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FlueFan Spotlight: Lisa R.


Hello All!

We are so lucky to feature Lisa R. in our FlueFan Spotlight. She was the April 2012 Fluevog Vogunteer. For those of you who are familiar with the Fluevog Fridays Facebook Page, you’ll know that Miss Lisa is a regular poster:) Members of the MotleyFlue were lucky enough to meet Miss Lisa a while back at the Haight Street store. Miss Gladys recognized her from the Fluevog Facebook Page. From there, we bonded (Miss Gladys has the shoe pic to prove it). Enjoy getting to know Miss Lisa R.!


(Left) Lisa R. with John Fluevog! (Right) A personalized plate from Mr. Fluevog.

Name: Lisa R.

Hometown: Los Osos, California

My Super Fluevoger Life: I am originally from Florida. My husband Rob, and my daughter, Raven and I  moved to Cali about 4 years ago and we LOVE it! (and yes, they both wear ‘vogs too!). We are a bit of a kooky family, we love to have fun, explore new places, hiking, movies, live music, festivals, art shows…I guess we are just ultra cool. :- ) We also have 2 large dogs, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and an Old English Sheepdog, and one beloved guinea pig.


A part of Lisa’s awesome collection.

How I Became a Fluevoger: A friend introduced me to the website several years ago and I fell in love. I signed up for the email newsletter and would drool over the shoes thinking I would never pay that much for shoes…HA! I needed a new pair of black boots and started searching, I kept coming back to the Fluevog site and finally, could resist no longer and ordered the Countess Olivia and never looked back! (Denny in SF was my first ‘vog ‘dealer’)

What I look for in a Fluevog: I love color and a funky heel.


My Namesake Fluevog Would Look Like… Probably anything from the mini family in some shocking color combination. (stripes, please!)

About My Collection: My collection has evolved over the years…I have several pairs of minis and I also love the operetta line, so comfy. I got to meet John himself a couple of years ago and have some original art and a couple pair of signed shoes. (my Countess Olivias and the purple and green 40th anniversary Vanny). I have gotten most of my Fluevogs from the LA Melrose store, although I have also spent some time (and money) at the Haight street store. My personal dealer, Shawn, just moved to DC to work in that store and I still call him when I need shoes! I have scored a few awesome ebay deals too!

My Personal Style: Definitely eclectic. I am just as comfortable at a middle school band concert or a Flogging Molly concert.

*** Vog Quickies ***
Coffee or Tea: Tea

Color or Colour: Orange

Prints or Solids: prints

Half Empty or Half Full: full

Heels or Flats: heels

Share the love of Vogs or keep your Fluevog secret?: Share..I like to think I’m a Fluevog ambassador!

Fluevog that most likely needs a new sole: My Bobbis or my red/black Lily Darlings.

photo 3

If you’re interested in being featured in the FlueFan Spotlight, please send an email to: Thanks!


Author: jlrondilla

Joanne L. Rondilla, is a scholar, writer, and educator (not necessarily in that order). She received her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in Ethnic Studies and her B.A. in Art Studio and Asian American Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Her research focuses on beauty, race, gender, the body, and colonialism. She is the co-author of "Is Lighter Better? Skin Tone Discrimination Among Asian Americans" (with Paul Spickard) and the co-editor of "Pacific Diaspora: Island Peoples in the United States and Across the Pacific" (with Paul Spickard and Debbie Hippolite-Wright). Born and raised in Dededo, Guam, Joanne considers the San Francisco Bay area home. Outside of the academy, she has more than twelve years of work experience in the cosmetics industry as a skincare specialist and make-up artist. While she's not an Imelda Marcos fan, Joanne does love her Fluevogs!

2 thoughts on “FlueFan Spotlight: Lisa R.

  1. yay, lisa!!! you had one of the best vogunteer months, hands down. 🙂 i love that bartoli plate from the amazing mr. fluevog, and i am drooling over your collection, lady!

  2. Thanks Gladys!!!

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