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Fluevog Love: Melrose Visit


Time for another FlueReview. I started off my December right by visiting the Fluevog store on Melrose over the weekend to pick up my new Elizabeths. Thanks so much to my hubby for taking care of the last layaway payment as part of my anniversary/Xmas gift. Woohoo! I will definitely be sharing more of those shoes in later posts. I tried them on again at the store before walking out, and they fit just the way I remembered … it’s almost hard to believe that high heels can feel like that….

… Um, anyway, where was I? Oh, right. So, I found out that I did the right thing by buying the green colorway in my size immediately (or rather putting it on layaway immediately) since the Melrose store has completely sold out of all their green pairs TWICE already. (Yes, their second shipment this season is all out of the green pairs.) There are still more green pairs available in my size at other Fluevog stores, but the extra shipping charge is a hassle. Bottom line: I’m really glad they didn’t turn into the shoes “that got away.” That would have felt really terrible.

But of course I couldn’t leave the store without trying on more shoes. I didn’t go completely crazy, yet I still found more pairs to put on my ever-expanding wishlist — something that has been ridiculously easy to do this fall since the season’s lineup has been fantastic. And because I’m also on a green kick this season, all of the green shoes are making me happy, from the Elizabeth to the Kathryn and Kanawa (see review on my personal blog) and to some of the pairs below. The families featured here: Hopeful, Radio, Hope, Wearever, and Adriana.

(Click on the images to see the shoes on the Fluevog website.)

Hopeful Rosy I finally tried on the electric blue Rosy. Check out the matching blue heel tips! These are GORGEOUS but sadly too big for me in the size 6. I was wrong about my previous assessment of the Hopeful family running 1/2 size small. They’re closer to true to size (even though the Fluevog website says they run small). Even the Luxons are a little loose at my ankle, although their woven maryjane straps keep my feet in pretty well. I can’t say the same for the Rosy, though. I could tell I’d get some blisters if I walked in them too long. 😦

Radio ARD Love the colorway and the fit! I am a Radio fan. I love my purple PRI’s and white CBC’s and want yet another Radio in my life (and more). These ARD’s are size 6, which is just about right for me since my other Radios run 1/2 size small.

Hope Promise I tried this size 5 pair of the Promise, and it feels wonderful. I wish it came in a different colorway, though. I have a couple pairs of Hopes in size 6 and have to admit that they’re large for my feet. Now that they’re making some Hope styles in the smaller sizes, I think I’m ready to let go of at least one of my size 6 pairs.

Wearever Gracias I tried on the Gracias again in size 5.5 and they are indeed too loose. This family runs at least 1/2 size large so I would need these in a size 5 (which is no longer available). I’m not a big fan of the plain black, either. It looks like this pair is currently the last size 5.5 in the company, btw.

Adriana Chapot More beautiful green shoes! These Chapots are lovely and feel wonderful on my feet. These are the first in the Adriana family that I’ve tried on. The family runs true to size so the size 6 is a little big, but for ankle boots that buckle like this that’s just fine. I can’t get over the shape of this boot!

Adriana Beezie These are lovely but unfortunately too loose. They come in the same dark green as the Chapot (above), but this brown is a lovely warm colorway in and of itself.

I tried on a few other pairs (no photos), but one un-photographed pair that I’ve been thinking about is the Angel Supervog, not for me but for my husband. Even though I was the one who tried them on (the women’s size 6 is definitely too large for me), he liked them a lot in the blue/gray colorway but stopped himself from trying on a pair. It turned out the store didn’t carry his size anyway, but I am wondering if it would be worth it to get a pair for him if another shipment comes in with his size. There have been quite a few negative reviews on the website about the current Supervogs and I really don’t want to make my husband’s second pair of Fluevogs the ones that turn him away forever! If anyone has any advice, I’d really appreciate it.

