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Bellevues – I Count Five …



Mollie Johnson

… however, I know that number six is around the corner.

Our blog readers inspire us … Thanks to one of our readers who asked about the Bellevues | Laura Evans. You, dear reader, inspired me to share about the Bellevues, albeit a bit more than anticipated. (Thanks for the welcomed catharsis!) I am the one among our MotleyFlue who tend toward the Bellevues more than others. Here I share about –

  • where my Bellevues are among my other Fluevogs,
  • my attraction to the Bellevues, and
  • my most recent pair – the Laura Evans

At another time, I’ll share about “the one that got away”. (HINT: look to the upper right of this post.) Meanwhile, read some or read all, I hope you (and others) enjoy!

Bellevues among the flock … Among the forty-one pairs of Fluevogs I have (as of mid-February), the Bellevues family represents a good percentage among the other Fluevog families where I have multiple styles – Minis (3), Operettas (4), and Prepares (2). While I don’t necessarily wear my Bellevues much more than the others, I do wear Bellevues for more than casual occasions, and have started to wear them to give a cutesie dress up feel to a casual outfit.

Bellevue attraction … Among the MotleyFlue, I am the one who tends toward the Bellevues more than others. As I started dipping my toes (literally and figuratively) in the Fluevog pond, my third pair of Fluevogs was the Pearl Hart. Since then, I continue to check-out the Bellevues for a few reasons –

  • Height and stability – The height of the heel at 2.5-inches and the heel pitch (slope) are both comfortable. For me, I have found the seat of the Fellowship-Hi heel to be stable. I also like the comfort for the balls of my feet. In other words, for my feet, my heels, as well as the balls, of my feet are taken care of in Bellevues.
  • Instep and arch – My instep and arch have a strange relationship with each other, in my opinion. In my Bellevues, they get along pretty well.
  • Toe box – When I try on any pair of shoes, it’s all about my left foot’s comfort as a start. I do have a couple of pointy-toe-ish Vogs (Truths and Wonders), however, generally, I look for rounded or square toe styles. The Bellevues’s toe box is accommodating for one of the characteristics I have – a bunion on my left foot (granted, the toe box is not necessarily as roomy as the Operettas and Minis).
  • Styles/Design of shoes – I love Mary Janes, T-Straps, Oxfords, and perforations (broguing … think wingtips and spectators) in my shoes.  The Bellevues offer these.

Bellevue freshman … The Laura Evans are my recent Bellevues added to my collection. Because of the styling of this Bellevue – T-Strap, contrast color (of the buckle), and patent leather – I was pretty certain these would come home with me after trying them on.  They are described on as follows (FYI, each shoe has a back-story) :

40_Bellevues - Laura Evans

Bellevues | Laura Evans

“In the late 1800s, Salida Colorado was a dusty, but promising town of Silver Miners and Railroaders when Laura Evans strolled into Wild West History. Running away from a convent in St. Louis Missouri, a young business-astute Laura Evans settled in Salada in 1890, quickly becoming one of the wealthiest people in town when she opened her brothel (known to be the finest in the Wild West). Laura lived a long, healthy, and successful life, and her bordello was legendary until 1950 when The Salida City Council finally shut down her business. Known to be a ‘class act,’ Laura attended the funeral of every single man she did business with (although surely given cold stares by angry widows). Using glossy patent leathers in contrasting colours, on a 2.5″ Fellowship-hi heel and a soft rubber Attention sole, The Laura Evans is the sassiest T-strap pump John has ever made, so keep your hat on… it’s going to be a wild ride!” – from

My Laura Evans are number 40 (in my 50 by 50 effort). A few thoughts about the Laura Evans –

