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Melrose Meetup, Part 2

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From L: Cheryl, J-Ro, Mae, and me

From L: Cheryl, J-Ro, Mae, and me

Happy International Fluevog Eve! Here’s the second set of photos taken at last Friday’s meetup at the Melrose store, all the shoes tried on by J-Ro, Mae, and Cheryl, with a bonus photo of dealer Alice’s shoes from the Spring collection. I’ve broken it up into two groups, the shoes from the current Spring collection and the shoes released during previous years that have become Fluevog classics. Cheryl focused mostly on this latter group of classics, and I was jealous that the shoes were available in her size at the store. Some of the classics aren’t made small enough for my feet, but at least I had the vicarious pleasure of seeing her try them on! Mae, on the other hand, tried on five pairs mostly in the Spring collection (including the Faraday which was featured in Part 1), but she must have put on the Nefertiti at least three times throughout our visit!

(click on the photos to go to the webpage for each style)

Spring 2013 Vogs

NefMHere’s Mae during one of her turns wearing the Queen Transcendent | Nefertiti in pink, black, and aqua. I’ve said this before in my own review, but these shoes are super flattering on different types of feet/ankles. That heel is just spectacular, but I think it’s the braided ankle strap that does the trick. Elegance and boldness all in one. The multi colorway is particularly striking.

NefCThis is one of my favorite shots of the day, Cheryl trying on the Nefertiti as well, with an array of the other shoes she tried on next to her feet, and J-Ro sitting relaxed in her vintage Moneywalker sandals showing off her pretty neon orange polish. (Note: the pink and black Liz’s are Cheryl’s. I didn’t take a picture of her trying on the blue Guides, but she said she didn’t like them because they made her feel like she needed to be wearing a costume with them. Lol!)

LizMMae tried on the KKBB | Liz in teal. She didn’t seem too impressed by the shoe overall except for the color. And indeed it is an amazing color; it goes well even with her navy pants. If I had tons of cash lying around, I’d get the Liz in this colorway, too. Alas, I’ll have to “settle” for my equally-beautiful black/pink Liz’s. 🙂 (Sizes 7.5 and 8 on sale at Amazon for 20% off!)

LizJJ-Ro tried on the newest colorway in the Liz, pink and yellow. She liked it but said she’d wait to see what’s in store for Fall. Given that the Liz is on its way to becoming another Vog classic, I’m looking forward to the Fall colors as well! Personally, I’m not moved by this colorway. Mae and I agreed that it was too salmon-y, i.e., less pink than we’d originally thought. (Meanwhile, the pink on the black/pink colorway of the Liz as well as the pinks of the Bellevue | Eleanor are fantastic.)

ArabellaMMae tried on the gorgeous Integrity | Arabella in black and ivory (also reviewed here). She had an issue with fit; I believe she was in between sizes. But I think she loved these shoes as well. This is another fabulous style of flats, like the Amie (same family), and one of the most unique-looking shoes this season. They also seem comfortable.

WoopAliceThis is Alice wearing the Pointy Begin | Woop Woop in black. J-Ro tried these on in the white colorway, and I couldn’t believe how different the black looked when worn. When I saw them on Alice, I asked if they were vintage, and when she and J-Ro told me what shoe it was, it took me several moments to connect the white colorway with this style. I like these shoes, although I don’t think they’re a ME shoe. But they did look great with Alice’s long, full, black swing skirt (complete with crinoline underneath for fullness).

Classic Vogs

RubensCNow on to the classic Vogs. Cheryl wearing the Baroque | Rubens in black. I want these shoes in the burgundy colorway, but sadly I’ve never been able to figure out which size I am because the Melrose store never carries them in less than a size 6 (much too big for me). Cheryl is a lawyer, and these would look amazing in the courtroom, don’t you think? (Size 6 on sale at Amazon for 31% off!)

SandraMMae in the Fellowship | Sandra in black and taupe. I think these are adorable and would be great office shoes. Mae says she’d love it if they came in different colorways, perhaps brown.

ElifCCheryl wearing another pair of shoes that I can only drool over from afar. The Mini | Elif in olive, gray, and purple is a beautiful shoe that they don’t make in my size. But that’s okay since I’d likely get “muffin side” given the open-side style. Meanwhile, Cheryl looks wonderful in them, and the purple trim goes really well with her purple dress. In fact, this pic would be worthy of a Vogunteer pic.

LoverCCheryl in another pair of Minis — Mini | Lover in black — that is currently unavailable in my size. Definitely a beautiful boot and another ass-kicking shoe fit for a pitched battle in the courtroom. With those laces, the style makes me think of whips and maybe chains. ;-p

ParisCCheryl in the glittery Attention | Paris in black devilfish. I tried these on last summer so I know how amazing — and TALL — they make you feel. I’m not sure how Cheryl felt about them, but she sure looked good in them. I still don’t feel like my closet is ready for glittery shoes.

MalCOne last photo of Cheryl trying on a classic, the Operetta | Malibran in burgundy/wine. These actually look darker in real life than in the stock photo; the darker tint is an improvement, but both Cheryl and Mae said that the brown heel and sole made it look less professional than they wanted. (Black would have worked for them.)

So. That’s it for my recap of our recent Melrose visit. I’m sure it’s incomplete and skewed (it’s all from my perspective and faulty memory), so I hope either J-Ro, Mae, or Cheryl will correct any of this. I’ll sign off with this awesome photo of J-Ro being the Generalissima. Heaven help the self-entitled college student who crosses this fierce woman!


Cheers! And see you at Melrose for IFD!

xo, Gladys


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