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Desert FlueReview: Fall 2013 Part III


Nota bene: what you should know about my sizing as you read my reviews. I am a true size US 5.5. I have relatively-flat arches, wide toes, and narrowish ankles. I regularly wear 5 in the Operetta, Mini, Attention, and Baroque families; 5 or 5.5 in the Bellevue and Fellowship families; and 6 in the Radio family. However, the sizing of certain styles within the same family can differ, and even the same style can differ in sizing from season to season.

Less than a month since my last post and it’s already time for Part III? Yes, indeed! You can thank the upcoming holidays and my love of Fluegasms. 🙂 (Here are Part I and Part II.) I made yet another trip to the Melrose store last weekend with my dear friends Emily and Melanie, and we found a couple of exciting new styles. The point of the trip was for Melanie this time, and she ended up with her second pair of Vogs, which happened to be her wardrobe’s sole mate!

But you’ll get that story next time. I’ve decided to break up this post in two because the previous one was just so looooong and a little too hard to navigate. For today I’ll share a couple of Fluegasmic shoes, particularly the spectacular shoes that made me break my promise to myself that I wouldn’t get another pair until the January sale. Here, without further ado:

Miracle: Sight3

Miracle: Sight1

Miracle: Sight2

Miracle: Sight6

Miracle | Sight in blue. Size 6.5. Miracle oxfords with gorgeous embroidery in TARDIS blue. Uh, you knew I’d be all over that, right?? Like with most Miracles, I have to go up a full size in these from my baseline 5.5 because they’re narrow and they run short. The Melrose dealers call this one “Only in L.A.” because yes, it’s only available at the Melrose store. AND THERE’S ONLY ONE PAIR EACH SIZE. These aren’t available on the Fluevog website or in any other color, either, except on Amazon in black as far as I know (which are actually on sale for 20% off for Veteran’s Day, through Nov. 11, as are almost ALL other Fluevogs!! The Viv! The Rubens! The Liz! The Leader! The Elizabeth! Just sayin). And the asterisk * is for the fact that I’m not sure what these are called; they’re called Sight on Amazon, so that’s what I wrote here. (I should have asked the dealers. Sorry.) Here’s what dealer Anthony told me might have happened: one and half years ago, when Fluevog was selling its Fall 2013 collection to other retailers, this amazing blue oxford was one of the choices. One retailer ordered them but then decided not to carry them any longer. So the whole set got kicked back to Fluevog, and in its infinite wisdom, Fluevog HQ decided to send the shoes to the L.A. store. AND THANK THE GODS ABOVE. I apologize in advance to those who are my size because I now have the 6.5 on layaway. Call the Los Angeles dealers if you want these beautiful babies!

Zion: Trinity2

Zion: Trinity1

Zion | Trinity in grey. Size 6. These are striking and very high heels! Emily called them architectural, and she was absolutely right (just read the description on the Fluevog website). Size wise, I think they run true to size, although the zippered vamp kept me in pretty well. They’re quite stable but you seriously need to know how to walk in high heels. The leather here is nice and soft, and I really love the colorway. The black-and-blue colorway is also very striking (in more of a dystopic, sci-fi way), but the leather on those is very stiff. I found it hard to walk in the black because it hit my ankle bones in an uncomfortable way with that stiff leather. I had a similar issue with the gray — it’s probably because I have such flat feet — but it wasn’t as problematic given the softer gray leather. Anyway, this style isn’t for me, but you can see how gorgeous it is.

Well, that’s it for today, but I’ll post again very soon. We tried on so many styles from the Fall AND took another look at some worthy shoes on sale from last season. Some are repeats but it’s always great to see how the shoes look on different feet.

Let us know how you like these new styles!

xo, Gladys


25 thoughts on “Desert FlueReview: Fall 2013 Part III

  1. The blue Miracles look great on you, such a shame that ankle booties do not work on me 😦 I had such high hopes for the Lorrains in blue but they do not work on my legs (ankles too skinny-wish the rest of me were!lol- and I get a gap between the shoe and my leg.)

    • too kind, dany. 🙂 my friend emily has the same “problem” of narrow ankles, but of course she fits in fluevog boots like nobody’s business. however, she needs to use arch supports for maximum comfort. you might consider that for the lorrains. arch supports could bring your ankles in a good place for the boots. they’re SUCH gorgeous shoes.