Being a relative newbie to Fluevogs — or Flue-bie as j-ro calls it — I am still in exploration mode and so these Fluevog store visits are always intense experiences for me where I’m learning about new shoes and desperately trying to remember what I already know about the shoes I own and what I’ve learned from previous visits trying on shoes. It’s so exciting and so fun! All the dopamine receptors in my brain just light up and explode. There weren’t any Fluegasms this visit, in part because I was already walking out with a pair of what are in MY view the best and most unique shoes this season, but I definitely want to come back and try on the Chapot and ARD again. I almost can’t wait. I just wish I’d magically inherit some money or win the lottery. A girl can dream.

xo, Gladys


10 thoughts on “Fluevog Love: Melrose Visit

  1. i LOVE that i feel like i went shopping with you – similar to when i got my birthday-Faith-Certitudes and you witnessed the purchase!

    thanks for your perspectives about sizing on various shoes. very good to know. the nuni (boot) is part of the adriana family, and i find them very comfortable. on your Hopes, keep me posted; i have a friend who actually may be a size 6. she has the hi wedge | dawns (in black) and the operettas | illeanas (in red). she swears she is “done” with purchasing anymore fluevogs.

    finally – love how you let your “fluegasm” gauge guide you. (in the past, i’ve called “the pusher”, aka generalissima, aka joanne … ha!)

    • i wrote about that visit to melrose with you, shirl! that was super fun, and we MUST do it again sometime when you’re back in los angeles. 🙂

      i know you and joanne have the nuni boot and i’m trying to figure out why i haven’t tried on any adrianas prior to this last visit. i am glad to hear that the adrianas are comfortable…and thus the green chapots move to the top of my wishlist. as for my hopes, i think i would only sell the wish sandals in teal/aqua. i am too attached to my yellow/gray believe mules even though they’re a little big. they’re still really comfortable. in contrast, i’ve only worn the wish sandals once.

      actually, i have also texted/called generalissima before making a purchase online. usually it’s ebay or amazon. i know how i can get, buying too many at one time and then regretting my temporary insanity, so i usually contact her when i need a virtual slap in the face / intervention. haha!

  2. A most excellent trip;) looks like you had an wonderful time. Thank You for the most Thorough review!

    • you’re welcome! it was wonderful as usual, and i’m glad the flueReview helped. next time i’m in the bay area, it would be awesome to go on a fluevog outing with you to try on some pairs!

  3. I’ve got the Rosy in Blue in Jail with Denny so it was awesome to see the pics and perspective! Oh and that green Radio boot is TDF!! I think I was already shot down on those fitting my calves 😦 Gonna have to also take a closer look at those Adriana’s thanks to you.

    • lol sometimes i can be a “pusher” too, i guess! i totally envy the fact that you will be getting the rosy in that AMAZING color. nothing in that color this season fits my foot size. oh well. i think i’d be happy if i ended up with the chapot or the ARD or another radio by the end of the season … we’ll see what my wallet says after the craziness of the holidays.

  4. Confession: I have a love/hate relationship with the Nuni. Granted, I’m totally keeping it. However, it runs really narrow. I didn’t go up a size because doing so made my feet look really long and I figured the leather would break in. Therefore, I had the dealers stretch it twice. When that still wasn’t enough, I decided to invest in a boot stretcher (I’ve been wanting one for a while). The Nuni now fits much better. It always starts out a bit snug, but eventually breaks in. I love the purple and I love the way they look. However, I hesitate to invest in another member of the Adriana family because of the narrow fit.

    Yes, I’m the generalissima for a reason and I make no apologies for it. Your Vog collections thank me for it, yes? Haha!

    • i think the reason the chapot fit me so well despite being a little long is that it does run narrow. but you know what, i just checked and the nunis ARE AVAILABLE IN SIZE 5, even the purple ones. what the heck!! i have to try them on at the store next time IF they’re available in that size. i was drooling when i found out you had gotten the purple nunis. beautiful shoes, beautiful color, and i definitely understand why you’d keep them in spite of the extra work it took to make them fit better.

      and YES, i am very thankful to my generalissima for reining me in!

  5. Thank you for the pics! I don’t live near a store and have an online credit… it helps a lot to see the vogs on feet.

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