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Fall/Winter Collected Vogs


After all my FlueReviews, Joanne’s invitations to share our recent Vog acquisitions, Shirley’s awesome sock-and-Vog photos, and Dorothy’s most recent post on possible outfits for her verrrrry sexy new Malibus, I thought I’d post a little omnibus of my newest Vogs and the outfits I’ve come up with this past Fall/Winter.

I’ve been a busy buyer this past season — not as busy as some but very much so for me. After binge-buying in the first year of my Flueddiction (it started in late 2010), I thought I’d gotten a handle on it to the point where I would purchase at most two pairs a season. Well, apparently I’m back to my old habits, although now I find I’m so much more conscientious about filling the gaps in my collection, and much more strict about sizing and fit. I’ll admit, sometimes I would buy a pair of Vogs and wouldn’t get to wear them for many, many months down the road … and sometimes never wore them at all (I’ve sold a couple such pairs in the recent past). At a certain point, I realized this wasn’t how I wanted to build my collection. It’s hard because part of me feels like an ART COLLECTOR with all of these Fluevogs. But I don’t have unlimited funds, and I can’t even display my shoes in my house. So I have to make sure that function is the primary purpose of my shoes, as was the case with my most recent buys.


Recent Fall/Winter additions the my Vog collection

Wow, looking at them all arrayed here … it’s a lot. Plus, I almost got the Radio: CBCs in yellow suede as well but decided against getting another pair of suede shoes. These were all purchased between the months of November 2012 and January 2013. By contrast, I only bought two pairs in summer/early fall 2012 (Mini: Qtees and Integrity: Amies). Here’s the story of why I brought these home with me.


Queen Transcendent: Elizabeth in green

First, and the subject of my very first FTLOV post here, are the spectacular Queen Transcendent: Elizabeth maryjanes in green. I got them because I fell in love with them at first sight, and I justified the purchase by saying that 1) they would be my Christmas present and 2) I would wear them to my husband’s annual company holiday party. This outfit is by far one of my most favorite that I’ve ever worn, all built from the shoes up. And both shoes and dress were a hit at the party.


Radio: RTP in black suede/gray ankle strap

I honestly thought I was done with my fall purchases after Elizabeth, but I was SO wrong. Here is an outfit with the next pair, Radio: RTPs in black/gray, which were on clearance. I wouldn’t have known about them if Alice at the Melrose store hadn’t brought them out while I was picking up my Elizabeths. True, I didn’t buy them right away, but by the end of the following week I called up my dealers and gave them my credit card number. I couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome they were. I am a Radio fan, being the owner of the PRI in purple and the CBC in bone, both of which I’ve worn lots of times with lots of different outfits. I’d been wanting a pair of black boots that I could wear out a lot — I actually own the F-Shoe: Cece boots in black but have worn them only once (see what I mean?). The Radios run a little narrow, but for some reason my feet like them a lot.


Soprano: Inge in (sun-faded) teal … the color looks more like aqua

Again, I thought I was done. Then suddenly, in mid-December, came the early-morning texts from Joanne A.K.A. the Generalissima insisting that I check out a pair of vintage Soprano: Inges on eBay. And I’m not kidding about early morning. Try before sunrise. I believe she forgot about the time difference between Arizona and California. 🙂 But anyway, after getting advice from Haight Street Flue-Daddy Denny about sizing and quality, as well as feedback from Stacey K who has these boots in her huge collection, I went ahead and got these. They turned out to be quite sun-faded, which I couldn’t tell from the photos on eBay. It was disappointing at first, but I actually do love the aqua color. It worked so well with my dress and accessories, how could I complain too much?

My fourth acquisition this past season, the Attention: Paris in embossed black suede, hasn’t been worn out yet. I snagged the last size 5 when they went on sale in late December during the S.A.D. sale. I reviewed these shoes for FTLOV along with the Elizabeths all the way back in late October. I expected the size 5s to be completely gone before they went on sale (the pink/purple was gone in the 5), so I was elated to find out that not only were the blacks in 5 still available and on sale, but they were also at my nearest Fluevog store (Melrose) so I could pick them up right away, no shipping hassles or fees. I bought them because I have been looking for the right black pump for my shoe collection, to wear at more formal functions with little black dresses and other fancy attire. I was so thrilled when Fluevog started making the Paris in size 5! If the Elizabeth hadn’t come out at the same time, I probably would have bought these Paris pumps at full price. At the moment, they’re waiting for me to be invited to a wedding or a fancy dinner, or to decide to just dress up and paint the town red.


World: Nzame in red

Speaking of red, here are my newest Vogs in action, the World: Nzame. Along with the Amies I purchased in October, these shoes fill the gap in my everyday wear. I wear both at least twice or three times a week each, which is a lot of wear for the Fluevogs I own. If I had an office day job, I could wear all my Vogs all the time, but since the only time I get out of the house is to take my son to and from school (plus errands when necessary), I usually opt for flats or easy-to-wear booties. Well, I got tired of the cheap, slippery (I slipped and almost fell on my face at a BJ’s restaurant wearing a pair of Blowfish booties!), and not-super-comfortable shoes I’d been using before. I needed the option to wear something more sturdy, pliable, comfortable, AND stylish for those days when I’d have a long day of appointments or errands, or when I needed to be at a field trip with my son. I can run in these Fluevogs, as well as dance in them. Enough said. 🙂

xo, Gladys


7 thoughts on “Fall/Winter Collected Vogs

  1. They don’t call me Generalissima for nothin’! In my defense, when I texted you at 5am about Inge, it’s because they came to me in a dream. Since I rarely remember my dreams, I needed to contact you – stat! Also, since I couldn’t have them, I figured a sista’ should… and I totally forgot about the time difference:)

    Yes, I approve of ALL of these purchases. I’m loving the outfits, lady! That silk top is divine!

    • well, the inges are definitely “dreamy” shoes! are these the second or third pair of boots i’ve bought due to your pushes? (i only remember the beautiful hvala at the moment.) thanks for the stamp of approval! it means i did good. 😉

  2. What lovely and well thought out additions;). I was too late for the radio boots… Oh well…glad you snagged a pair;). Gorgeous outfits too!

    • thanks, marisol! i can only dream of having your collection, but i’m definitely building my own. 🙂 these most recent ones make up a rather eclectic group since they’re from several different seasons.

  3. I have a pair of Inge’s, same color, also from Ebay and also with some odd color issues; someone used a solvent on the leather (maybe to remove salt stains?) and the color has come off in spots. I could have them dyed, but that would change the color overall so I hesitate. It’s not really that bad and people think it was intentional as the heels and toes of my purple Stop It boots so I think I;ll jsut leave ’em be. The turquoise color is so awesome! I’ve been meaning to change out the ribbons too with other colors for fun.

    • Hi Phyllis. Welcome! Yes, the turquoise is very nice:) Dyeing the leather can be tricky. If you decide to do it, I suggest making sure you go to a cobbler who knows what she/he is doing. But if the discoloration gives it character, then definitely keep it. The Inge in turquoise is so rare. You and Gladys are so lucky!

    • hi phyllis! in my case, i’ve been offered the option of re-dyeing them with the original color as reference for the cobbler, but i kinda like the fact that my shoes are now “custom” for me. as joanne says, they have character now! and like i wrote, they’re still a great color. and THANK YOU for the idea of changing out the ribbons! wow, there’s so much possibility for outfits now. i thought i’d have to stick with brown neutrals. what kind of outfits and colors have you worn your inges with? i need some more ideas. 🙂

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