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The Splendids are Splendid indeed!


As I mentioned to the Generalissima (aka Joanne), I’m trying to merge a bit of the Abstraction Expressionist ethos of color into my wardrobe. THIS time I actually took a pic of the top part of my outfit for the day because, well, you were probably wondering, “Okay, great, nice pants or tights and shoes but what the hell does the rest of the outfit look like?” In any case, the look on my face says exactly what you think, “Yup, color is fun and I feel weird taking pictures of myself in my cubicle when I should be working.” Ha ha ha. Everyone needs a break and here it is. Brought to you by yours truly.


This time I’m providing the top part of my outfit for the post! A dressy tank (from one of my fave boutiques in SF, Azalea) with my favorite blazer (rolled up sleeves, of course – Rag and Bone), and a three chain gold necklace with turquoise bobbles (XXI or Forever 21)

While I love the Splendids, I will offer some advice since I’m breaking them in. Get pads for the balls of your feet. Even though I’m accustomed to walking in heels (not stilettos…that’s a whole other foot game all together), the pads serve as a bit of shock absorption. I find myself stomping in my Splendids (yes, as if some house music and a red carpet is about to roll out in front of my feet). They are that type of shoe! The 3″ heel is pretty deceptive due to the construction of the shoe. They look pretty high but they are just enough height. Along with the subtle patterning, these gems go with almost anything. 🙂


Color blocking has been one of my favorite things lately! The coral (reddish, if you will) jeggings (Hue) with my Splendids!


Author: Dorothy R. Santos

Dorothy R. Santos (b. 1978) is a Filipina-American writer, editor, curator, and educator whose research interests include new media and digital art, activism, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, she holds Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of San Francisco, and received her Master’s degree in Visual and Critical Studies at the California College of the Arts. In the fall of 2017, she will be a doctoral candidate in Film and Digital Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz as a Eugene V. Cota-Robles fellow. Her work appears in art21, Art Practical, Daily Serving, Rhizome, Hyperallergic, Real Life Magazine, Vice Motherboard, and SF MOMA's Open Space. She has lectured at the De Young museum, Stanford University, School of Visual Arts, and more. Her essay “Materiality to Machines: Manufacturing the Organic and Hypotheses for Future Imaginings,” was published in The Routledge Companion to Biology in Art and Architecture. She is currently a Yerba Buena Center for the Arts fellow researching the concept of citizenship.

6 thoughts on “The Splendids are Splendid indeed!

  1. I would not have tried them on were it not for you and my striped pair shipped out of SF yesterday! Thank you for the push.

  2. You’re so cute, Boo! Love the pic. Um, how bout a full body pic for the inquiring minds? Thanks:)

    Btw. Just received my Hue leggings. In black. Baby steps, darling. Baby steps!

    • Hee hee. Thank you, JRo! I WILL do a full body shot at some point! Congrats on your Hues!! I LOVE them. I’m telling you…I own about 20+ pairs. I should own stock…seriously.

  3. Love this review, Dorothy! And I agree with JRo, you’re adorable. Thanks for the tip on breaking in the shoes. Like Stacey, I’m drawn to the striped colorway…and I’m REALLY tempted to get the last pair in my size now. I’m tapped out, but it’s also on sale. Hmm…

    • Thanks so much, Gladys! You and JRo are way too kind. 🙂

      Even after a day of walking in them at work and I went to a performance art event last night and they just held up so well. The Splendids are most definitely splendid. Also, thanks for introducing us to the No Pants fashion designer. So wishing you were there with us!

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