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My first pair of Fluevogs

Ummm, that’s alotta skin vibin’ with a mini skirt

I, the Artful Voger (aka The Agent), CLAIM to be the pickiest of the MotleyFlue. BUT I wanted my inaugural post to be about my first pair of Fluevogs. In any case, my first pair of Vogs was, well, FAR from a practical purchase. The first and last time I wore these gems was in this picture. Now, my mother would hate these saucy booties because, let’s face it, people don’t imagine me wearing the Vibes and talking about post-structuralist theory and researching scopic regimes at the library. They picture other things like grocery shopping, you know?

So, dear reader, Generalissima really (really) wants me to wear these shoes. Naturally, whatever Generalissima suggests (voluntells me) to do, it’s for my own fabulous good. Quitey honestly, I love them. But only wear them around the house when I feel like shit (just being honest). The Vibes are like jewelry (you never feel bloated when you throw on your favorite earrings or necklace). Yet, I have not found an occasion to fiercely wear them. I know, I know…total shame, right? In any case, here’s a task for you…come up with an outfit for me. Make some suggestions and I’ll pick my favorite ones and go vintage shopping (or dig through my closet).

You’re probably thinking, “Out of your collection, which Fluvogs do you wear constantly?” Easy answer. My Wickeds from the Thanks family. Mini testimonial: 12 hours of walking around Manhattan and Brooklyn for a week (everyday) in my Wickeds pretty much sums up my love affair with them.

Okay, back to work and studying and work (and more studying). I’ll leave you with a couple tid bits…

  • If I had the money to burn, my next pair…would be the Silverlakes from The LA family (oh hell, since this is imaginary money, I would cop the Malibu knee highs as well) and prance around in short black dress with pewter accessories)!
  • The likely pair(s) for purchasePortsides from the On Course family because that’s some hardcore Mondrian goin’ on! I’ve wanted these for quite some time (and, they are Generalissima approved). Oh, and perhaps, a holiday present to myself – Rosyfrom the Hopeful family (my favorite color is blue for future reference)

Until next time, go vote, enjoy life, read a book (or two), be nice, and smile (a lot)!! 🙂


The Artful Voger (aka The Agent aka Dorothy)

Wickeds = Best.Boots.Ever