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Hello Liz! And More Fluevog on Melrose: Spring 2013


This is another long post, so please bear with me. First things first, the Liz in size 5.5:


With a candid of awesome dealer Kate in the background

They arrived from New York.

I tried them on.

I loved them.

Now they’re mine! Boom Boom, indeed. *happy dance*

(And the MotleyFlue is one Liz closer to having “the one Vog” that ALL four of us have.)

A different angle

A different angle, and better lighting

You might remember the unfinished saga of the Liz from my previous FlueReview. Well, I got one of the best emails EVER from dealer Kate of Melrose on Tuesday (Hi Kate, if you’re reading this!), and a couple of hours later I was driving to the Fluevog store to try on the Liz. Once again, I was drawn to the Liz’s on display. They’re just gorgeous; true eye candy. For me, there’s something really special about these shoes, even with the embarrassment of riches that make up this Spring 2013 collection.

Mind you, I was ready and willing to put a pair on layaway that visit. If, for some reason, the Liz came up short, there were other choices I would have been happy with. Like J-Ro, the Hopeful | Assured in camel was among my top 3 choices; rounding out the third spot was the Bellevue | Eleanor in pink. And I even had a fourth choice, the Presence | Imagine in aqua (yes, pointy toes!).

But I was so enamored with the Liz, I didn’t even bother with layaway. Nor did I worry too much that they weren’t a “perfect” fit. Sometimes I do what I have to do to make my favorite Vogs as comfy as possible — specifically when I put on a pair and feel really happy, as I did with the Liz. 🙂 (Another Vog that merited this special treatment was the Prepare | Guide in blue, size 6, which is a little too big for me. But after I tried them on, I couldn’t NOT buy them when they came out last year. I put in some insoles and wore the shoes to some of the happiest events in my life to date!)

Kate was (sweetly) concerned about the shortness of the toe box, that maybe my big and second toes were pressing too much against the tip. While I could feel the leather, my toes didn’t feel crunched in any way, and the rest of the shoe fit me well. We consulted with dealer Anthony (Hi Anthony!) who said that 1) the leather there would probably soften, and 2) if the break-in was too difficult, I could come back and have them stretch the area with the metal balls that they use for people who need to accommodate bunions. Sounded good to me! Another aspect of the toe box is that it is quite wide and spacious. When I tried them on, I noticed that there was space above my toes inside the toe box. We tried half insoles beneath the balls of my feet to close the space between my toes and the top of the toe box, and that did the trick. It was truly comfy after that, and it helped alleviate some of the pressure at the toe area.

What actually worried me the most was the arch area. I’d been told by a fellow Voger who had the Liz in the same size that I might have a problem with my flat feet. However, I guess I have just enough arch for the straps. You can see that the straps are nice and snug in the above photos (they’re at the tightest holes). However, if the shape of the vamp in that area was too large, there was every chance the shoes would be too uncomfortable (with my feet sliding forward and putting all of the pressure on the toes). Thankfully, not the case.


Sorry if that was too much detail for you guys! Moving on, here are the other Spring styles that I tried on while I was at the store.

(click on the photos to go to the webpage for each style)

BethMunster | Beth in black and white. Even though they’ve been around for a while, I had never tried on any Munsters, simply assuming that they ran true to size and thus wouldn’t fit me (the size 6 being the smallest). However, the oxford style keeps my foot in pretty well. They are just really high, and with the shape of the heel, they require some practice walking so that I don’t look like I’m stomping everywhere. These are very striking shoes, especially this colorway. I love the orange shoelaces that the dealers put in.

(By the way, EXTRA special thanks to the Melrose dealers for not freaking out over my 5-year-old, aka Mr. Destructo, trying to climb everything. I had to bring him to the store that day, even though I knew he’d be a little bored. It wasn’t too bad until near the end, when he knocked down a display of Amies and Arabellas (eek!!). But the dealers handled it with equanimity and a lot of kindness. See why I really love them?)

newestUnknown family or style. This new Spring style had just arrived at the store, and I didn’t write down the name of the family or style … it doesn’t seem to be available online yet, either, so I can’t tell you what they are. I apologize for that oversight! [ETA: J-Ro wrote in the comments that these are the Espadrille | Martin. She reads the newsletters closely!! Thanks, dear!] I can still review them, however, and these were surprisingly comfortable and really cute. Espadrille oxfords with matallic copper leather uppers and dark aqua accent … who knew? They’re my favorite of all the shoes I tried on that day (aside from the Liz). They look wholly copper in real life, but the photo shows how reflective and changeable they are in a certain light. These would be fun spring shoes, for sure. These were the smallest size (the size 6 I believe?), and they fit perfectly.

RushmoreMountain | Rushmore in aqua. When I saw these on J-Ro, I knew I had to try them on, too. I love that color, and they are indeed very light (i.e., not heavy) shoes. These are size 6 and look a smidgen too short for my 5.5 foot. I’d need to size up, but they’re not available in half sizes. They’re also a little narrow. While Joanne’s feet look great in them, mine really do not. I have to be careful with open-side styles like this because I get “muffin side” on the outer part of my instep (like the “muffin top” people get when wearing pants that are a little too tight at the waist). It’s the reason I can’t wear the beautiful Operetta | Viardot, even though they make me drool with their beauty. Sigh! (And yes, Joanne has the Viardot and looks great in them.)

JoniRule Low | Joni in pink. Another gorgeous pink shoe. These are the size 5 and also seem too short. I’d size up to the 5.5 for the correct length, but again they are a little too narrow. Like the Rushmore, they have an open side that creates “muffin side” for me. I love that low stacked heel, though. I’m betting these would be really comfortable to walk in for long periods of time.


Even with all the FlueReview posts by J-Ro and me the past couple of weeks, we haven’t completely covered the Spring line (and definitely not the men’s shoes), but I hope these posts prove helpful for those of you who can only shop for Fluevogs online. If you have any requests for FlueReviews of specific Vogs, don’t hesitate to email us at! You might not be surprised to learn that we’d have fun doing the research for you. 🙂

xo, Gladys


6 thoughts on “Hello Liz! And More Fluevog on Melrose: Spring 2013

  1. Oh yeah, kitschy, kitschy boom boom Bsby! The one shoe to unite them all. I have those liz tailors too:). Love the black and pink. Matter of fact, I think I will wear them today. Fabulous review thanks, now you have me rethinking my guide vs. Joni fuchsia shoe purchase. Which one?

    • merci, marisol! so glad to have inspired you to wear your pair today!

      that hot pink in both the guide and joni is DELICIOUS. i really love that fluevog went all out with the colors this spring. let us know which one you ultimately pick. of course i prefer my guides (no “muffin side” for me!), but if you love the joni and/or you already have a different colorway of the guide, you can’t go wrong there either!

  2. “Muffin Side”? You are insane, Miss Nubla! OMG! Hahaha!

    Btw. The copper-colored Vog you tried on is called “Espadrille: Martin.” It’s not available online, but it was listed on the spring/summer press release:)

    • haha, you know you’ve seen “muffin side” on me before. it just looks uncomfortable, and truthfully it is. it means there isn’t proper support there. it kinda breaks my heart that i can’t wear some styles, e.g. the viardot. sigh.

  3. Has anyone tried on the River: Loire yet? They’re hard to visualize on… I’m wondering how they look on a foot!

    • hi there! you know what, i did try on the loire but didn’t take photos because i could barely get them on my foot (the base of my toes was a little too wide for the strap). next time i go to the store, though, i’ll try them on again and take a photo, just so you can see.

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