for the love of vogs

where the MotleyFlue gather

Happy Birthday, Denny!



Denny, Monika, and Jim from the Haight Street store.

Guess whose birthday is today?
(Hint: He’s in the pictures below with a couple of the MotleyFlue.)

joanne_denny 1

joanne_denny 3

joanne_denny 2

Not only do the MotleyFlue enjoy sharing our love for Fluevog shoes and accessories,
we gush over our Haight Street peeps.


a memorable time for the Cubevologist with Denny … in a booth … all to myself …

Happy Happy Joy Joy Birthday to you, Denny!
Much Love!

percy jr. ❤ … shirl


Author: anthrocubeologist

I am Shirley, and I believe workspaces shouldn't suck. I share my observations and perspectives on shaping cultural shifts through interactions, workspace, and choice. I believe with personal, tiny changes emerge meaningful shifts - workspace cultural shifts happen when one chooses meaningful interactions – creating human-to-human shared experiences. I am an Environmental and Energy Consultant - think air quality, energy and power plant projects, the environment. And I am the Anthrocubeologist, who is a Behavior Designer and Tiny Habits® Certified Coach - think interactions, habits and practices, workspace cultural shifts. Anthrocubeology, inspired by Improvisation, is the intersection of Behavior Design and the Servant-Leader philosophy. For more than 25 years, my workspaces have included the government sector, energy and environmental consulting, electric utility industry, power project developers, and my own business consulting practice. I no longer want to say "WTF CUBEOPOLIS?!" Join me.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Denny!

  1. yay! happy birthday, denny! many thanks for all of your sizing help. 😀

  2. Wa-hoo! Love Denny and the rest of the Haight Street dealers! Happy Birthday, my dear Denny. Yes, Luis (a.k.a. Jose) and I will take you to the Ice Cream Bar! Get ready for the yummies! (Ahem. The ice cream, that is;P)

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