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Even More Melrose Spring 2013


Over the weekend, I managed to visit the Melrose store for the third time this month. That’s a lot for me since it’s an hour’s drive away! But my husband and I turned it into a fun little family outing, and we visited my mom for dinner afterwards. While I gushed over the new pairs that I tried on, he and our 5-year-old son (aka Mr. Destructo) hung out at the Johnny Rockets across the street noshing on fries and slurping milkshakes.

Many thanks once again to the awesome Kate for indulging me during this visit! I think I’ve almost figured out which shoes I really want from the Spring collection (besides the Liz). I was also planning to try on the fantastic new 7th Heaven Angel styles (hello, polka-dotted oxfords and ankle boots!!), but unfortunately they hadn’t yet arrived at the L.A. store. Once they do, you can bet I’m going to try them on and take photos!

(I also have to pick up something very special then, which I will share when I get it. 🙂 )

On this visit, I tried on a few styles requested by a couple of readers. Shirl has recently reviewed the Laura Evans, and you’ll get another review from Dorothy soon, but since everyone’s feet are different, the more reviews the better! In this post, I’ll be reviewing the Prepare | Guide, the River | Loire, the Baroque | Caravaggio, the Bellevue | Laura Evans (also reviewed by Shirl), and the Hope | Promise (also reviewed by J-Ro).

* * *

Nota bene: what you should know about my sizing as you read my reviews. I am a true size US 5.5. I have relatively-flat arches, wide toes, and narrowish ankles. I wear 5 in the Operetta, Mini, Attention, and Bellevue families; 5.5 in the Fellowship family; 6 in the Radio and World families; and 6.5 in the older styles of the Miracle family. My other shoes are most often in size 6 but run slightly large on purpose (because they’re boots or ankle boots).

(click on the photos to go to the webpage for each style)

Prepare: Guide in yellowPrepare | Guide in yellow. I have this style in the (still available) dutch blue from last year. I bought the size 6, which were a little big so I use insoles with them. This yellow pair are also size 6, but I’d say that they run slightly smaller than previous seasons — maybe not a half-size, possibly a quarter-size. These were still big on me; I’m probably a size 5.5 in these shoes. The spring colors are GORGEOUS. The turquoise has been almost-completely picked over, but it looks like they might be making more in the turquoise (there’s now a form on the shoe’s webpage to be notified when your size becomes available). I also like the pink, but I love this yellow. It went pretty well with my all-blues outfit that day.

River: Loire1
River: Loire2River | Loire in aqua and silver. This family runs narrow for me. I had to size up to a 6.5 to even get my toes through the toe strap. You can see that lengthwise it’s a little long at the top, but it’s not bad. These seem very comfortable, actually. On the profile shot, you can see a little “muffin side” going on there. For that reason, I’ll probably stay away from these shoes. This silver/aqua colorway is really striking, though.

Baroque: CaravaggioBaroque | Caravaggio in pink. These shoes look like a present, don’t they? They’re so adorable in this pink color. I’ve drooled over the Baroque family for a while now, but the size 6 was always too big. The Melrose store only had the size 6 available, which is what’s on my feet in this photo. My feet were swimming in the shoes. I suspect I might fit the size 5 because this style is generous widthwise. (Thanks to Kate for taking the photo.)

Bellevue: LauraEvansBellevue | Laura Evans in black and cream patent. What a stunning pair of shoes. Like Shirl, I think of the Bellevue family as very femme with the dainty heels and profile. It’s almost like they came from the early 1900s, which I’m sure is the sensibility Mr. Fluevog was going for. The Laura Evans is particularly striking because of the patent leathers, and in this black and cream colorway, I love the tiny pink buckle. It’s the perfect accent for this spring. I’m wearing the size 6 here but they were a tad big; I’m probably a size 5.5 in this style. (Thanks to Kate for taking the photo.)

Hope: Promise1
Hope: Promise2
Hope: Promise3Hope | Promise in blue and cream. I saved the best for last here. This one was my favorite of all the styles I tried on that day. Thanks to J-Ro for inspiring me to try them on after her last FlueReview. I LOVE the colors and the cutout “f”s on the arch. I’ve long been a Hope family fan, but since the family runs true to size and the smallest size made was 6, the shoes were always too big for me. This style, however, comes in 5 and 5.5 as well. I tried on both the 5.5 and 6. While the size 5.5 fit well with my second toes touching the tip (like with the Liz), the size 6 proved a little loose at the heel. Kate said that I might consider getting the larger size in this style since they’d be perfect to wear in the fall as well with socks, which is an excellent point. Isn’t great how they’re so versatile? They’re cute enough to wear with skirts, as you can see in the photos, but I know I’d have no problems wearing them under pants, too. I have put this shoe in my current top three. We will see which pair I get next, if I can manage to buy another pair this season.

