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50 by 50? countdown to halloween 2013


(Madam kindly asks, “Please gimme or find me size 6.5 in these Mollie Johnsons … Pretty please.)

“Uhm … You think something like twenty-three?! THAT’S CRAZY!!!” These were the words I yelped at a co-worker in November 2008 after I bought my second pair of Fluevogs. WTF?! Her friend owned 23 pairs of Fluevogs?!

Twenty-Six … In early May 2012, the last time I took inventory, I counted 26 pairs. It has been five months, and my MotleyFlue sisters (esp. Pusher) have asked for a current count. Indeed, I am past due, because the MotleyFlue’s Pusher and Agent where present during a few more additions to this Madam’s collection. However, not only am I past due, I am inspired by a few other reasons for taking inventory:

  1. Counting – November 6 is the soon-to-be-counting of votes for the Presidential election. I like math, and I am in a counting mood.
  2. Aging – I turned 49 years old last week (on Halloween, to be more specific) and have decided I will not shun my love for Fluevogs. Maybe I will garner 50 pairs of Fluevogs by 50 years old – who knows?
  3. Families – Inspired by Pusher’s the unofficial guide to understanding Fluevog families, I want to share what families I tend to more than others (at least so far).
  4. Friends – A Junior High School friend shared that she loves her pair of Operetta | Bartolis – her first pair of Fluevogs. She has plantar fasciitis and has read about how I have shared my Fluevogs (Operettas) are comfortable. She sent me a nice Facebook message, “… My feet Thank you.” To her, I say “Thank YOU for sharing! And I hope you enjoy wearing your Bartolis – For the Love of Vogs!”
  5. Annual Home Cure – It’s fall housecleaning time. When the clocks “fall back”, not only do I replace my fire alarm batteries but I also revisit Apartment Therapy’s The Eight-Step Home Cure. I trim down my closets, bookshelves, dresser drawers, cupboards, and I feed the OutBox (day 4 of the home cure).

Thirty-four … Indeed, I have 34 Fluevogs that I can don on my feet. I will share more in future posts about my collection.  Meanwhile, below are the Vogs I own, in order from the most recent acquisition to my very first pair – my fellowships | kathys.

Thirty-seven? … OH WAIT! as Pusher reminded me, not to be forgotten are three accessories – operetta clutch, eddie weekend bag, and silvana small bag.

Sixteen (or Thirteen) by Halloween 2013?
We shall see …
(p.s. I’m a size 6.5 with Vogs
ranging from sizes 6 to 7. Just saying …)

percy jr. ❤ … shirl


Author: anthrocubeologist

I am Shirley, and I believe workspaces shouldn't suck. I share my observations and perspectives on shaping cultural shifts through interactions, workspace, and choice. I believe with personal, tiny changes emerge meaningful shifts - workspace cultural shifts happen when one chooses meaningful interactions – creating human-to-human shared experiences. I am an Environmental and Energy Consultant - think air quality, energy and power plant projects, the environment. And I am the Anthrocubeologist, who is a Behavior Designer and Tiny Habits® Certified Coach - think interactions, habits and practices, workspace cultural shifts. Anthrocubeology, inspired by Improvisation, is the intersection of Behavior Design and the Servant-Leader philosophy. For more than 25 years, my workspaces have included the government sector, energy and environmental consulting, electric utility industry, power project developers, and my own business consulting practice. I no longer want to say "WTF CUBEOPOLIS?!" Join me.

10 thoughts on “50 by 50? countdown to halloween 2013

  1. shirl, you and i have VERY similar tastes in fluevogs! congratulations especially on your 34th pair (elizabeth twinsies)!!! have you been planning out your vogunteer photos, by any chance? 🙂

    also, how in the world did i miss your halloween birthday? belated happy birthday, motleyflue sister! xoxo

    • gladys … cool! i’ll look forward to your collection post; nice to see them in f/b photos! and yes, i’ll be doing vogunteer posts (and looking at pasts posts if any currently worthy-ish) … and as far as my bday, i didn’t have the f/b bday thing on and likely haven’t exchanged bday info – so no problema. thanks for bday greeting!

  2. Yay! I’m glad to see another member of the MotleyFlue posting! This is a gorgeous collection, Shirl! Hey, I’m not the Pusher for nothing. A gal’s gotta live up to her reputation, you know!

    Btw. As the Generalissima, I kindly request that you post a photo montage of your collection. Mama needs to see pretty pictures of pretty shoes:)

  3. Congratulations on such a nice collection! Glad I could be there for the latest addition;). You can do it! 50 by 50… Oh yeah!

  4. Great collection indeed! This reminds me, I need to write a post…

  5. You now have 35 pairs (plus 3 accessories) and have added the gorgeous heart heels to your collection. While I’m still waiting to bless my collection with the vintage heel, I am SUPER HAPPY that you won that auction. I can’t wait to see the shoes in person!!

    50 by 50?! Girl, you know I’m ON IT!

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