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Ever since the Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom premiered with the top-selling Liz (a Vog I have yet to add to my collection), I’m sure that Flueddicts everywhere have been anxiously waiting to see what else would be added to the new family. When the Fluevog site featured the Viv, I could not wait to see these babies in person. While they come in a black/white combo, I have my heart set on the brown/navy colorway. Alas, they are currently available at your nearest Fluevog store, as well as online. I’m sure this initial run of the Viv is going to disappear quickly. However, let’s take a moment to simply enjoy the new members of the KKBB line:)


I have yet to add Liz to my collection because I know that she will be a staple just like the Malibran and the Guide. Therefore, I’m waiting for the perfect color combo. Mr. Fluevog, if you’re listening, I’d love to see the Air Canada grey/cranberry combination available to the public. If not, then perhaps consider a forrest green or a grey color. As a gal with a no doubles policy, I really have to be careful with what I add to my collection. Enough about Liz. Let’s talk about the Viv….

Just like Liz, it was love at first sight with Viv. They are extremely comfy and look so different from Liz. They remind me of a girly, more formal version of the Danielsons. The brown/navy combo is such a great complement to what I already have in my collection, that I needed to immediately jump on these!

Like Liz, they run small, so I suggest going at least 1/2 a size up. Personally, I had to go up a full size because I don’t like my toes hitting the toe box. Also, I like that the added room allows me to use an insole when needed. Yes, Madam Shirley, who was also with me at Haight Street that day, added the Viv to her collection.

Though I’m sure Viv will sell out, my spider senses tell me that this is just the beginning of Viv’s story. So readers… are you eyeing the Viv too? What colors would you like to see her in? Please post to comments:)

For the love of Vogs,



Author: jlrondilla

Joanne L. Rondilla, is a scholar, writer, and educator (not necessarily in that order). She received her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in Ethnic Studies and her B.A. in Art Studio and Asian American Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Her research focuses on beauty, race, gender, the body, and colonialism. She is the co-author of "Is Lighter Better? Skin Tone Discrimination Among Asian Americans" (with Paul Spickard) and the co-editor of "Pacific Diaspora: Island Peoples in the United States and Across the Pacific" (with Paul Spickard and Debbie Hippolite-Wright). Born and raised in Dededo, Guam, Joanne considers the San Francisco Bay area home. Outside of the academy, she has more than twelve years of work experience in the cosmetics industry as a skincare specialist and make-up artist. While she's not an Imelda Marcos fan, Joanne does love her Fluevogs!

3 thoughts on “va-va-Viv!

  1. I want to check the Vivs in the other colourway, will have to make a trip down to Calgary!

  2. update: I bought them! stupid me I bought a 7 just because I could fit in them and they didn’t have a 7.5 at the store.( hangs head in shame, it was a case of Voglust!)) Well, of course they fit but my toes were hitting the front and then had to exchange them for my size (7.5). I totally agree with you, go 1/2 size up, an 8 would have been even better.
    I bought the black/white and couldn’t be happier.

    I also bought the mini sugars in red I had on layaway :p

  3. Alas? Why alas? Available locally is GOOD.

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