  2. I’ve got a pair of Sights (black) and I was wondering why I couldn’t find anything about them online. Mystery solved!

  3. I’m normally an 8-9 in vogs.
    8 in Mini
    8.5 in Bellevue
    9.0 in Radio

    Do you think I would need the 9.5? Not the 9.0?

    • hi anita — which style are you talking about here? just want to make sure.

      i am 6.5 in Miracles, partly because i have average-width feet (B). if it’s the same for you, then yes, i would go up half a size from your Radio size. Miracles are narrow and also run short.

      i have the same size differences for Fluevogs as you do.
      5 in Minis
      5.5 in Bellevues
      6 in Radios

      • The sight. I have the mystery in an 8.5 and I had the lanciano in an 8.5. I thought maybe this shoe ran smaller than the other miracles. Maybe the 9.0 will work.

        • I have the Sight oxford in 9; they’re a little loose in the heel but pretty well fitting in the front — I don’t think I could have gone down to an 8.5, even if I could have found them. I have a very high arch and so Vog maryjanes and high-heeled oxfords are always a balancing fact for me to get the length and ball-of-foot sizing right without having the instep too tight.

          I wear an 8.5 in most Fluevogs (including the Bellevues, Baroques, Wonders, Fellowships); my Wearevers are 8s.

          • hi anita the first. 🙂 the point about high arches is super helpful. if you have high arches, going up in size definitely makes sense. Miracles run small!! in my case, i have flat feet but they’re wide so i have to go up no matter what.

            i also have to go down in size for the Wearevers, just like in Operettas.

          • I’m going to go with the 8.5 if they end up being too small they will end up on Fluemarket.

        • the Miracles fit differently for me than the Daily Miracles. i can wear size 6 in the Mystery (Daily Miracle) but i believe that the Lanciano (Miracle) fit me at my usual 6.5. i wonder if it has to do with the fact that the Daily Miracles have a slightly wider toebox and so can accommodate my short feet?

          i would say that the Sight runs the same size as other Miracles. so maybe go with your usual 8.5.

          • I have a high instep as well. I’m really confused. Definitely don’t want them to be too small…Maybe I need to run to the store and try some more miracles on.

            • yeah, i’m sorry we can’t talk through this! sizing can be difficult b/c we all have different feet. with your high instep i’d normally suggest the larger size…but because you wear 8.5 in the Lancianos, which are also oxfords, maybe you should stick with that size. BUT if 8.5 is no longer available, you can always get the 9 and use some insoles if they’re a little loose. 🙂

              if you have the option to try on other Miracles, i think you should. and if you do get the Sight, let us know which size and how it fit! good luck!

            • I’m now leaning toward the 8.5. Every pair of shoes I have in this family and the Miracles and the platform Miracles are 8.5 with the exception of the the Meera which is an 8.0.
              I’m wearing my mystery’s around the house today. This really shouldn’t be so hard…

            • Then 8.5 it is! Wearing gorgeous Vogs around the house is a nice pastime. 🙂 That’s some collection you’ve got there!

  4. Thanks Gladys and Anita (the first one)! I decided on the 8.5.
    I was a little embarrassed to discover I had so many in those families.
    Thanks for all the information you provide!

    • you’re totally welcome! and definitely no judgment here (i mean, come on, we run a blog about our obsession with one brand of shoes!). i think we all have our favorite families, and it looks like you are a miracle voger. 🙂

  5. Nice blue Miracle Sights! I just got cream/beige with black scrolls. So great! Bonus: has socks that match. Now THAT is some serious fancy foot action! 🙂

    • PS. I wear a 6.5 in Bellevues and had to get a 7 in the Miracles. Black 7 were huge. Cream 7 were good. Weird. Handmade shoes are bound to have these little discrepancies, I suppose.

      • thanks! and congratulations on getting the cream/black sights. they are definitely gorgeous and striking.

        i have found size discrepancies in the other shoe styles as well. it just depends which “batch” a shoe comes from. it’s always best to try on the shoes, or at the very least call your awesome local fluevogologists for size recommendations. 🙂

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