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Desert FlueReview: Fall 2013 Men’s Collection

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Note on men’s sizing: My husband is a pretty solid US men’s size 10 with average-width feet. He has both the Value | Wisdom and Radio | CBC in size 10.

Once again, it’s time for the men’s edition of the FlueReview. I know it’s been a while; we skipped the Spring 2013 completely, but I confess I wasn’t too impressed with the Spring men’s collection. This time is a different story. Like me, my husband John really loves the blue hues in the Fall 2013 collection. I also love the contrast soles that Fluevog has been producing lately, and I think the multi-toned styles in the men’s collection are just fantastic. So I dragged accompanied my husband to the Melrose store over the weekend to try on some of the new Fall styles as well as some classics. Maybe you can guess who was more excited? Nevertheless, he tried on seven gorgeous styles and enjoyed wearing several of them, and YES! he ended up with his third pair of Fluevogs. 🙂

I’m afraid I’m a little iffy with the sizing since I didn’t try on the shoes myself. Dealer Anthony helped us this time and he was wonderful as usual. If you have any questions about sizes, don’t hesitate to call any of the dealers. Here at FTLOV, we of course love our Melrose and Haight Street dealers, but call the store you feel comfortable with.

DeanFeatures | Dean in black. Size 10. One thing I’ve noticed is that the stock photos online don’t show the contrast soles true-to-life. These caught John’s eye because of the blue soles. He found the shoes to be very comfortable, probably because of the rubber soles and soft suede leather. He kept his eye on these even while he was trying on other shoes.

AndrewGuardian Angel | Andrew in blue/burgundy/brown. Link to burgundy/orange/brown. Size 10. Just like the hero they were named after, these shoes are awesome. They are one of the handsomest shoes I’ve ever seen. John liked the look of these, but he didn’t find them to be as comfortable as the Deans. Also, I can’t figure out why this particular colorway isn’t available online. Perhaps they’re only available at the Melrose store, and perhaps just a few others? This colorway is my favorite out of what’s available, though.

SalBeats | Sal in cognac. Size 10. Another incredibly-handsome shoe. That color is delicious. I wanted to lick these shoes when I first saw them!! TMI? Anyway, John has been looking for non-black shoes (after two black Fluevogs, he needs to diversify IMO), and he liked the look of these. However, he found the placement of the toe-cap edging too awkward for his toes. When he walked, the edging hit his toes/foot at an uncomfortable place. Alas.

FarmerArch Angel | Farmer in brown. Another instance of the contrast sole being brighter in real life than in the stock photo. These are gorgeous. John liked the sturdiness, but he said they felt a little too stiff, like they were squeezing his feet. Anthony assured him that the leather on these would soften with use.

Brandenburg1Gateway | Brandenburg in navy/brown. Size 10.5. John almost didn’t try these on. Why? Well, they’re super fancy. If you didn’t know from the fact that he keeps buying black Fluevogs, my dear husband is not a flashy person (even though he’s very artistic and creative). I’m so glad we had Anthony grab these in the second batch of requests we made. John wasn’t expecting these to be comfortable, and in fact Anthony said that the leather on these was a little exacting — if it wasn’t comfortable from the get-go, the leather wasn’t going to stretch now or ever. That’s probably why he brought John the 10.5 in these. Surprisingly, John loved how the shoes fit. And the first thing he thought about was wearing them to the 1940s-themed holiday party for his company that we’re attending next month. He thought they’d be perfect because of the navy, which is the same color dress and shoes (the TARDIS Rubens!) that I’ll be wearing. 🙂

1611Twin Turbines | 1611 First Avenue brown/tan. Size 11.5. John finally wanted to try a boot, just to see what they feel like. He’s never had boots (aside from hiking boots and motorcycle boots that he’s never worn because he doesn’t have a motorcycle), let alone beautiful spats-inspired Victorian-style boots like these. This style must be popular in L.A., because they didn’t have any in or around John’s size. He tried on the 11.5 — too long — but he said that the width was fine. He definitely liked the look of these as well.

205Twin Turbines | 205 Pine St in brown/red. Size 10.5. Another Twin Turbine style that’s vintage-y and very spiffy looking. It’s definitely a good-looking family. John liked these but wished they came in a blue/brown combo (the navy suede were too much). I think this is a very nice colorway, myself.

TiptonFuture | Tipton in tan. Size 10. John was drawn to these even though I thought they were a little boring. But of course he liked the contrast sole. He immediately loved the feel of these when he tried them on. He said they felt like house slippers or loafers. Anthony said they’re like sneakers given the rubber soles and very soft uppers. This is a case where the shoes look so much better on someone’s feet rather than sitting on the shelf. Compared to other Fluevog shapes, these do seem a little like a dowdy cousin. But the quality and comfort are fantastic. These were definitely in John’s top 3 that day. If they end up going on sale in January, I’ll be getting them for John. 🙂

But did you guess? He ended up getting the navy/brown Brandenburgs. Yay!!! I was so excited. He really liked them but one of his reasons against buying them was that they’d only get worn once a year, if that. Given my large collection, I pooh-poohed that reason. He can wear them on the weekend instead of his usual CBCs, right? And if he wants to go shopping to build an outfit around his new shoes, I’m happy to help. Haha! I suppose you can understand why he said that it felt like I was getting the shoes for myself.

Brandenburg2Spectacular, no?

CatarinaAJ | Catarina in black/white. Size 6. Of course I couldn’t leave without trying on a pair myself. These had just come in a few days earlier. These high platforms definitely have wow factor. (And they have a matching purse!) I’d say these run a half size small because they fit me quite well. There’s barely any pitch, either, so it was like wearing very small heels. They’re quite stable, but of course you need to learn how to walk on what are basically stilts. They’re perfect if you want extra height in something eye-catching!

IMG_2537I totally forgot to do a “flower” wheel (Fluewheel?) the last few times I’ve been at the store, so I’m very glad I remembered this time. Here I’m wearing the burgundy Qtees at the 9 o’clock position, and going clockwise: Anthony with the laceless navy/brown Brandenburgs (which look fantastic with his polka-dotted socks), Kate with her red CBCs, John with his black CBCs, and Miranda with her black vintage Vogs (I forgot the name). Btw, Miranda was last month’s creative masked Vogunteer!

Next time, I’ll continue my Part III review of the women’s collection. Until then!

xo, Gladys


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