* * *

Espadrille: MartinEspadrille | Martin in copper, plus the yellow next to it. These shoes still aren’t available on the website for some reason. But I wanted to show you a better photo of the copper colorway. Isn’t it awesome? Like I said in my last review, these were very comfortable. If you’re in the market for some interesting-looking oxfords and/or espadrilles this season, look no further!

Radio: CBCRadio | CBC dyed spring pink. I saw these and had to take a photo. I’m not sure I should share who did this, but it’s an excellent example of what you can do if you want to customize your Vogs and you have an amazing cobbler at your service. The cobbler that the Melrose store uses is apparently amazing. He did something for me recently, and I’ll have a review for that after I go back to the store. 🙂

Melrose FlowerWheelBefore I go, here’s a “flower wheel” photo that I took with the wonderful Melrose dealers. Counterclockwise from the left: Lenae wearing her yellow Prepare | Guides, Austyn wearing his black Twin Turbine | 1611 First Avenue boots, Kate wearing her white Living | Malcolm boots, and me wearing my cream Integrity | Amie flats.

That’s it from me, fellow Vogers! I hope this was helpful in any way. Let us know if you have further questions about any of the shoes reviewed here. And also let us know what shoes you’ve already bought from the Spring collection, or if you’re planning to get any this season!

xo, Gladys


13 thoughts on “Even More Melrose Spring 2013

  1. Thanks so much, Gladys! For those of us who don’t have a store nearby, this blog is super useful. (And I didn’t notice any “muffin side” until you pointed it out — I still think the Loires look great on you!)

    • thank you! you guys are too much. 🙂 i remember you asked about the loire specifically, so i’m glad that the photos and our reviews are helpful! despite the fact that there is a Fluevog store within driving distance, i’m someone who still does a lot of online shopping because a lot of the shoes aren’t available in my size (usually smaller than a 6). i always wanted a good resource to provide detailed sizing info and photos of the shoes actually on someone’s feet.

  2. I agree with triodesole above, I think they look great on you, sometimes what we notice about our own bodies nobody else notices 🙂

    Thanks for these reviews, the prepares in yellow look awesome against your tan skin. Those go on my wishlist too (or in pink). I asked for a review on the Laura Evans and they look every bit as wonderful as I thought they would be.

    Those pink dyed vogs give confirmation to an idea I’ve had about buying a pair of Tracey Neuls I;ve been lusting after

    because the ones that got away were this pair in green, and the heel looked like a rosebud in green and pale yellow. She’s a Canadian designer too, based in London, her shoes are works of art, handmade (thus the expensive price) and I’m obsessed with them. I think if I buy the white ones and have them dyed green, hmmmmm….

    • thanks so much! really! i wish i’d tried on the pink guides as well, especially after i saw those pink CBC’s! this spring’s fluevog colors have been out of this world. very glad you found the laura evans photo useful — SUCH gorgeous shoes. i hope you love them if you get them. shirl is also planning to share a photo of her laura evans in action on her feet, so you’ll have another photo of these awesome heels.

      those tracey neuls heels look beautiful. canadians sure know how to make shoes! 😉 if you get them dyed, we’d love to see a photo of them (even though we run a fluevog fan site)!

  3. Hi Gladys. Le sigh. I love the Promise! Also, I couldn’t help but notice your arms in the Caravaggio pic. It looks like you’re gasping in complete delight!

    • they were delightful shoes! actually, i think i was holding myself in delighted mode for most of my visit! i am SO IN LOVE with this season. i must have tried on at least 15 pairs now? and i feel like i’ve barely scratched the surface because of all of the colorways. (still haven’t tried on any cheetah or zebra.)

      thanks again for “pushing” me to try on the promise. 🙂 perhaps we’ll both get them at some point. wish you were done with your flueLent already! will the liz be your next pair??

  4. I’m trying on those Espadrilles! I love the Cooper. Honestly, I really love those but didn’t know how they would look on until I saw you tried them on. Also, the Caravaggios look beautiful on you. I DO NOT like the pink on me. 😦 Boo. JRo suggests that I get the blue CBCs BUT I want something more daring, which is why I thought of the Cheetah. In any case, thanks for the awesome review of all those shoes. 🙂 xoxo

    • thank you, d!!! ❤ let me know how you like the copper martins. i found them very comfy, and i liked that they added a couple inches to my height without being heels. the martins would fall under "daring," i think. 😉 a friend of mine saw the photo of me wearing them and said, "ugh." lol. i thought they were really interesting, myself! and i love the metallic.

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