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SF Shoe Care Workshop on Feb 25


02-25 shoe careSan Francisco Haight Street store event

In the SF Bay Area?
Visiting SF during the week of February 23?
Missed an email from the Haight Street store because they send out store special emails when you sign up with them?* We are signed up, so consider this our forwarding an email to you all, because WE CARE that YOU CARE for your Fluevogs.

Love at first site … You remember when you fell in love with your Fluevogs. Rekindle your love-at-first-site feel with your ‘Vogs. Like you, the MotleyFlue know ‘Vogs are not only shoes but also investments, so keeping them up is a good thing. I will be there with my first pair, the Fellowship | Kathy and perhaps another pair, especially a pair to polish up.

Shoe Care Workshop

WHEN: Tuesday, February 25 – 7:00-8:00 pm

WHERE: 1697 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

From our John Fluevog Shoes Haight Street store folks –

A little TLC makes for happy Fluevogs! Join us for a hands on workshop to learn how to best care for your favorite Fluevogs. We’ll have a power hour full of polish, treats and education. You just need to bring a pair or two of your favorite ‘Vogs that could use a little tune up and we’ll provide everything else. Space is limited! You MUST RSVP to with the names of those attending by Friday, February 21. We’ll email you back to confirm your spot!

* Copyright © 2014 John Fluevog Shoes All rights reserved.
You’re receiving this email because you signed up for email specials while making a purchase at our store. We will send occasional email notifications to keep you updated on what’s happening at your favorite Haight St store.
John Fluevog Shoes 1697 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA, United States San Francisco, CA 94117 USA

Author: anthrocubeologist

I am Shirley, and I believe workspaces shouldn't suck. I share my observations and perspectives on shaping cultural shifts through interactions, workspace, and choice. I believe with personal, tiny changes emerge meaningful shifts - workspace cultural shifts happen when one chooses meaningful interactions – creating human-to-human shared experiences. I am an Environmental and Energy Consultant - think air quality, energy and power plant projects, the environment. And I am the Anthrocubeologist, who is a Behavior Designer and Tiny Habits® Certified Coach - think interactions, habits and practices, workspace cultural shifts. Anthrocubeology, inspired by Improvisation, is the intersection of Behavior Design and the Servant-Leader philosophy. For more than 25 years, my workspaces have included the government sector, energy and environmental consulting, electric utility industry, power project developers, and my own business consulting practice. I no longer want to say "WTF CUBEOPOLIS?!" Join me.

4 thoughts on “SF Shoe Care Workshop on Feb 25

  1. Any tips on cleaning? I watching a dirty pair of pink ‘vogs on ebay.

  2. Hi Laura – Apologies for delay. Hope not too late.

    For cleaning – get a leather cleaner like Lexol to get the grime off. (The Lexol conditioner is in a brown-ish container.) And then just use a cloth or something like that to get that ick off. If better cleaning needed, leather saddle soap + water would be the other option.

    Do **NOT** use detergent or anything acid-containing cleaner because it will damage and age the leather.

    BTW, I am past due on a post of the shoe care event. Will get to in coming weeks.

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