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the new Elizabeth maryjanes

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I figured I might as well jump into posting over here at For the Love of Vogs with something on my wish list. I want to share how gorgeous these shoes are:


(Click on the photo to see them on the Fluevog website.)

The Queen Transcendent Family — what a perfectly-apt name for these heels! This is a new family and the Elizabeth so far is the only style available in it. These maryjanes weren’t available the last time I visited the Fluevog store on Melrose or you can bet I would have tried them on and taken photos. The good news for me (and potential bad news for my wallet) is that this style runs a half size to a full size small … which means that the size 6 (the smallest size) will probably fit me. I’m looking forward to trying them on very soon.

I’ve been looking for green shoes for a while now, and these might be the lucky ones. They are also available in black and burgundy. Joanne has tried them on and vouched for their beauty, and Fluevog specialist Alice at the Melrose store also says they are amazing. Such beautiful shoes.

xo, Gladys


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