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It’s All about the Polka Dots


I am a sucker for patterns. I sew at home, and whenever I go to the fabric store I am always, always drawn to patterned fabrics. Pattern speaks to me kind of like the way drawings and paintings do; they tell stories or send me off on a story of my own imagination. I go over the moon when I see fabric that depicts children or animals (owls, foxes, cats, rabbits, what have you) or bugs or typewriters or little towns, etc. And if the fabric depicts an actual landscape, even better…. But when it comes to more abstract patterns, I especially LOVE polka dots. (Hi, Dorothy!)

So what happens when you combine Fluevogs with polka dots and purple? That utter magic immediately goes on layaway, that’s what. 🙂
7th Heaven: DerbySwirlI was so excited when I found out there would be polka-dotted Fluevogs this season. I was disappointed that they hadn’t arrived at the store the last time I visited. The 7th Heaven: Derby Swirl (5 Eye) is indeed a heavenly boot, especially with the comfy Fluevog socks that the dealers let me use to try on the shoes (thanks, Kimberly!). My feet felt lovingly encased while I walked around the store and stood at the counter. This family is more substantial than the Radio family, but they aren’t heavy and stompy like, say, my Adrian: Alli maryjanes. These were the size 6, the smallest size (again, I’m a true size 5.5). I’d been afraid that they would be too big because the size 6 Angel Supervog (which I assume has a similar sole) from last season was HUGE on me. But these were perfect, not too tight and just right with the socks — which is how I like my boots. I’d say these run close to true-to-size. If you get the chance, I urge you to try them on!

I’m sorry I don’t have any photos of other shoes. I didn’t even bother trying anything else on because I knew right away what I wanted. If the purple polka-dotted boots fit, then I was buying them. After the Liz, these boots were my favorite pick of the season.

Speaking of the Liz, and just in case you don’t believe me about my love for polka dots, this is what I was wearing when I tried on the Derby Swirl:

More on this outfit hereAnd yes, I totally love the Liz! They were perfect with this retro polka-dotted dress — similar sensibility, styling, and colors. A match made in 7th Heaven, perhaps? OK, I’ll stop there with the bad puns. 😛

Fellow Vogers, what do you think of the new 7th Heaven family? Do you love them or hate them? Are you on the fence and prefer the other Spring styles? Or are you totally indifferent?

‘Til next time!

xo, Gladys


10 thoughts on “It’s All about the Polka Dots

  1. Love them lots! We will be boot twins now. I love wearing mine on Fridays … Work for home days;). Will probably go for the black too. Just can’t decide on lace or polka dots.

  2. Gladys, I LOVE the dress! Yes, the purple boots are totally cute. Now you’re making me wanna try them on. Gah!

    • Thank you, Generalissima! As purple is your color, I thought you might have gravitated toward these … but maybe you’re not a polka dot fan as much as I am? Yes, at least try them on for the comfort factor. The acid purple ones look gorgeous as well!

      • Now I really need to see these in person! For some reason, I don’t gravitate to the Angels. The Radios are about as close to the simple boot style that I’ll get. Yes, I am a purple fan. I just feel that the Nuni and these will serve the same purpose. Again, I need to try them on. Heck, I didn’t think I’d fall for the Promise, but you know how that went:)

        • I don’t know when you’ll get the next chance to try on Vogs, but I hope you’re able to see the patterns in person. I think they’re perfect with the 7th Heaven style of shoes. I liked the new florals/zebra/cheetah/etc. in the Daily Miracles, Big Presence, Munsters, and other families, but those were all heels. The patterned leathers really add something special to casual boots.

  3. I’m SO tempted to get the Liz in blue. Seriously. I love the black but pink is not my thing. I have one pair of pink Pumas that I never wear BUT the blue is ridiculously cute.

    • i’d say go for it! the teal/blue color is also really fantastic, and when i first saw pics of the liz, i thought i’d go after the teal/blue myself. but i went for these because i found myself lusting after pink this season, and in fact this is the only pair of shoes i own that has pink in it. i have my gorgeous fellowship oxfords in a very similar blue already, so i must have had the generalissima’s “diversify” tenet in mind. 🙂

    • With Liz and any Vog for that matter, you really want to invest in styles and colors that suit you, and that you know are going to get some good usage. If pink isn’t your thing, then get the turquoise. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Also, I’m sure Liz will be around for a long time. Can’t wait to see the future of the KKBB family:)

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