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More Fluevog Love in Seattle and Los Angeles

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In front of Fluevog Seattle on a rainy day

Adding to the Seattle love on this blog (J-Ro already visited just this past April), I went there on a family vacation earlier this month and of course I had to visit the Fluevog store there. It was a slightly-rainy Wednesday morning, and I was helped by dealer Brenda during my brief visit. During our chat I found out that she is good friends with dealer Lenae at the Los Angeles store. It’s a small world! She also told me that it was when Mr. John Fluevog opened the Seattle store that he really started to design shoes under his own brand (rather than with his former partner Peter Fox) and built the company to what it is today. And you know how amazing the collections look like now, right? Thank you, Seattle!

Begin: Cha Cha in black. Brief as my visit was, I managed to try on a couple pairs. This first was inspired by Brenda herself, who was wearing a gorgeous square-shaped top and skinny black pants with her black Cha Chas. Her outfit was so cute that I had to try on the same shoes as well. Tassels! I didn’t realize I was a tassels girl, but after buying the Nzame and the Beezies, I can’t deny it any longer. 🙂 Too bad the Cha Chas run between true-to-size and slightly large, so the size 6 (smallest size) is too big for me even with these rugby socks.

Prepare Hi: Rappel in pink was the other pair I tried on. I was asked about the fit of these shoes by a friend, and I remembered that J-Ro liked them. While I’d slipped them on my feet once while visiting the Melrose store, I never managed to take a photo of me wearing them. These shoes are so, so pretty. Here I am with socks, for those of you who want to know what that looks like. I think they look great, as J-Ro predicted. She also said the zipper might be an issue, but since they were too big for me even with the socks (size 6 is the smallest size), I didn’t notice if the zipper was particularly uncomfortable. I believe they run a little bigger than true to size.

* * *

My Fluevog run this month wasn’t over with Seattle, oh no. A mere two days after we got back, I was off to Melrose Avenue to visit my fave dealers at Fluevog Los Angeles. Why? Well, they had a special pair of shoes waiting just for me.


Thanks to dealer Kate for taking this photo

Baroque: Rubens in burgundy. These are the last size 5 in the burgundy Baroque: Rubens that came all the way from Minneapolis. (I’m thinking they’ll replenish the sizes at some point since these seem to be staples in Fluevogdom.) I’d never managed to try any Baroque styles properly because they run quite large, a bit more than a half size large. This past season they started making them in sizes 5 and 5.5, but the Melrose store never got any sizes smaller than 6 and my feet were just swimming in the size 6. When I mentioned it to dealers Anthony and Kate during IFD, they said they could ask if the Minneapolis store was willing to send their size 5 pair to L.A. so that I could try them on. Of course I said yes! And can you blame me? Look at them — a feast for the eyes! With their special hexagonal heel and stamped suede, they look quite regal, don’t they? I really like how the heel isn’t very high; it has a very vintage feel, all the way back to 17th-century royal European courts. And the shoes seem very easy to incorporate into goth or more vampy outfits as well. 😉 Shirl swears by them. I’m inclined to believe her.

I’d been looking for a pair of red maryjanes to add to my collection for a while. I thought about getting the red Malibrans (Operetta family), but since I already have those in black I hesitated. The only other red maryjanes made by Fluevog are the Rubens and the Benatars (Together Hi family and no longer available in red — they might be phasing out the style completely *sad face*). I’ve been drooling over the Rubens for quite some time now, and I’m really glad I’ll be able to add these to my collection. (Speaking of which, I need to post on my latest acquisitions and layaways. This season has been bananas. And yeah, my wallet hates me.)

* * *

So you guys know that the summer sale is coming up in just a few days, right? I’ve heard from a little  bird that there may be some preview parties going on at the stores. 😉 What are you interested in adding to your closets? What’s your top three? I have my list. If you’re going to be at the Melrose store this evening (*wink, wink*), say hi and let’s chat!

xo, Gladys


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