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Eyebombing Socks for the New Year

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When I saw Joanne’s Happy Flue Year greeting, I loved that the picture she poached for me was from Christmas 2012 – my niece and nephew gifted me GIANT googly eyes. Why? Because I have been known to eyebomb around town. And while eyebombing is primarily for public space fun, occasionally I have deviated from the program for the fun of it.  And 2013 shall be no different.

New Year Morning … I started 2013 (not hungover) with a wonderful brunch with friends and purposefully enjoyed wearing my yellow Prepare Hi | Steady shoes and a pair of one of my favorite fun socks … that was squealing to be eyebombed. And so I did – begin the year 2013 – with an pair of eyebombed socks.

fluevog_squirrel eyebomb

(01 Jan 2013)
Prepare Hi | Steady (Yellow) with
Socksmith Squirrel and Acorn socks and
Googly Eyes from craft store.

Fashion? Probably not.
Fun? Indeed.
Fluevog? Always.

And as I did so in 2012 …


Radios | CBC
(Purple with Teal laces) with
Boston Terrier greeting card with
Boston Terrier tile

… so shall I in 2013.

Just another quick 2013 New Year“Hello” to remind everyone (and myself)
to have fun and spread the Fluevog love
through a little bit of frivolity sprinkled here and there
(and maybe with some googly eyes).

percy jr. ❤ … shirley


Author: anthrocubeologist

I am Shirley, and I believe workspaces shouldn't suck. I share my observations and perspectives on shaping cultural shifts through interactions, workspace, and choice. I believe with personal, tiny changes emerge meaningful shifts - workspace cultural shifts happen when one chooses meaningful interactions – creating human-to-human shared experiences. I am an Environmental and Energy Consultant - think air quality, energy and power plant projects, the environment. And I am the Anthrocubeologist, who is a Behavior Designer and Tiny Habits® Certified Coach - think interactions, habits and practices, workspace cultural shifts. Anthrocubeology, inspired by Improvisation, is the intersection of Behavior Design and the Servant-Leader philosophy. For more than 25 years, my workspaces have included the government sector, energy and environmental consulting, electric utility industry, power project developers, and my own business consulting practice. I no longer want to say "WTF CUBEOPOLIS?!" Join me.

One thought on “Eyebombing Socks for the New Year

  1. I also love your collection of socks, Shirl! Fun post!

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