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FlueFan Guest Post: Vintage Vogs, Pointy Edition

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As part of our feature highlighting fellow Flueddicts, I’m happy to share Sarah O.’s story of her favorite vintage Vogs. Sarah is one of our readers on this site, and I was excited when she agreed to share. The MotleyFlue in general aren’t huge fans of pointy shoes; while I love my pointy Vogs (particularly in the Coffee family), I don’t like pointy shoes as a rule. Your humble web mistresses here recognize that there’s some love overdue on this site for pointy Vogs. I mean, the Swordfish family in particular is one of the most distinctive and popular Fluevog shapes. So, special thanks to Sarah for spreading the love!

* * *

I’ve been wearing Fluevogs since the mid-1990s. Here are four of my favorite pairs.  As you can see, I love the pointy styles most of all (the pointier the better, I say!), and Swordfish are my very favorite Fluevog family.

These are my first Fluevogs, purchased at the Boston store in 1996-7ish.  I’m not sure what family these were from, but a good friend refers to these as my “angry fairy shoes.”  There are many miles on these and they’ve held up beautifully.


These are vintage Swordfish, purchased on Ebay a few years ago.  I’ve gotten burned on size with these before (the old ones run really, really, really small!), but these arrived in near-mint condition and fit like a glove.

vintage fish

These are my beauties, my pride and joy, my very favorites: my red Swordfish.  I have worn these as much as possible since I bought them in the Chicago store in 2004.  They’ve been resoled at least three times now, and traveled all over the place with me, but they’ve still got lots of life in them.

red fish

And last but not least, my wedding shoes!  These are Coffee Macchiatos.  They were perfect for our casual, beachy summer wedding.  And they were my something blue!

something blue

* * *

Those are all such gorgeous shoes! I can see why the red Swordfish are her pride and joy. And those icy-blue Macchiatos make my heart beat faster! I have that style in a lovely brown, but I do wish I had them in that blue colorway as well.

Does anyone know which family the first pair above (the wingtips) are from? Any expert Fluevogologists in the house?

As always, we welcome your stories of your favorite Vogs  or how you became a Flueddict! Here are some of our previous fan spotlights. Send us an email at:

xo, Gladys


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