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When I came home for Thanksgiving, I naturally went to the Fluevog store. Thank heaven the Manpanion understands my need to go to the store. It’s home to me. Le Dealers at Haight Street are wonderful. My love for the shoes also has something to do with the people who work there. Le Dealers are so patient and kind – especially when it comes to this blog. It takes a lot for them to run up and down those stairs bringing box after box for the Manpanion and I to try on. Seriously. On most days, I’m sure it’s not fun. This is why I always give Le Dealers my everlasting kudos. You folks are awesome!

Before I continue, I want to again, apologize for lagging on these posts. Last semester was a big one for me. I was teaching five course (with four new preps), while launching a sixth one for my program. In addition, I had to travel for two conferences and one talk. Needless to say, I was wiped! While I’m not trying to make excuses, I will say that these posts are always better late than never. Here we go!


Mini | Elif. Size 9 in LE Raspberry. These are a Haight Street Limited Edition Vog. I’m almost positive that by now, they’re sold out. However, I suggest you contact them to verify. As I have said before, I have a strict no doubles policy. Therefore as much as I loved these, I knew they wouldn’t come home with me because I already have them in black and ivory. I will say that these fit a little more narrow than usual. I typically take size 8.5 in these. However, I tried on the 9 and while the length was fine, the width felt a little snug. I’ve seen folks on Fluevog Fridays wear these and they’re adorable!



Global Freedoms | Privacy. Black & Metallic. These are now on sale. The Manpanion loved these. If they came in his size, he would have taken these home by now. These would have been the perfect wedding Vogs! FlueDaddy Denny explained that something must have been off with production because these came in HUGE sizes. The Manpanion is typically a size 9ish in Fluevogs. Therefore, the smallest size (10) was a bit big. We affectionately called these the Robocop shoes because they had that futuristic feel. C’mon, they even had charging station dots!


Idols | Freddie. Burgundy. These are also currently on sale. My dear friend Monica purchased these when we were in Toronto. I wanted the Manpanion to check them out. He has a similar boot, but I wanted to see what he thought about the zipper details. These are AMAZING! I love the Cuban heel and the shape is great. Though it’s a men’s shoe, women with larger feet who love the masculine details will want to add this to their collection.

We didn’t try on that much because we were there during Black Friday. While we did manage to meet some awesome folks from Fluevog Fridays, we had to cut our visit short because I was heading back to Phoenix in the next few days. Sadly, my trips back to San Francisco often feel short. Therefore, the Manpanion and I try our best to spend as much time together as possible.

Of course, we took a quintessential Fluevog shot. Here it is!


Last fall, I was also doing a lot of traveling. Though I did not purchase any new Vogs to add to my arsenal (Confession: I’m a Haight Street loyalist), the lovely Dealers in Toronto (both Queen Street and The Distillery) and Chicago did treat me well during my visit(s). That post is coming up sometime soon, I swear! For now, here are some things I tried on.


Passage | Preet. Size 10 in silver. I tried these on at Queen Street, Toronto. For me, these were a bit narrow, so I went up to a size 10. I really loved these. There’s a small heel, but still super comfy. The copper zipper and rub-off texture really give these babies life. They’re currently on sale, which makes getting them super tempting. However, I’m going to have to be a good girl. (But if any of you wanted to be my Flue-fairy godparent, I’d love you forever!) I know these are going to be that pair that got away. However, there are just too many on my “want” list. Sigh.


Hopscotch | Double Dutch. Size 10 in grey. I tried these on at Queen Street, Toronto  because someone on Fluevog Fridays asked me to. Otherwise, I would not have given these any consideration. However, these are a definite surprise for me. For those of you who love the Summertime family, you’ll like these because they’re high, but REALLY stable. The grippy bottoms really make a difference. (However, I’d like to note that these are not all-day Vogs. Where the Summertimes are a 6ish hour shoe, I’d say the Hopsctoch family is a 5-6ish hour shoe.) I recommend you check these out because they have some amazing details:




The grippy heels totally add to the stability of this Vog. 

I think that’s it for now. Again, thank you for your patience. It’ll be a while before I make it back to San Francisco to try on the spring collection. I must say… there are some GORGEOUS Vogs this season! Though I’m not a spring gal, the paisley Guides, Sam (I’m hoping these stay because I’d be all over this in a purple/grey combo), and Callas have already captured my heart.

Please post to comments: What are your spring picks?!

For the love of Vogs,


Note: In Fluevogs, I’m a women’s size 9. Depending on the fit and family, I size up or down from there. For example, in most Minis, I’m a size 8.5. In the Fellowships, I’m typically a size 9.5. However, I do have wide, flat feet and Morton’s Toe, which makes sizing a little strange for me.


Author: jlrondilla

Joanne L. Rondilla, is a scholar, writer, and educator (not necessarily in that order). She received her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in Ethnic Studies and her B.A. in Art Studio and Asian American Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Her research focuses on beauty, race, gender, the body, and colonialism. She is the co-author of "Is Lighter Better? Skin Tone Discrimination Among Asian Americans" (with Paul Spickard) and the co-editor of "Pacific Diaspora: Island Peoples in the United States and Across the Pacific" (with Paul Spickard and Debbie Hippolite-Wright). Born and raised in Dededo, Guam, Joanne considers the San Francisco Bay area home. Outside of the academy, she has more than twelve years of work experience in the cosmetics industry as a skincare specialist and make-up artist. While she's not an Imelda Marcos fan, Joanne does love her Fluevogs!

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