. Like Cassie, Azure is easy to travel with and I like the silhouette. She makes for a great top (check my previous LLR post). Again, for travel she’s perfect because provides multiple outfits with just this one piece.

With respect to the Classic Tee (top), I wasn’t prepared to like this one as much as I do. LLR makes their tops pair well with their bottoms – especially the leggings. What makes the Classic Tee so special? They run long, hiding your bottom. They’re also generous around the belly. It gives you shape without being clingy. My only wish is that the sleeve was longer.

Madison: For the pocket lover in you…


Madison with a cinched Old Navy top. 

Unlike Cassie and Azure, Madison has a fuller skirt and the waistband is a tad snug. The nice thing about it is that she has POCKETS! While I think Madison is a fine skirt, she’s not exactly one of my favorites. I love this gorgeous blue/red/white printed one, but she’s not one I run to that often.

Julia & Irma


Julia in two ways. Alone when I just DGAF, and paired with Irma for a different look.

I was in the market for a neutral top, and this grey Irma fit the bill. Like the Madison, Irma isn’t exactly one of my favorites. My biggest issue with her is the arms. Since I have thick upper arms, I find the sleeves a bit snug. However, Irma is very generous in the belly and in length. I’ve seen pix of people buying her in a size or two larger than usual, to wear as a dress (you just need a belt to cinch the waist). Perhaps one day I’ll do that.

Julia is one dress that deserves some attention because she was a surprising one for me. Truth be told: I wasn’t too thrilled about Julia in the beginning because she’s TIGHT. I had to size up and even then I thought she was a little clingy.  Up until recently, I wasn’t a fan of rockin’ the VBO.

Early in our relationship, I made the mistake of having The Huz choose a few dresses for me to try on when we were at the local Bettie Page store. I was appalled at his selections because everything he chose was tight and clung on to every lump and bump on my body. (Apparently, The Huz is a fan of the VBO, and all sorts of other visible outlines.) After that, I vowed he would never again choose my clothing.

Fast forward to sporting Julia…. This is one of The Huz’s  favorite dresses (and yeah, I kinda love her too!). While it does caress every curve, lump, and bump, she does so in a good way. I will say that a lot has happened since The Huz picked those Bettie Page dresses. Namely, I’ve made peace with my body. At age forty-one, I just don’t have the time or patience to hate or hide my body anymore. Plus, VBO is all the rage in radical love. Get it! Note: Jessica is offering special pricing on Julia. Please PM her via the shop for more details!

Carly: The Lazy Dress


The blue in this Carly goes well with the Bunny!

In looking at the different LLR groups, Carly seems to be super popular. I can see why. She’s generously sized and there are so many different ways to wear her (as a top, wrap dress, etc. YouTube it!) I battle with my feelings about Carly because she wears like pambahay (house clothes). At $55, that’s hella expensive pambahay. However, during those mornings when you’re running late because you’ve missed your alarm and you’re still rolling out of bed, Carly is the dress you wear to give the illusion that you’re put together. Slip it on, wear it loose, or do a little knot, and viola! You’re done. At the end of the day, you can take her to bed with you. Yeah, she’s that great. She’s also one that you’ll find yourself wearing all the time. When you break down the cost per wear, she’s actually worth the investment.

Nicole and the family that LuLas together


My cousins and I decided to finally have dinner at Prubechu, a Guamanian restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission area. We all agreed to wear some LLR that night. Of the many things I love about LLR, it’s that the clothing itself can be a family affair. It’s versatile enough that almost every member of the family can find something they like. Though not pictured, my mom and my sister have some LLR too! I specifically chose this Nicole because she’s perfect with the Dollface.

My final note will be about Nicole, which is a sleeved fit and flare dress. At first, I didn’t like the fit of this. However, the more I wear her, the more I like her. She’s easy to slip on and off, and provides a lovely silhouette. She’ll be great for teaching and/or conference presentations. Among the dresses, I think Nicole and Maxi are the best to start off with.

Sigh. That was a long one. Congrats if you made it to the end. I hope you found this post useful. As always, feel free to comment or email if you have questions or would like to shop with me this Sunday.

For the love of Vogs (and LuLaRoe),


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scenes from IFD 2017

Hello FlueLovers!

Are you still basking in the post-IFD glory of a new pair of Fluevogs?

Personally, I had a great time hanging out with my dear friends at the Kingdom of Haight. I almost didn’t make it because I was having car trouble and the service folks initially estimated the car not being done ’til closing time. Luckily, the FlueGods were on my side. My car was ready early and I made it to the festivities before San Francisco traffic became atrocious. Plus, I found great parking (wa-hoo!). Maraming salamat, FlueGods!! Since the budget is extra tight these days, I knew I couldn’t add a pair to my collection (but I’ve got my eye on you, Alison!). Did that stop me from celebrating? Absolutely not!! What was my highlight? Meeting fellow FlueLovers, of course!


Who could resist the photo booth? Here I am with Marisol (the queen of the FlueLovers), FlueDaddy Denny, and Phillip, his awesome +1.


I’m a sucker for the photo booth!

In fact, minutes after I arrived, John called the store and I got to witness him bestowing a lucky person with a new pair of Fluevogs. YAY! As someone who has won previously, I know how awesome that feeling is. Starting off by watching someone WIN a pair of free Fluevogs let me know that the rest of the day was going to be fantastic.

Considering it was a Monday, the store was buzzing a lot more than I had anticipated. Everyone at the Kingdom of Haight was super busy and there were so many people trying on and buying Vogs, as well as mingling and munching on delicious treats (made by Queen Marisol). Since it was the first time in four years I was able to actually attend IFD, I was on cloud nine. See below!


My one sad moment was when Madame Shirley confirmed that she would not be able to join in the festivities. (Boo!) Oh well. We’ll just have to visit le Dealers another time.

Speaking of le Dealers…. Though they were super busy, Dee (and later assisted by Anke) kindly brought out shoes for me to try on. (swoon!) Yes, though my budget says no, le Dealers say: Just try it on! Oh le Dealers, how I heart thee! When I try on Fluevogs, you know what that means, right? Yes, more FlueReviews are coming your way!!

So how did you end up celebrating IFD 2017? Feel free to post in comments!

for the love of Vogs,