  • “Birthplace” – I saw these at the Haight Street Fluevog store. However, I purchased this pair at SoleSpace in Oakland, CA (also on twitter). As shared with,  SoleSpace’s owner, Jeff Perlstein
    • “… considers SoleSpace to be a “project” – an experiment in what happens at the intersection between socially-conscious artwork, an accessible event space and nice shoes.”
  • Size and fit – Oddly, I purchased these in Size 6.0. They fit. HOWEVER, all my other Bellevues are size 6.5. I have been a firm size 6.5 (not a size 6.0 or size 7.0) in Bellevues. When SoleSpace’s Amber said they only had size 6.0, I was ready to walk away. However, she suggested I try them on, anyway; I did not expect them to fit at all. For whatever reason, this pair fit. I tried these on with a light ped. I have worn these with a lightweight tight. I would not consider wearing a heavier tight or sweater tight with these shoes. 
  • Half-size difference? – I am NOT suggesting the Laura Evans are a 1/2-size smaller. In fact, I haven’t tried the size 6.5 Laura Evans, so I will, as a comparison, and update this post at that time. I am saying, that for all the reasons I am attracted to the Bellevue family, the Laura Evans do not disappoint.
  • T-Strap, edging, and toe box – My left foot is comfortable in these. I was concerned whether the front edging of the black patent would somehow cut into my feet in a weird way, leave odd creasing. Not a problem.

Phew Bellevue! … My Bellevue catharsis for one of our inquiring-minds-want-to-know readers comes to an end. Hope this helped. Let us know what you decide. Perhaps you’ll share a photo and a story about your Laura Evans.

percy jr. ❤ … shirley


Author: anthrocubeologist

I am Shirley, and I believe workspaces shouldn't suck. I share my observations and perspectives on shaping cultural shifts through interactions, workspace, and choice. I believe with personal, tiny changes emerge meaningful shifts - workspace cultural shifts happen when one chooses meaningful interactions – creating human-to-human shared experiences. I am an Environmental and Energy Consultant - think air quality, energy and power plant projects, the environment. And I am the Anthrocubeologist, who is a Behavior Designer and Tiny Habits® Certified Coach - think interactions, habits and practices, workspace cultural shifts. Anthrocubeology, inspired by Improvisation, is the intersection of Behavior Design and the Servant-Leader philosophy. For more than 25 years, my workspaces have included the government sector, energy and environmental consulting, electric utility industry, power project developers, and my own business consulting practice. I no longer want to say "WTF CUBEOPOLIS?!" Join me.

5 thoughts on “Bellevues – I Count Five …

  1. love the review, shirl! just wondering now about the size difference. i had the chance to try the laura evans in size 6 today and found them to be large on my 5.5 feet. i feel like this current season’s bellevues are running true to size (the eleanor fit me best in size 5.5) rather than running large. it must be because all of us have such different feet. would love to see a pic of you wearing the shoes!

    • gladys, thanks. i will take pics with the shoes on. i will see what i can pull together this week with the laura evans. i always feel like my bellevues are the go-girly-ish and a little more dressy. maybe i’ll double-up and also take a pic for my 50 by 50 effort. (no bathroom pics! haha!)

      • yay! can’t wait to see you dress up these gorgeous shoes! that shiny patent is fantastic. i loved the black/white with the surprising pink accent at the buckle. (yeah, no bathroom pics. eek!)

  2. THANK YOU for this review! I asked for a review of this style as there are none on the website, glad to see an in-depth review for those of us who do not have access to a Fluevog store. They are in my wishlist, I think they are very girly and versatile. In some Vogs I do not like how the heel looks with pants (the minis of which I own several) I know some people do like them with pants but it is not my style, but these I can see myself wearing them with skirts, pants, dresses, crisp city shorts, ahh the possibilities…

    BTW, the ones that got away, do they have to be in that colourway? Gravity Pope has them in sizes 6 and 6.7 but in black (or dark grey IDK)

    • YOU, dany, are welcome! and i (we) appreciate the inquiry.

      on the laura evans, take a look at the review gladys also did. i agree that they are girly, and i like that about the bellevue family. your comment about certain vog heels with pants (or not) is interesting. good idea for future posts and perspectives we may have.

      oh … thanks for the question about the colourway. i am looking for the colours in the post – brown/coffee and lavendery color. will post about shortly.

      and hope you come back to visit our site. we love the opportunity to share!

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