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Fluevog Love: Men’s Collection


This one’s for the boy Vogers out there, particularly my boy Voger. 🙂

When we picked up my Elizabeths last month (which, by the way, now come in sizes 5 and 5.5! WHUUT!), my husband decided not to try on anything even though he really liked the blue/gray unisex Supervog when I tried on a pair. (The women’s size 6 was too big on me.) If the store had had his size in that colorway of Supervog, I bet he’d have given in.

However, I kept thinking about that lost opportunity, so when we made another trip to the store a week later, I insisted that he try on several pairs. The rationale I gave was that at least he would know what size he was in various Fluevog families, and he agreed. He’s been looking to upgrade his everyday work shoes from beat-up sneakers — he works in a pretty casual environment — to something still casual but that reflects more of his sense of style. It’s official: I think I’ve infected him a little bit with my Flueddiction. Gasp! 😉

He only tried on four or five pairs, which is about his limit for trying on clothes and shoes in general. The Melrose store doesn’t carry a lot of casual men’s shoes at the moment anyway. We started with the Diesel and the awesome Fluevogologist Anthony brought out other styles that he thought my husband would be interested in.

(Click on the images to see the shoes on the Fluevog website.) 

DIESEL: This navy/brown/orange colorway is really beautiful. My husband really liked the dark blue of the vamp but not so much the orange piping. However, he almost got these.

GATZZ: This was a choice that Anthony made. My husband liked the colors and the sneaker feel … but the Broderie Anglaise pattern really turned him off. This was a NO from the start. I don’t even think he wanted to try them on, but I asked since I personally liked the embellishment. I could see why it might not be a good choice for his work environment though.

NATHANIEL: These look pretty with the wingtips and they are supposed to feel more like sneakers, but they didn’t do anything for my husband. At this point, I think he had made the choice to get the Diesel.

CBC: Anthony brought these out without our asking while my husband was trying on the Nathaniels. I have the CBC’s in the bone color but I thought the CBC’s might be too formal for what my husband had in mind so I didn’t even suggest it. And at this point, he didn’t even want to bother trying them on because it seemed he had already decided on the blue Diesels. Again, however, I insisted that he at least try them on. Why not see which size he was in the Radio family? Well, the moment he slipped his right foot into the shoe, he made a wordless noise of wonder — almost like “whoa” — and immediately started putting on the left shoe so that he could get up and walk around the store in them. I’ve said before how much I love my Radio shoes, so I was really happy that he felt the same way about the CBC’s.

So long story short, I put these black CBC’s on layaway for my husband last month (part of his anniversary present from me). And this past weekend I finished paying and picked them up for him. 🙂 He loved the look, the feel, the cool little multi-stripe detail at the back of the shoe, and the beautiful royal-blue lining inside. I asked Anthony if this colorway ever went on sale, and he said no. However, the Diesels in the navy colorway MIGHT; since it was a close second for my husband, he said he’d consider getting them for himself if they ever did go on sale (they didn’t make the list during the current S.A.D. semiannual sale). So with these new CBC’s, his collection is at two and counting. (The first was for my brother’s wedding last summer, a more formal pair, the Wisdom in the Values family.) We’ll see how long it takes him to get to number three. I’ll note here that he still needs more casual shoes, so I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the men’s line this spring.

xo, Gladys


6 thoughts on “Fluevog Love: Men’s Collection

  1. Nice shoes! Great choice on the CBCs! You just inspired me to wear my purple ones today;). Fluevogs are so amazing. I am afraid I have infected my husband with my Fluediction too. He is up to 13! Last pair added were the silver distressed idols. We caught them as they went on sale. You should have seen the look on his face when he tried these on and was strutting around in them in the store. I swear he felt and looked taller in them. I think it was a Fluegasm! They are pretty sweet though them Idols!

    I have also caught him several times parusing thru the website ogling the shoes! I know he luster after those idols, the blue televisions, and the brown Getty boots for some time. Well and now they are his:)

    • wow, lucky 13! i think my husband’s reaction to his CBC’s at the store was the closest to a fluegasm he’ll ever have. lol. but of course he hasn’t tried more than four families at this point. i think he’d love more styles in the radio family, like the BLT (which i myself am lusting after). i’m not sure if i could get him to try on any silver vogs, but the idols sure are a good-looking family.

      isn’t it fun to go to the store together with the hubby and try on shoes? what a great mini-date! 😉

      • Jose would never try on the shoes. For him, trips to the Fluevog store are about me and my love for Vogs. He likes getting cozy in his king’s corner chair, chatting with Denny about the latest and greatest in Netflix documentaries. It would take a miracle for Jose to try on a Fluevog – odd considering the first thing he notices about a person is her/his shoes! Haha!

        Thanks for the post, Miss Gladys! I’ve been happily waiting:) Keep ’em coming!

  2. more posts to come, generalissima! you know, i think it’s a shame jose hasn’t even TRIED on vogs, especially since you already have YOUR wedding shoes. maybe it’s time to twist his arm a bit? matching fluevogs would be so very cool and so very RIGHT. 😉

    • Agreed. Confession: The selfish person in me says that if Jose doesn’t want to try on any Vogs, his loss. More Vogs for me:) Haha! Perhaps I should give him an ultimatum: either he wears Vogs for the wedding, or he goes barefoot! Seeing that he doesn’t even like to wear slippers (yeah, how he ended up with me, I have no idea!), he may fall for my Fluevog trap! heheheh!

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