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Thirty-four? Time for inventory



Mini | Qtee

Three months have passed … In November 2012, I shared in 50 by 50? Countdown to Halloween 2013 that I have thirty-four Fluevog shoes/boots, however, I LISTED only thirty-three. CLARIFICATION – I do indeed have thirty-four pairs.

Dear Minis, please forgive me for the oversight of not including my SF Qtee heels on my November 2012 list. As I took inventory this Feb 2012 and saw four Minis grouped together on my shoe rack, I also saw that I only listed three Minis (Gorgoeous, Elif, Zaza) in my Nov 2012 inventory.

Acquire 50 pairs of Fluevogs
by the time I turn 50 years old in October 2013.

Forty-one on Valentine’s Day … Inventory done. I am inching toward my goal of 50 by 50. Since November 2012, I have acquired seven more shoes/boots. Here is a quick collage (with a pics poached from the web) of my Fluevogs in order of purchases.


Fluevog Shoes and Boots 1-30 (over here)


Fluevog Shoes and Boots 31-41 (over here)

With the Mini | Qtee as part of the thirty-four, the additional seven (with the most recent first) since November are listed below. (Note: Some links  – describing the shoe family – are redirected to the Fluevog facebook page or website.)

And among the recently purchased, the one-of-a-kind-sample-sale boots were certainly a find (and quite comfortable!), of which Generalissima definitely contributed to the eye-spy a find! Interestingly, as a result of emails, spam (not me), and timing, luck also was on my side.

Let’s not forget three accessories … and I shall not forget my three accessories, for which my Eddie Weekend Bag certainly has seen its share of being stowed under airplane seats, overhead compartments and car trunks, as well as occasionally serving as a not-so-comfortable cushion of sorts during airport layovers.

Vogs - Accessories

Fluevog Accessories

My red Operetta and brown Silvana clutches are not as frequently toted around, so I’ll change that up this year.

… Mar – Apr – May – June – July – Aug – Sept …
9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 …


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2 thoughts on “Thirty-four? Time for inventory

  1. Awesome! Such a gorgeous collection. I’m glad that you were able to throw in some great vintage ebay finds to your arsenal. That one of a kind sample is such a great score. I’m still drooling over them:) You are well on your way to approaching the big 5-0 with a Fluevog bang!!!

  2. yes! ditto the generalissima. this is a fabulous collection and i can’t wait to see what your next 9 pairs will be!

    sigh. it makes me want to collage my collection too so i can drool over the pretty pictures.

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